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Utilizing GIS in US-Mexico Border Fence Construction

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1 Utilizing GIS in US-Mexico Border Fence Construction

2 GIS-Google Earth-PM Integration
GIS capability ArcGIS architecture to provide geospatial data for multi-agency use Data management, analysis, map production Construction progress reporting based on GPS data collection Google Earth Ease of use/customer familiarity Utilized USACE secure Google Earth capability with ArcGIS Server application Free enterprise client downloads so no need to purchase Google Earth licenses 3D visualization used for communicating project issues related to terrain and/or context to other features ( Example: Correlate fence construction cost to terrain conditions) Project Management Data Extract real time project management system data for earned value in a Google Earth environment Structured work breakdown structure to reflect level of granularity needed for this program

3 GIS in Program Mgmt Website

4 View by Project, Sector, State, Congressional District, etc

5 Integration with USACE Google Earth Capability

6 Secure Google Earth Globe

7 Project Data in Google Earth

8 Construction Progress

9 Summary GIS in Border Fence Construction:
Real Estate: Parcels, owners, proximity to fence, levees, easements, rights of entry Environmental: EAs, EIS’, endangered species, etc Engineering/Technical: Drainage, slope, soil, terrain Other: Proximity to cities, tribal lands, levees, congressional district boundaries, etc. Project Management: Miles constructed per day, miles within fed/state/private ownership, GPS construction data reporting

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