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SDM Samrudha Constructions U Dream it we build it Vision: To be the premier partner of choice in Construction by providing the most cost-effective, efficient.

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1 SDM Samrudha Constructions U Dream it we build it Vision: To be the premier partner of choice in Construction by providing the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable service. Mission: Quality at the most cost-effective price is the supreme core value of UPBI. It shall be manifested in the excellent result of our individual and cooperative work. It shall be our way of life. Contact us : 9341210107,9900016777

2 SDM Builders is a fast growing in construction business. SDM Builders focused on Quality Construction during our formation year, we decided that innovation, and uncompromising commitment to quality & client satisfaction would be our cornerstones. Approximate 35 years on, we bring the same passion & expertise to building projects. We are handle semi government & private projects to any scale. We have successfully completed all projects with client satisfaction in time. We have sufficient machinery & man power to handle all major projects. Find attached detail list of all machinery and man power with this. SDM Builders with a promise to improve upon the performance exhibited to date. With its proven record of accomplishment, it brings to the company varied experience in the construction of Residential & Commercial projects. We had handled various challenging projects in most trying circumstances successfully. In addition, in keeping with our philosophy of SPEED – QUALITY ECONOMY & giving value of money to the clients, we have promoted the company to reduce the overheads associated with large base company. For unfailing quality in construction, offering maximum value addition for minimum cost, efficient systems of project management, producing high quality work without compromising schedules & budgets, features that grow out of the basic company belief: THAT QUALITY CONSTRUCTION IS MEASURED BY THE QUALITY OF LIFE ITSELF. Why SDM Builders?

3 S.No.DesignationNo.Experienced 1Project Manager Ravichandra 8 to 10 years experienced 2Project Engineer Ravichandra 8 to 10 years experienced 3Site Engineer Santosh 5 to 6 years experienced 4Foremen Ali to years experienced 5Labors supervisor Shivan 15 to 20 6Electrician Prabhudeva 8 to 10 years experienced 7Plumber Murthy 12 to 15 8Store Keeper Ashoka 5 to 6 Key Personal: A Group of visionaries embarked on a path of trail-blazing construction,armed with a can-do attitude and financial skills, which yielded a sound fiscal policy to mobilize resources. Over the years, this core team has branched into specialization, while continuously upgrading their capabilities:-- Project Management in-charge : Murali.P Project Management in-charge : Yashas.M.Nayak Finance/Accounts Executive : Ravi G P Purchase Manager : Yashas.M.Nayak

4 S.No.Description of EquipmentsQuantity 1Crane With Tractor Attachment02 2Hoist with Mixer04 3Mobile Window Crane02 4Concrete Mixers #Electrical #Diesel 05 04 5Concrete Vibrators #Diesel #Petrol #Vibrators Nozzles 25 03 50 6Plate Vibrator03 7Shuttering Material108400sq.Feet 8Scaffolding Material70200 R.Feet 9Adjustable Steel props – Telescopic1950 PCS. 10Adjustable Steel beams – Telescopic525 PCS. 11Stone Cutting Machine (8-0 Platform) Hand Operated 12 14 12Floor Polishing Machine05 13Tower Hoist04 14Theodolite/ Dumpy Levels10 15Concrete Paves making Machine01 16PNEUMATIC Hammer FOR R.C.C. BREAKING09 17Steel Cutting Machine05 18Compressor for spray painting04 19Swing Weigh Batcher03 20Complete Set of engineering equipments6 SET 21Pressure grout pump injection waterproofing04 22Water Pumps # Electrical # Diesel12 23De-watering Pumps09 24Plumbing instruments5 SETS 25Wooden Ballies (Up to 3.30 Mtr. Height)87000 No. List of Major Construction Equipments Civil Work Equipments:

5 S.No.Description of EquipmentsQuantity 1Batching Plant (CP-30 ) (Schwing Stetter)02 2Transit Mixers (Schwing Stetter)09 3Concrete Pump (Schwing Stetter) (Greaves)05 4Mini Batching Plant ( Gamzen )02 5Concrete Mixers # Electric # Diesel 03 07 6Concrete Vibrators # Diesel # Petrol # Vibrators Nozzles 05 01 11 7Plate vibrator01 8Stone Cutting Machines01 9Theodolite / Dumpy levels01 10Hammer for R.C.C Breaking04 11Water Pump # Diesel03 12Complete Set of Engineer Equipments5 Set 13De- watering Pump02 14Plumbing instruments1 SET 15Excavator with loader ( JCB 5D )01 RMC Plant Equipments: Due to day-by-day improvement in equipment of construction industry, we are trying to update our equipments. If there is any need to purchase any new equipment for the project, were always ready to do it.

6 The Company IS EQUIPPED TO PROVIDE THE COMPLETE RANGE OF SERVICES IN CONSTRUCTION FIELD: Multistoried Complexes for housing & as well as commercial purposes. Residential Buildings, Farm Houses with External developments Like Underground water tanks & reservoirs with guarantee Road & road developments works Sewerage, drainage works & their treatment plants Projects Executed By Company (Combined) During the course of its existence, the Company has handled a large variety of Civil, Structural Steel & Interior works. Since, it has been able to develop a good band of professional talent committed to excellence in Construction Technologies Project & Financial Management. It is confident of treading new paths. It has therefore decided to take up bigger challenges in its bid to widen its base & diversify. In the last year saw the company graduating into high volume & large-scale construction; it has also been consistent in maintaining the legacy of COMPLETING PROJECTS IN TIME & to the highest of available standards. With these experience & achievements, Company is now in a strong position to seek more avenues & areas to prove its mettle. Services

7 A AIM FOR SEVA INDIA (Schools,Collages,Residentials Homes also a record project in 100days in Yelahanka.) B SURFA COATS PVT LTD (Paint factory) C VIDHYAGIRI RESIDENCY (75 Apartments) D PUNJ LLOYD (Metro Stations). There are 72 other small projects.

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