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Partnering to Provide A Single Platform Visitor Management Solution Nationwide.

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1 Partnering to Provide A Single Platform Visitor Management Solution Nationwide

2 Single Platform Software in both areas of the market – Commercial and HOA Latest Technology with ongoing enhancements that can be easily deployed without retraining. Single Screen Application for easy training with continuity across the board allowing movement of personnel from site to site. Long-term Data Collection potential informative future patterns based upon historical data. What Were the Objectives?

3 Single, completely integrated platform Remote access from anywhere in the world Full security encryption The latest and most advanced technology Is Now The Leader in Visitor Access Control…

4 Seamless Integration Speed and Productivity Security Special Characteristics

5 Seamless Integration Residents Property Management Vendor Access Management Technical Support Vehicle Access Control Security Management

6 Corporate Facilities Property Management Vendor Access Management Technical Support Vehicle Access Control Security Management Delivery Management Special Operations Seamless Integration

7 Website and Database Integration Database Replication / Mirroring 24 / 7 / 365 Technical Support Localized Database if Internet Fails Transponder Data Management Mobile Tablet / Secure Patrol License Plate Recognition (LPR) Reporting – Incidents, Citations, Metrics Barcoding / Pass Control All Vendor / Contractor Visits Monitored A Secure Environment

8 Speed and Productivity Visual Voicemail High Speed Thermal Pass Printer Bluetooth Handheld Barcode Reader Optional Handheld Tablet PC Custom Integrated Website Hand Held PDAs Email and Text Messaging for Visitor Arrival Visitor History Online Access Customizable Reports with Automatic Generation Full Account Administration Internal Messaging System



11 allows residents to interface and stay connected to the community and gives them online visitor access control. A Visitor Access Sub-Menu allows residents to access and edit data for all temporary, permanent, unauthorized and party visitors.

12 Resident Text / Email Notification A text message or email is sent to to the resident once a pass has been issued for the visitor at the gatehouse. This will notify the resident that their guest has arrived at the community.

13 application allows the property manager or administrator to control all administrative functions of the community.

14 Internal Messaging System The message window displays all messages that have either been received or sent. The Create Message link opens a pop-up window allowing the administrator to create and send an internal message to a Security Officer or employee.

15 Customized Reporting The administrator selects a report from the menu. The display on the right will feature the setting for the chosen report. After selecting the desired options the administrator is able to run the report.

16 An incident report is an example of one type of report that the administrator is able to run. This report documents all incidents that occur within a community during an established time frame.

17 is designed to optimize security and visitor access for community guard stations. The application offers quick dynamic synchronization of data between all stations. Each station has the ability to run independently.

18 Caller ID Notification One Click Speed Dial Personal Notepad Barcode Scanning

19 One Click Call Back Listen to Message Go to Property Profile Mark as Processed/Delete from Memory Messages Waiting The new Securitas Visual Voicemail is the first to use voice recognition and convert voicemail to text. The message is delivered directly to the software application. The Security Officer can either immediately open the property file or return the phone call.

20 Resident – Secure Online Guest Registration Email Visitor Confirmation Text message Guest Arrival Incoming Caller ID Notification Direct Connect to Property Screen Internal Messaging System Voice to Text: Visual Voicemail System Mobile Tablet PC for Patrol and additional gate assistance License Plate Recognition- Vehicle Documentation Access Control Management Transponder Data Management Customized Passes and Barcode Scanning PDA Application for patrol


22 For All of Your Applications Stand Alone Desktop Network Mobile PC Tablet Stand Alone Mobile PC Tablet Network Desktop

23 No Internet or Local Area Connection Required The Securitas Stand Alone System works in areas where an internet connection is not available. Information is stored on the local drive. Updates are performed on-site by trained technicians as needed. A Stand Alone System can be upgraded to a networked system at any time. No Remote Access from the Branch Manual Updates Securitas Stand Alone System

24 The Securitas Stand Alone System runs both Secure Manager and Secure Entry software applications without an internet connection. PC StationMobile Tablet Securitas Stand Alone System

25 The barcode scanner scans barcodes on visitor badges and packages. It expedites the process for package pick ups and drop offs. All tracking numbers that are scanned are automatically checked off in the application. The badge printer prints badges for visitors, employees and tracking number labels for packages. The pass printer prints vehicle passes and directions to appointment locations. The key signature pad confirms that visitors have all assets upon departure. It also collects signatures for package pick ups. The video camera is used to take pictures of visitors and employees. It also performs license plate capture and container character recognition.

26 The Securitas Mobile Tablet PC is used to track shipping containers and also effectively check all vehicles within a complex. The Mobile Tablet PC can function as a stand alone system. The Tablet PC can also be used in conjunction with an online system to extend functionality. Used by Security Personnel while patrolling in vehicles or on foot Provides access control for vehicles entering or exiting the premises Able to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on containers and license plates The camera function on the Mobile Tablet PC comes equipped with flash.

27 is designed to optimize security and visitor access for campus and corporate facilities. The application offers quick dynamic synchronization of data between all stations. Each station has the ability to run independently.

28 consists of five primary screens: Appointments, Companies, Deliveries and Employees. Each of these screens is broken into two sections. The first section is a list of records pertaining to the selected category. The second section contains the detail information for the selected record. AppointmentsCompanies Deliveries EmployeesFreight Navigation Menu Screens

29 During Check Out the Security Officer is presented with the list of visitor assets. The Security Officer checks the list of assets and chooses whether or not to capture the signature of the visitor. As a visitor is leaving, the Check Out menu button will access the Check Out window. Appointments

30 After choosing to save the pick-up package information, a signature capture window opens prompting the employee to sign for the package. This form will display any packages that the company needs to pick up. The Security Officer scans the barcodes on the packages to select the package from the list. Choose the employee name from the drop down menu provided. Deliveries

31 Personal Notepad is a text box for the Security Officer to keep notes throughout their shift. This information is not saved and will disappear when the user logs out. Connection Status is an indicator of internet connectivity and the replication status. Red indicates that the status is disconnected and technical support needs to be contacted. Yellow indicates that there is internet activity, but there may be a problem with replication and technical support needs to be contacted. Green means that everything is working properly. Status Bar

32 Workers require a TWIC to gain unescorted access to secure areas of Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulated facilities and vessels. Purpose: TWIC (Transit Worker Identification Card)

33 allows the office manager or administrator to control all administrative functions of the office. The system scales from a single stand alone site up to multiple sites around the world. To access the application, enter this URL into your internet browser:

34 Each menu item has both a list view and a detailed view. For example, the visitor link opens a list of all visitor records. The visitor detail page allows the administrator to edit visitor information, including a photo of the visitor.

35 The internal messaging system allows for easy communication between administration and Security Officers. Customized Reporting allows the administrator to keep an accurate account of visitors and incidents.

36 Freight The Freight window allows the tracking of incoming and outgoing freight.

37 Port Hueneme Celite Corp. Mining Operations Boskovich Farms Oxnard Field Trip: Sales Support:Sales Support: Sales Training Software: Free Software Deployment for Each Branch

38 Upcoming Releases:Upcoming Releases: PDA Guard Tour: Data Mining and Reporting: Designed to Help Future Sales

39 Questions and Answers

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