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Aquaculture – an alternative food in Mexico Roy Palmer.

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1 Aquaculture – an alternative food in Mexico Roy Palmer

2 TRADE, ECONOMY & PRODUCTIVITY MARKETS AND INTERNATIONAL CONSUMPTION OF SEAFOOD PRODUCTS Increase Seafood Consumption in Mexico Aquaculture & Fisheries Invest in your people Innovation in all you do Measure the outcomes

3 QUESTIONS? What are main causes of deaths today? What is looming in the future as the greatest health cost? What is the commonality in all this? Who eats seafood at least twice per week? Who knows of anyone who has died from eating too much seafood? Have you ever had a great experience when buying seafood?


5 SEAFOOD CONSUMPTION Hunger at one end and obesity at the other Start at the beginning - 1000 Days Focus efforts on education of: Young girls & Women Doctors/GPs Industry – retail especially Efforts must be on poorest upwards Message must be more than its good for you!

6 You already have some collateral

7 AQUACULTURE & FISHERIES Fisheries – strong governance and compliance Aquaculture – build strong support culture Government – support your decisions and build infrastructure Standards & Certification Suitable species for market Suitable species for nutrition Create a wastage strategy Industry needs to be partner SPACE ORNAMENTALS


9 INVEST IN YOUR PEOPLE Create a culture of training and education Schools – programs and career pathways Industry must invest in itself for continuous improvement through training Workforce development creates partnerships Training empowers your staff Build links between education and industry

10 INNOVATION Create Presidents Innovation Research Fund

11 Products for the Children

12 AN IDEA? Seafood retailing is the window of the industry What qualifications do you need to do this? Consider – training programs and licensed arrangements Fees less costs go into generic seafood promotions which industry/Govt partners Weekly information made available on line for each retailer to utilize – spreading the truth….

13 MEASURE YOUR OUTCOMES Find ways to get accurate figures on fisheries/aquaculture quickly Communicate your food security outcomes Measure the health and well being of the nation v. costs Measure your employment in regional/rural areas and hunger/poverty Link to GDP

14 Muchas Gracias! Roy Palmer e:

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