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Presented by Prof. Madhav Mulay.

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1 Presented by Prof. Madhav Mulay.
Role of Third Party Quality Consultant in Achieving Quality in Construction Presented by Prof. Madhav Mulay. Ex-HOD, Deptt. Of Civil Engineering, Prof. Ramesh Prasad Goojar. HOD, Deptt. Of Civil Engineering, Govt. Polytechnic Thane

2 Role of consultant in quality related issues and implemented solution described here is based on hands on experience gained. The issue of quality is important in view of economizing the construction cost, durability, utility, and use of local material as well as manpower.

3 Major Issues of Quality Construction for SSA School Building Constructions in Maharashtra
Maharashtra Prathamik Shikshan Parishad Mumbai is an autonomous body implementing the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in Maharashtra state. The construction activity is supervised by engineers appointed on contract under SSA or through Z.P. Engineers.

4 A third party inspection and evaluation on quality aspect of civil works started by M.P.S.P. From the year For the third party evaluation work M.P.S.P. Is inviting the Technically competent, reputed consultancy firms / organizations and recognized engineering colleges, polytechnics, architects etc. Selection of Third Party consultant is based on rigorous selection Procedure ascertaining competence, technical qualifications, past record and capability of doing works. Bids of the technically qualified consultants are only considered for opening commercial offers

5 Quality Related Issues Experienced and Solutions provided
Capacity building Quality of Material & Testing Problem solving Site Innovations Reporting & Documentation Counseling of Stake holders

6 Capacity building Training cum awareness programmes conducted before, and during the construction Activity For Z.P. officers and Engineers, at district levels. And for SMC members at Block levels

7 Capacity Building Details Implemented solutions
Fresh Officers, & Engineers lacks in experience of RCC construction work as well as in Executing the work under people’s participation mode Emphasis is given on Reinforcement detailing , advance construction techniques Awareness about of latest IS codes & earth quake resistant construction. Explanation by Use of 3 D Modeling during Training Selection of material, field and laboratory tests . The Training is supported by illustrative Manual on best practices for RCC construction written in local language.

8 Reinforcement detailing
Capacity building Reinforcement detailing


10 Quality of Material & Testing
All the Major Materials required for R.C.C. Work Tested on field as well as in Laboratory to the extent of minimum 60 % of works in each Block Mix design for at least each source area carried out before execution of work and same mix followed in future part of the works

11 Quality of Material & Testing
Members of SMC specifically trained in procuring Quality construction Materials. works Main emphasis is given on Selection of Materials, Field Testing of Materials Precautions in using Materials Best practices of construction

12 Field Tests on Materials
Field test on Sand and procedure of washing it

13 Quality check for Bricks
Bricks should be Wetted for Two Hrs before use Correct way of laying Bricks

14 Use of measuring Boxes for Volumetric Mix

15 Method of Thorough Dry Mixing of Concrete
Correct & Incorrect Way of placing Concrete

16 Reinforcement Steel test on computer operated Machine

17 Rebound Hammer Test of Concrete Beam

18 Problem Solving -R .C .C . Designs
Details Implemented solutions Typical Architectural and structural drawings for the school buildings are supplied by MPSP it did not considered various local site condition. Separate designs considering foundation strata provided to economize the cost of structure Considering the coastal area of Maharashtra modification in foundation such as provision of Col-crete concrete Layer below footing is proposed

19 Problem Solving - RCC Designs
Details Implemented solutions Non availability of Land, Variation in foundation strata Likelihood of shallow water table. Issue of Large span and Positioning of Columns, Laying of Reinforcement Considering shortage of land available & Variation in strata construction of multi-storied RCC structures proposed Possibility of alternative economical design by dividing the span with provision of additional column in walls is considered

20 Foundation Problem –water logged area

21 Proposed foundation in Waterlogged Area

22 Common Quality issues / Problems
Details Implemented solutions Problems of quality in RCC framed structure work are due to lack of knowledge in construction processes and lack of experiences in constructing RCC structure. Concerned supervisors , SMC members given input on construction of RCC structure. Timely visit by Consultants helped in eliminating poor quality concrete Attention on following issues is specifically given Cutting, bending, laying, binding of bars, Importance of Negative Reinforcement, lap length in Tension and Compression

23 Common Quality issues / Problems
Details Implemented solutions Problems of quality in RCC framed structure work are due to lack of knowledge in construction processes and lack of experiences in constructing RCC structure. Size and slope of form work and centering Proper size of cover in coastal areas Removal of form work and centering Curing of sloping Concrete slabs

24 Quality work Details Implemented solutions Attributes for Quality
in construction under SSA Some of the specific issues Insisted upon concrete Mix design, water cement ratio, Machine mixing of concrete Innovative process of placing concrete on sloping surface and compacting of concrete with Integral water proofing Innovative method of curing In exceptional cases Demolition & Reconstruction.

25 G+2 RCC School Building

26 G+1 RCC School Building

27 Sloping RCC slab Roof School Building

28 RCC flat +Pyramid shape Slab Roof CRC Building

29 RCC flat +Sloping Slab Roof School Building

30 RCC flat +2 Pyramid shape Slab Roof CRC Building

31 Site innovations Details Implemented solutions
The school buildings are constructed with sloping / Pyramid shape slab Innovative method of filling the concrete from Lower side towards Ridge is developed and the workers are trained to get quality

32 Sloping Slab Laying & compaction Technique

33 Sloping Slab Integral Water proofing

34 Site Innovations Details Implemented solutions Unsuitability of
Ponding method on non approachable sloping slab Scarcity of water Alternative method using locally available material such trickling of water through PVC pipes on Sloping slab covered with straw or gunny bag is innovated, practiced and recommended

35 Sloping Slab Trickle curing Technique

36 Sloping Slab Trickle curing Technique

37 Site Innovations Details Implemented solutions
Better solution for strengthening of poor quality concrete by retrofitting Non destructive testing are done at intermediate stages and poor quality concrete is strengthen by retrofitting

38 Retrofitting of column

39 Documentation Details Implemented solutions
All major events, occurrences, test report, photo graph are maintained for future references and evidencing Foundation strata and water table, Reinforcement details recorded for future references and guidance. Photographs of all stages of work (foundation, Plinth, Slab, Masonry, Finishing) are taken Photographs of poor quality work taken for deciding future course of action. The test Reports properly interpreted and where necessary Repeat tests or NDT carried out for deriving specific conclusion



42 Counseling on social problems
Details Implemented solutions At many places the SMC is either inactive or non cooperative Quality Materials either not purchased or Proper procedure is not followed .Local level politics hampers the progress & quality The consultant with involvement of Z.P. officials arranged counseling session with SMC and motivated the SMC Impressed importance of using Quality materials and its long term benefits upon of SMC The consultant acted as counselor in cases of local politics and avoided the rift for the cause and purpose of constructing School

43 Conclusions:- Quality of construction is a major focus in of MPSP under SSA. Involvement of Technical Institutes / Technical Competent Agencies as Third Party Consultant in quality evaluation work definitely changes the attitude of the people, enhances the quality of the construction work there by achieve quality, economy & durability of school buildings.

44 Case study At village AdiMahadkhadi in ShreeVardhan Taluka of Raigad District the work was held for about 5 to 6 month because the labour contractor has taken a huge amount of advance from the SMC and was not doing the work, we have called the SMC members and advised them to go to the contractor in a group of 10 to 15 members and pressurerize him to start the work and offered our support also the trick worked and finally the work was completed within 2-3 months . 44

45 Our sincere thanks to:-
Chief engineer , all engineers & staff of MPSP Mumbai CEO, Executive Engineers, Jr. Engineers and field staff of Zillha Parishad of Maharashtra, NMMC, KDMC, BNMC, TMC & various Municipal Corporations & councils Director tech. Education Maharashtra, Mumbai All the Engineers & staff of Consultants involved in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

46 Thanks

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