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Teacher: Analia Villalba. Students: Micaela Wentinck Canela Frati.

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1 Teacher: Analia Villalba. Students: Micaela Wentinck Canela Frati.


3 Adictions Shopaholic Workaholic Compulsive gambler Coffee Addict Alcoholic Drug addict

4 Explanation/examples Shopaholic: Buy in a compulsive form. Workaholic: A person who is addicted to work. Alcoholic: A person who drinks too much alcohol. Coffee addict: Person who drinks too much coffe. Compulsive gambler: Someone who squander a lot of money in bets. Drug addict: Someone who consume drugs.

5 Have a negative effect onTake its toll unavoidableinevitable Do something beyond normal limits Taken to extremes Having apowerful effect emotionally overwhelming ImproveEnhance Develop a strong interest in something Got bitten by the bug Short periods of intensive spendingShopping sprees Addicted toHoocked on Stop doing something that is bad for you Kick the habit Important but not easily noticedUnderlyng Spend carelesslySquander Borrow a lot of money that you will have to pay back Run up a debt Differents sentences same meaning

6 Vocabulary Part with Work out Pick at Chear Up Do away with Turn down Stick to Pig out Wear off Come up with

7 Part with: Don´t part with your time watching tv. Work out: I work out every day in the gym. Pick at: Please pick at snaks because the food is soon. Cheer sb up: She looks sad can you cheer her up? Do away with: Those things are so old do away with them. Turn down: Turn party invitations down. Stick to: You dont need stick to wash the dishes Pig out: If you pig out you will have overweight. PART WITH: spend. WORK OUT: do exercise. PICK AT: eat a small amount. CHEER UP: make happier. DO AWAY WITH: remove,get ride of TURN DOWN: refuse. STICK TO: keep doing. PIG OUT: eat a lot of food. WEAR OFF: lose strength. COME UP WITH: think of an idea.


9 Gerund or infinitive To Remember: Remember something,then do it Forget: Forget about something,so you dont do it Try: Do something and see what happens Stop: No longer do something Like: Do something because its a good idea Ing Remember: Do something and remember it later Forget: Do something and (dont )forget it later Try: Make an effort to do something difficult Stop: Stop something in order to do something else Like: enjoy something

10 Words/ context See/ look Secret societie s

11 Secret societies… Fraternities Sorority To pledge… rituals Handshakes Initation rites

12 Handshakes: a type of greeting Initation rites: before the meeting is a rite Fraternities: secret society of men Sorority: secret society of women To pledge: commitment Rituals: ceremonies When i was small i had a different HANDSHAKE with my bestfriend. some tribes are INITIATION RITES. My father was a member of FRATERNITI when he was young. I think my sister was part of a SORORITY when she was studying. If you want to be part of a secret society you have TO PLEDGE some things.

13 WORDS/CONTEXT. Stunned Make out Hushed Gaze Timidly Gleam Caress

14 Stunned: too shocked to speak. Make out: just able to see sth. Hushed: quiet. Gaze: a long steady look. Timidly: in a shy way. Gleam: shine softly. Caress: touch gently. I was stunned when i saw you… My mobile phone is in a HUSHED state. I GAZE he when he looked at me. I turned around TIMIDLY to see what was happening. I could see a GLEAM near me. I used to CARESS my cat a few days ago. But now I dont know where is he…

15 See… The glance Red The light The point of Eye to eye The funny side

16 Eye to eye: have the same opinion. At a glance: take a quick look. The funny side: see the positive side of an issue. The point of: not understand the point of something. The light: have an idea Red: see a dangerous situation We cant see EYE TO EYE, we always have different opinions. I saw at a GLANCE and I know they were having an argument. I cann see THE FUNNY SIDE when I fall. I cant see THE POINT OF going to the church. Yesterday I saw THE LIGHT and I invented a game! I saw RED when my mother come to me…

17 Look Sb up and down Down your nose at Sb in the eye Daggers at

18 Down your nose at: Somebody up and down: Daggers at: Somebody in the eye: She is always looking UP AND DOWN to everybody.. She looked DOWN HER NOSE AT his house. She saw DAGGERS AT me when said - I dint do it! I saw him IN THE EYES and I felt in love


20 Obligation/necessity Must Duty and advice Should; ought to; shouldn´t No obligation/necessity Don´t need to; need to; have to; didn´t; doesn´t; have to Ability or lack of ability Be able to; had been able to; couldn´t; could; can Prohibition Musn´t ; can´t Permission Allowed to ; can Possibility/probability Might can ; will ; may; could Permition/obligation/prohibition

21 Adjecti ves Music Dance/ musical Art Theatre

22 Adjectives. Silly Scary Dull Engaging Diturbing Amusing Upsetting Itriguing Far-ferched

23 Scary: horror Silly: absurd Dull: boring Engaging: with the participation of… Disturbing: troubling Amusing: funny/ humorous Intriguing: fascinating Upsetting: disconserting Far-fetched: unconvincing My mother said that she likes SCARY movies. It's SILLY, I prefer something more interesting... At the beginning it was a bit DULL. This movie has the engaging of… You are DISTURBING the people, please shut up. Their movies has always an AMUSING end. I don't want to read an INTRIGUING novel!. Please stop!, you're UPSETTING me. Your stories are always FAR- FETCHED.

24 Art Paintings Drawings Exhibitions Still life Watercolour Abstract Portrait Landscape Sculpture

25 Paintings: a picture or design in paint. Drawings: a picture made with lines, without colour. Exhibitions: where artists display their art. Still life: a painting of inanimate objects. Watercolour: a paint composed of water- soluble pigment. Abstract: denoting art characterized by geometric. Portrait: a picture of a person. Landscape: a painting from a natural scenary. Aculpture: the art of making figures on relief / the round of carving wood. I have a lot of PAINTINGS in my living room. She is getting used to spend all her time doing DRAWINGS. Next week I'm traveling to see your EXHIBITIONS. It is my favorite kind of art, the STILL LIFE. When I was small, I used to paint with watercolors. Do you really prefer to painting ABSTRACT?. I have many PORTRAITS of my family. I was looking through the window when I saw a perfect LANDSCAPE to paint. she has an SCULPTURE of his cat

26 Music Duet Chorus Sonata Composer Concert Percussion Audition Srting quartet Orchestra

27 Orchestra: a group of musicians who play together a lot of instruments. Chorus: vocalists who support the soloist in operas. Composer: a person who composes music. String quartet: four misicians playing stinged instruments. Duet: a group of two singers Sonata: an instrumental composition. Concert: a performance of music by singers. Percussion: intruments in which sound arises from the string of materials. Audition : when you are asked to demostrate you ability in a particular role. I was a member of this ORCHESTRA. You are able to be part of my CHORUS. She wanted to be a COMPOSER... This STRING QUARTET is from California. He prefers singing alone; not in a DUET. I hate listening SONTAS, I prefer others kinds of music. She is making a CONCERT tomorrow at night. I prefer the guitar, to a PERCUSSION instrument. Last year I had an AUDITION to enter to this music school.

28 Dance / musical Performance Conductor Soloist Dressing room

29 Performance: a choreography, etc. Conductor: a person who conducts an orchesta. Soloist: a musician who performs a solo. Dressing room: a room in the theatre for changing clothes, and applying make up. We are making our own PERFORMANCE. He is one of the most important CONDUCTORS on the world. Phil Collins is a really good SOLOIST. I was in my DRESSING ROOM when I saw her...

30 Theatre Stage Cast Drama Playwright Leading role Stall

31 Plawright: a dramaturg. Leading role: the most important actor. Stage: to produce or direct. Cast: all the actors in a play. Stall: a place in the theatre wher few people can sit. (first line of seats) Drama: a literary genre. My grandfather used to be one of the most important PLAYWRIGHTS. Sarah Jessica Parker has the leading role in sex and the city. She is part of the STAGE of the play. I am one of the members of the CAST. We went to see "Mamma Mia" and we were sitting on the STALLS. She prefers to act in DRAMA

32 Theatre Undrestudy Backstage Previews Supporting role Box office Dress rehearsal

33 Supporting role: when an actor has the secondary role. Understudy: to be able to replace the regular performer. Backstage: the previous of a play, change clothes etc. Box office: where you can buy tikets for a play. Dress rehersal: the last rehersal, using clothes, lighting etc. Previews: a trailer. Yestrerday i saw the PREVIEWS of la hera del hielo. We where on the DRESS REHERSAL when the ligths turned off… My first work was on a BOX OFFICE. I cant believe it, i am on my first BACKSTAGE!. She is starting to act so,she needs an UNDERSTUDY.

34 Words: direct/reported. Reporting verb patterns


36 + (that)+ reported sentence… Insist on, object to, apologise for. Admit, advise, reget, recommend, suggest Recommend, advise. Agree, promise, offer. Remind, warn. Promise, admit, agree, regret, explain. Congratulate sb on, accuse sb of, critisice. + object+ (that)+ reported sentence… + infinitive… + preposition + gerund… + object + infinitive… + gerund… + object + preposition + gerund… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

37 1- He explained that we were out.. 2-She warned him that he was wasting his time. 3-She promise being more patient. 4-She advised me not to be a lawyer. 5-He suggested being music teacher. 6-We apologised for breaking her window. 7-Readers criticised his book for being too long.

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