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Carpet Construction & Styles Is this a Saxony or a plush?

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1 Carpet Construction & Styles Is this a Saxony or a plush?

2 Why It matters Build Customers trust and confidence in you, your company and your ability to provide the proper service Understand and answer their questions and concerns Carpets selected for appearance or durability will respond differently to cleaning processes

3 Woven Carpet Weaving practiced for millenniums Flat weaves – warp and weft only Pile yarns Market share 1% Axminster weave Symmetrical knots; also called Turkish or Ghiordes knot Asymmetrical, Persian or Senneh knot

4 Woven Carpet

5 Woven Carpet – Flat Weave

6 Woven Carpet - Velvet V weave W weave Loop or floating This and other photos used by permission of Vermont Custom Rug Company

7 Woven Carpet - Wilton

8 Woven Carpet - Axminster Gripper type Axminster loom

9 Tufted Carpet Catherine Evans Whitener Developer Bedspread Alley Northwest GA Chenille bedspread production Automated equipment Faster production rates Broadloom Usually 12 or 15 width but can refer to anything over 27 wide 92% market share

10 Tufted Carpet Gauge Spacing between needles Pitch Lengthwise distance between tufts Density How closely packed is the yarn considering gauge, pitch and diameter (denier) of fibers

11 Tufted Carpet - Styles Level loop Cut & Loop Patterns Created by variations in pile height or which fibers are cut and which are loops Berbers Large loops, little or no twist to the yarns, often flecked with bright colors

12 Tufted carpet – Styles part 2 Level Loop Frieze Saxony Plush California Shag

13 Fusion Bonded Carpet Adhesive on solid backing Face-to-face construction Very durable for cost of raw materials Limited variety of style Carpet tiles Increasing popularity

14 Needle Punched Carpet Construction process 1 style Formed backing Matting Carpet tiles

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