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New Construction: Small Office Prescriptive Path.

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1 New Construction: Small Office Prescriptive Path

2 RTF Presentation Outcome RTF Deemed Measure (Package) HVAC Efficiency – CEE Tier II Lighting Power Budget – 0.75 w/ft2 Lighting Controls – Occupancy sensors Efficient Windows – U-0.35/SHGC-0.30 Integrated Design – Capacity reduction Enhanced OSA Economizer

3 Measure Criteria New Office Building/Addition/Remodel 3 Stories or Less Maximum of 100,000 Square Feet Maximum 40% Window/Wall Ratio One of Four HVAC System Types Packaged Roof-top VAV Electric reheat Hot water reheat (gas boiler) Packaged Air-Source Heat Pump Packaged Roof-top w/Gas Furnace

4 Package Summary Best Available Information Estimated Energy Savings: 2.0 kWh/sq ft-yr (see Charlies summary) – approx. 20% electric energy/15% total energy Estimated Cost: Avg. $1.2/sq ft (see Charlies summary) – approx. 1% construction cost increase Cost Effectiveness: > 1.2 B/C Ratio (see Charlies analysis)

5 Background RTF Subcommittee - Charlie Grist, Michael Mann, David Hales, Ken Eklund, Jill Steiner, Tim Steele, Mira Vowles, and Will Miller. Consultants Mark Frankel, Brian Thornton and David Baylon. One-year in development 17 Meetings Based on NBI Advanced Building Guidelines Subset of ABG Measures Limited to electric energy and cost-effective Additional NW weather sites (five) and comparison energy codes (four)

6 Background (cont.) Key components Impact Evaluation Under Development Measure Specifications NBI to Develop by 9/30/07 Incorporate duct system design/layout and HVAC system sizing guidelines Specify Commissioning - Checklist

7 Background (cont.) Timing: Target Small Office – add other building types to match ABG over time. Add to PTR system for 10/1/08 revision.

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