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Tunstall Solutions Caresse+, Telecom 400 & Panasonic PBX solutions

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1 Tunstall Solutions Caresse+, Telecom 400 & Panasonic PBX solutions
CONTACT: Stan Albert, General Manager Tunstall Canada x 222 (cell)

2 About Tunstall Tunstall Group, in business since 1957, is a multi-national (17 countries), UK based, communications conglomerate which manufactures and markets a variety of telecommunications solutions throughout Europe, Australia, Far East and North America. Tunstall is the world leader in the manufacturing of communication systems for the provision of care for seniors and special risk groups. Tunstall communications and medical monitoring equipment protects more than 1.5 million people around the world. Tunstall Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tunstall Group. We offer a wide selection of customized, emergency response and Nursecall solutions for seniors' facilities, i.e. independent seniors' residences, condos, Life lease facilities, retirement homes, and assisted living facilities. We provide sales, service, installation, warranty and customer support throughout Canada.

3 Caresse+ Front View Status LED (Red/Yellow) Status LED (Green) Speaker
Cancel Button (Green) Away Button (Blue) Speaker Alarm Button (Red)

4 Caresse + Back View Wall Mounting Points Aerial Battery Compartment
Cover Programming Key Pad Rubber Feet x 4 Microphone

5 Caresse + Features Up to 35 wireless radio triggers
6 Recordable Medication reminders 10 telephone numbers & multiple call sequences Calls to Monitoring centre or personal recipient Speech prompts in English, Spanish, French Remotely answer an incoming call using pendant Auto answer calls from known sources Timed inactivity monitoring Local and remote programming Ability to signal a “beep” if user is unable to speak Recordable voice tags Hardwired input for pull cords or smoke alarms Up to 120 meter radio range Wall mounting as well as desk mounting

6 Personal Recipient Mode
Can be configured to call a normal telephone The unit ID and call type are enunciated to the recipient Optionally a voice tag can be recorded which is then played back during the annunciation The call must be received by a phone capable of transmitting dtmf tones. recipient must acknowledge and clear the call correctly to end the call sequence Optionally a call type can be configured to be “cancel at source only”

7 Telecare Applications
Telecare sensors, work in conjunction with the PERS system and compliment it’s function by providing additional passive monitoring around the home. Telecare sensors monitor risks and hazards associated with independent living. They are wireless, battery operated and simple to install. The sensors can be mixed and matched according to the needs of the individual being supported, and can be added to or changed as the individual’s care needs change.

8 Caresse+ Telecare Sensors
Flood Detector Temperature Extremes Sensor Assistive switches PIR Motion sensor Radio Input Module Fall Detector Smoke detector Bed Occupancy sensor Personal Pendants Caresse+ Wandering Client Sensor Wireless Pull cord Enuresis sensor

9 Applications Summoning Help Accidents & Falls Medication Reminders
Activity Monitoring Temperature Monitoring Domestic Violence Critical Visit Monitoring Intruder Monitoring Virtual Sensors

10 Summoning help Radio trigger, pull cord or fixed button
Emergency call to: PBX telephone switch Wireless telephones Cellular Telephones Pocket Pagers Professional Monitoring centre Friend, relative, neighbours, doctor etc.

11 Accidents & Falls Fall Detector Pendant 2-stage fall detection
Minimizes false alarms Automatically places a call no user intervention required User replaceable batteries

12 Medication Reminders The Caresse + allows up to six timed reminder messages to be recorded by a caregiver and alerted to the user at the designated time. The configuration of these messages can either be performed directly at the unit using the keypad, or remotely by calling into the unit with a normal telephone and responding to interactive voice prompts. The feature can optionally be monitored by the monitoring service, so that if a reminder is not acknowledged by the user then an information call is sent to the center. The reminder messages will be suspended if the Caresse is in the AWAY state.

13 Activity monitoring Activity monitoring uses sensors strategically placed in the home to detect activities of a resident living alone and to automatically trigger an alarm call when there is an exception to the normally expected pattern of activity. The benefits of passive activity monitoring are: The client is not required to wear sensor(s) or to be conscious that they are there, so the application is un-intrusive and readily accepted. The monitoring rules can be individually customised, so the monitoring will match the normal lifestyle of the individual resident The monitoring rules can be modified remotely using the remote programming feature, so the system is easy to support and adapt as needs change.

14 Activity monitoring Activities can be monitored using the following sensors wirelessly linked to the home unit. One or more pressure mat(s) under a rug or carpet One or more PIR motion detector(s) One or more ROM and contact(s) on a door/cupboard.

15 Activity monitoring The Caresse products allow two periods during the day to be monitored. The periods and durations can be accurately defined for the individual resident. Example: Monitor activity outside the bedroom between 6:00am and 8:00am, if there is no activity then trigger an alarm call because the resident has not got up this morning. At the same time monitor activity in the living area of the dwelling between 8:00am and 10:00pm and if there is a period of more than two hours of inactivity then make a call because the resident is immobile and probably needs help.

16 Temperature monitoring
Can raise an alarm if temperature drops below OR exceeds trigger point

17 Domestic Violence Silent operation
Capable of frequent (>1 minute) background calls to check telephone line operation Allows cancel button to be disabled

18 Critical Visit Monitoring
For clients who rely on one (or two) regular daily visits to the home by a care giver, the Caresse + can be configured to monitor those visits and report immediately if a visit does not occur on time. Example 1: Use critical visit monitoring between 11:30am and 12:30 to alert to the monitoring service when a home care nurse does not arrive for a regular noon visit. The nurse will be given a “Caregivers pendant” and the pendant will be assigned to the Caresse in such a way that if the pendant signal is not received within the time window then a call will be automatically made.

19 Intruder Monitoring The Caresse + can be configured to monitor for intrusions to the dwelling and report silently to the monitoring service (with audio verification) Example 1: Use two wireless PIRs , one to monitor entry/exit area and one to monitor a separate thoroughfare in the dwelling. The user will activate the intruder monitoring before leaving by pressing the AWAY key. Any intrusions will generate a silent call to the center and the operator can monitor the audio. The user upon returning to the dwelling will de-activate the monitoring by pressing the AWAY key and their pendant during the entry/exit timeout period.

20 Virtual Sensors Virtual sensors will be a software feature of the Caresse + . Virtual sensors allow information from individual simple sensors to be combined to monitor a sequence of activities and to trigger an alarm call if there are exceptions. Example: Use a PIR movement sensor in the bathroom and a second PIR located outside the bathroom. If movement is first detected in the bathroom and then no movement is detected outside the bathroom after a preset time then trigger an alarm call because this indicates that the resident is unable to leave the bathroom

21 Virtual Sensors The sophisticated telecare sensors like the bed sensor and the wandering client sensor require a significant effort to install or subsequently modify their configuration. Virtual sensors can also substitute the function of the bed occupancy sensor and the wandering client sensor. Example 1: Use a virtual bed occupancy sensor to define the period of monitoring and the maximum time out of bed. This removes the need to configure the bed sensor controller (it just needs to report to the Caresse when the client gets in and out of bed) and allows the configuration to be changed remotely. Example 2: Use a virtual wandering client sensor to replace the existing wandering client sensor with just a PIR and a door contact. This is simpler to install, does not require a telecare interface module and can be remotely programmed.

22 Life Safety Features Tunstall products have a unique set of life safety features which exceed those of any other product in the market. Manufactured in the UK in an ISO9000 registered facility ETL approved to UL1635 and 1637 Fully supervised pendants and radio peripherals Telephone line disconnect warning to user Power fail and Power restored warning 30 hour battery backup Low battery warning Battery charge restored call RJ31x line capture for USA (CA38A in Canada) Configurable periodic test calls Full and Half duplex speech

23 Caresse+ Uniques A comprehensive mix of life safety features
Calls triggered by individual peripherals can be routed to individual numbers Recipient calls with speech messages Speech prompts in three languages Not one but two fully customisable inactivity monitoring periods. Integral keypad for programming Medication reminders can be set up locally or remotely Virtual sensors

24 Telecom 400 Features Flexibility - 4 smart Telecare sensors and 1 hardwired input & 1output Dedicated Frequency – uses dedicated North American 312 MHz (FM) social alarm frequency for reliable, future- proofed operation. Automatic Battery Monitoring Ease of Programming – Keypad, TAPit or CMS 4000 Answer your Phone via a Personal Trigger or cancel button Volume keys – 5 level volume control Cancel button Power failure warnings Line disconnect warnings Dial 6 emergency numbers (in either recipient or control centre mode) 2 – year warranty Supervised Amie/GEM Pendant

25 Telecom 400 Telecare Sensors
Flood Detector Assistive switches PIR Motion sensor Radio Input Module GEM Pendant Fall Detector Amie Pendant Telecom 400 X10 Controller Wireless Pull Cord Dome Light

26 3 Programming Modes (Local & Remote)
Keypad PC Software CMS 4000

27 Tunstall/Panasonic PBX Solutions for Retirement and Assisted Living Facilities

28 Panasonic KX-TDA200 Digital Hybrid IP-PBX
Tunstall / Panasonic PBX Solution Panasonic KX-TDA200 Digital Hybrid IP-PBX Tunstall Caresse+ Public Telephone network Resident telephones Tunstall Telecom 400 Panasonic DCM Database & Call Reporting Wireless peripherals Amie GEM Flood detector Fall detector ROM Staff Wireless telephones Special switches PIR Pull cord

29 Direct Care Monitoring (DCM)

30 Direct Care Monitoring (DCM)
Real-time monitoring and reporting of patients alarms and emergency calls delivered to caregiver personnel Comprehensive real-time and historical tools for Patient/ Caregiver tracking and Queue statistics notifications sent to personnel supervisor for each alarm encountered 911 emergency notifications management Supervisor audible alert & popup window with warning message Notification delivered to predefined emergency ACD group Display real-time PBX call activity Enhanced Counters and Timers management Real-time performance graphs Full PBX ACD statistics, reports and Call Billing Predefined report templates for quick report generation Integrate with Panasonic KX-TDA/ TDE/ NCP IP-PBXs

31 Direct Care Monitoring (DCM)
Benefits Real time monitoring of the quality of service delivered to the patients Higher level of patient care assistance Increased care giving staff efficiency Optimized workflow Target Customers Retirement Residences Assisted Living Facilities Long Term Care facilities

32 Thank you!

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