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Becoming an H 2 O Hero Lesson 3 PP1 & PP2. Trinity Aquifer Edwards Aquifer Carrizo Aquifer Click mouse to animate.

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1 Becoming an H 2 O Hero Lesson 3 PP1 & PP2

2 Trinity Aquifer Edwards Aquifer Carrizo Aquifer Click mouse to animate

3 Bedrock Artesian Well Water Table Well Recharge Area Rock or clay Confined Aquifer Stream Click mouse to animate

4 Becoming an H 2 O Hero Lesson 5-Issue Investigation PP3 & PP4

5 THE CASE OF THE DISAPPEARING WATER By Susan M. McMaster The Water Detectives Anonymous were called to the home of Mrs. Flowers. When they arrived on the scene, Mrs. Flowers grown son, Frank Flowers, was frantic. His mother was missing! The detectives asked Frank how long his mother had been missing. Thats just it, Frank said. Ive been traveling a lot and kept forgetting to phone her. Now I feel terrible. I have no idea where she is or how long shes been missing. Do you know of some places where she might have gone? asked one water detective. Frank wrinkled his brow and thought hard. Well, he said, her habits are very predictable. If she has been gone less than a day, she probably just went shopping. If shes been gone for less than 3 days, she may be visiting one of her sisters. She always says Guests are like fish, they start to stink in 3 days! She would never visit anyone for more than 3 days.

6 If shes been gone more than 3 days, but less than 7, continued Frank, shes probably taking a vacation on a cruise ship. Im sure she cant afford more than a 7-day cruise. If shes been gone more than 7 days but less than 6 weeks, shes probably received the grant that she applied for-she wants to study art in Europe. If shes been gone more than 6 weeks, she is probably at her mountain cabin. However, she never stays there more than 2 months. If shes been gone longer than 2 months, aliens must have captured her and taken her to another galaxy. She loves her plants and her home. She would never stay away longer than 2 months for any reason. I think we can help you solve this mystery, said another water detective who had been looking around the house. Did you find a note? asked Frank hopefully. No, said the detective, but I did find this glass measuring cup in the window.

7 Oh, said Frank, thats nothing. Mother is very particular. Every morning she fills the measuring cup to exactly one cup. Then she puts it in the window sill to warm in the sun for a little while before she waters her African Violets. She is very careful about how much water she uses because she doesnt want to over-water or under-water the plants. Aha! said the water detective. Just as I suspected, this is precisely where we must begin our search. The measuring cup now has exactly ¾ of a cup of water. Are you saying someone stole ¼ of a cup of water? asked Frank. No wonder his mother didnt bother to tell him where she was going! muttered one of the detectives.

8 Example of a site map

9 Becoming an H 2 O Hero Lesson 6-Attention to Detail PP5 & PP6





14 TAKE YOUR TIME - Dont get in a hurry. Take as much time as you need to see everything. LOOK AT THE AREA FROM DIFFERENT VIEWS - Move around until you have made all of your observations.

15 MAKE NOTE OF EVERYTHING YOU THINK MIGHT BE AN ISSUE -If you see something that just doesnt look right, go ahead and make note of it. ALWAYS THINK OF SAFETY - There may be areas that your investigation leads you that may not be safe such as storm drains, overgrown creeks or hazardous chemical buildings.

16 Becoming an H 2 O Hero Lesson 10-From Beginning to End-PP7

17 First Lesson –Understanding the basics of water-how much water covers the earth, different uses of water, etc. Understanding the basics of citizenship-what it means, what an active citizen looks like, voting.

18 Second Lesson–Learning about the water cycle and the importance of making good choices.

19 Third Lesson–Understanding that our environment consists of aquifers and that there are different aquifers here in Bexar County. Learning that there are dilemmas we experience in life and that important decisions need to be made.

20 Fourth Lesson–That water issues exist in our community and how we can take action through conserving water.

21 Do you see any connection with all of these?

22 Becoming an H 2 O Hero

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