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Whats New In Dream Report 4.5 Renee Sikes Applications Engineer Dream Report Brand Manager.

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1 Whats New In Dream Report 4.5 Renee Sikes Applications Engineer Dream Report Brand Manager

2 Agenda Overview of Dream Report Architecture Overview of new features in V4.5 Live Demo of New Features – CSV/FTP file distribution – Report Queue and RMC changes – Automated Database Archiving – Aggregated Data Filter – Internal Project Parameters License Information Q&A

3 The Architecture Automatically Publish and Distribute Generate and execute Design and configure Data Logger Real-Time Data and Alarms Design Reports Configure Data Aggregation Generate Reports HMIs, PLCs, DCS, SCADA, … Connect to Data Sources REAL TIME data and alarms - OPC DA-AE - Native Drivers Dream Report logger can archive real time data into any open database SQL Server MySQL Oracle Access … Provide Data Provide Reports Design reports in easy environment Use Page Templates Use Report Templates Define and execute periodically any type of calculations: Min, Max, Average, Current, Integral, Duration, Counter, SQL commands, free Mathematical Calculation… Automatically: On Schedule On Event Manually: Select Report Change period or select batch Generate new report Web PortalFile ServereMail PrintersMobile FTP Server

4 Data Source Connectivity Real-time Data External Archives and Databases

5 New Communications Drivers Indusoft: – HDA Items – HDA Alarms BACnet – BACnet Real-time values – BACnet Real-Time alarms and events – BACnet Historical Values form Trend Log Objects

6 New Report Distribution Options Create Reports as.CSV file Upload reports directly to ftp server Dynamic Report Generator available as ActiveX Internal hyperlink – Single data, compound, and expression objects can hyperlink to other reports when used in web report

7 Runtime Manager Changes Dynamic Report Generator – New design – Runs in a separate window – Set default time period – Available as ActiveX Reports Queue Displays current status or report generation order

8 Archive Aged Data and Keep It Ready and Available – Define maximum age for data in Dream Report Database – All aged data recorded into binary archive file and deleted from Dream Report database – Automatically reimport aged data for reporting needs Automated Database Archiving Dream Report Database File Server Binary archive files with aged data Generated reports Archiving aged data Auto-load of aged data for report generation

9 Data Aggregation Filter Build a chart or calculations on prepared aggregated data – Define extraction mode for any object from any data source Ex: hourly averages, first 10 values, 100 values over period, etc – Build charts directly on key values – Automatically works on all retroactive historical data

10 Define internal logic parameters and use them in reporting objects Pass dynamic parameters values by command line, by hyperlink from another generated report, by URL/WebAPI (for web reports) Enables users to create Drill Down reporting application – From one report, generate another report using selections from the parent report Internal Project Parameters

11 Live Demo Setting up the Automatic Database Archiving Setting up and using Aggregated Data Filter Creating and using Internal Project Parameters Runtime Management Console Changes – New layout – Dynamic report generator – Report queue

12 What Tools are Needed? Licensing based on tag and web portal count – Contact us to discuss your project Like what you see? Have a project in mind? – Let us show you how Dream Report can solve your reporting needs Free Demo Available – Limits to 25 tags – Development will run for unlimited time, Runtime for 30 minutes at a time

13 Contact Information & Other Learning Opportunities Questions later? – Renee Sikes – Software Toolbox Tech Support 888-665-3678 or +1 704-849-2773 Product Website – m/dreamreport Other learning opportunities – Recording of this webinar – Visit Tentative Schedule – May 18 th : Advanced Manual Data Entry – June 29 th : Info on the Go – July 20 th : Fast, Friendly, & Flexible – August 24 th : Secure and Reliable

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