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Brief introduction to potential Gift Stockists, Wholesalers & Distributors…

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1 Brief introduction to potential Gift Stockists, Wholesalers & Distributors…

2 Contents Sanitary wear in Britain Mintel statement Gift products Features & benefits Gifts secret ingredient What consumers are saying Benefits for Stockists, Wholesalers & Distributors Next steps

3 Sanitary wear in Britain Essential nature of Sanpro products guarantees a firm consumer base of 7 in 10 UK women. Market value is increasing each year by 3.4%. (Mintel 2012) Current choices in the market are all similar products of same quality made from cheap ingredients. Many ingredients used are harmful to health. Gift Wellness, provides consumers with new choices that offer better protection, are more beneficial to their health and the environment.

4 Statement from Mintel report 2012 Suppliers of Sanpro products have the opportunity to combat the boring and functional image of the Sanpro market, by imbuing it with a more emotional, individualistic positioning that goes beyond mere hygiene.

5 Products: Normal, Long & Daily Pantyliners

6 Gifts features & benefits Gift pads are hypoallergenic, made from plant derived materials Free from harmful chemicals such as chlorine, parabens and artificial fragrances, avoiding irritation caused by artificial materials and chemicals Contain no animal derivatives and not tested on animals Produced in sterile conditions & sealed for freshness to protect womens delicate areas from infection Natural nonwoven cotton-soft surface, perforated for immediate absorption, dryness and comfort Seven breathable layers with super absorbent poly-gel core locks in moisture keeping surface dry and breathable bottom layer avoids build-up of moisture and heat. 10x more absorbent than high street brands, so less pads are required and less are thrown away – better for the environment Advanced anti-leak protection and ergonomically designed for super fit Beautifully presented: women will buy because they love our packaging which is 100% recyclable 10p from every pack sold is donated to good causes in Third World countries

7 Gifts secret ingredient Anti-bacterial capabilities Naturally eliminates odour Fights infection Improves blood circulation Builds immune system Restores pH balance Negative Ion (Anion) & Far Infrared Ray (FIR) insert made from Tourmaline (semi precious mineral) with pure herbal extract provides:

8 Other products that use Anion & FIR Negative ion sports wrist bands & watches are very popular Far Infrared is used in hospitals to warm newborn babies Negative ion air purifiers provide healthier virus free environments NASA uses infrared heat to keep astronauts warm In Gift pads, this technology naturally benefits womens health

9 What Women are saying! Im amazed by how fresh and dry you feel, even after wearing the pad for hours! :) Sandra, London I absolutely love these Gift pantyliners! Ive got all my friends and their daughters on them too! Maxine, London I suffered with infections, itching and soreness with ordinary sanitary pads –but with Gift, I feel wonderfully fresh, my period seems to flow much easier and my skin feels great. Elise, Birmingham

10 Benefits to Stockists, Wholesalers & Distributors Whether youre a potential stockist, wholesaler or distributor, well have a deal to get you excited about selling Gift pads. With great introductory offers you can make up to 52% gross profit on every pack sold! All stockists are listed on the Gift Wellness website Free Gift pads training offered to sales staff and distributors Free window display service (e.g. with Christmas Gift theme) Product launches organised with local media invited Stockists, wholesalers and distributors are provided with supporting promotional material – website banners, posters & point of sale material Stockists promoted on Gift Facebook, social networking Gift products will be featured in national womens and health magazines

11 Next steps.. For more details & special introductory offers Tel: 0844 772 5579 Email: We look forward to working with you!

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