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Feedback for Continuous Improvement - Appraisees.

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1 Feedback for Continuous Improvement - Appraisees

2 Pre Course - Ideals An understanding of SMART objectives SMART objectives in place for 2010/11 – 2 examples Evidence to support the achievement of your objectives Examples of effective and non-effective feedback you have received and the impact of both on your own motivation Participants must have the following:

3 Post Course – Dynamic Learning Logs At the end of the course you will be asked to write a SMART objective to focus on how you will apply the learning from the workshop in the future Please use your experience from the workshop, to prepare for your appraisal, provide evidence of your achievements, and be prepared to enter into a 2 way feedback discussion

4 Outcomes An understanding of the positive role of feedback, and your own receptiveness to feedback Practical application of a clear model for giving feedback which has been provided to appraisers Guidance on preparing for feedback for forthcoming appraisal conversation based on use of LSBU appraisal forms Insight into the value of SMART objectives and providing evidence to demonstrate achieving them Personal action plan/SMART objective to improve individual ability to receive/give feedback

5 S M A R T Objectives Specific ̶ specify exactly what you should be able to achieve ̶ no vague or ambiguous language. Measurable ̶ objectively measure the extent to which objectives have been met Achievable ̶ not too easy ̶ challenging & stimulating Relevant ̶ objectives should have a clear purpose and benefit Time –bound ̶ include milestones & deadlines

6 Feedback – Coaching Style B – ALANCED O – BJECTIVE O – OBSERVED S – PECIFIC T - IMELY Explore the positives Explore development areas Discuss behaviours not the person This is what I have seen In this situation Be sure the feedback is within a reasonable time

7 Feedback skills – general approach Invite their comments first Build on common ground What went well… Even better if…..

8 Talking & Listening

9 Managing your reactions Stop! Look! Listen! Evaluate

10 Questing Skills – Gaining clarity Open Probing Summarising Closed Asking questions to gain clarity

11 Questioning to encourage thinking The Dance of Insight Clarification – Repeat back what they have said as a short response – they know you have been listening David Rock

12 Skills or Behaviour – Finding the balance AAction SSkill KKnowledge AAttitude BBehaviour EEmotions

13 STAR – Skills Situation Task Action Result Alternative In the meeting last week You assured me you would have the report competed by Wednesday Although I received it on time, the statistics hadnt been updated from last month and I was unable to present the correct information Another time, please will you check all of the report before handing it to me

14 Feedback – Difficult Conversations- Behaviour BehaviourThis is the behaviour I have observed EffectThis is the impact of that behaviour EnvironmentThis is the situation it occurred in ResultThis is the result

15 BEER – Behaviour Behaviour Effect Environment Result When we are group situations, you regularly talk over people And we dont get to hear everybodys contributions The last time this happened was in this mornings meeting when Sue was explaining the figures She was clearly upset and didnt finish her explanation

16 The Johari Window - Feedback is a gift Not Known to Self Known to Self The Public Self The Blind Self The Private Self The Unknown Self

17 Action Planning – SMART objective Please write a SMART objective to focus on how you will apply the learning from the workshop in the future Keep a note of the objective and email it to Janet Cattini - within 2 weeks of this Please use your experience from the workshop, to ̶ prepare for your appraisal ̶ provide evidence of your achievements, ̶ enter into a 2 way feedback discussion

18 Final activity What feedback would you like to give to your reviewer?

19 Examples of SMART objectives - 1 2. An excellent teaching portfolio Corporate Plan Link Objective How will this objective be measured? Develop short courses for two individual units, launch and evaluate by April 2012 Encourage student participation on course boards aiming to recruit two additional students by December 2011 The courses will be successful when unit progression is more than 70% Two briefing sessions for students taken place. Two appointments made.

20 Examples of SMART objectives - 2 Corporate Plan Link 8. Simpler, faster decision making Create online resources by March 2012. Pilot methodology on 3 projects and provide facilitation and training. Work with ICT and the Executives office to develop an LSBU project methodology by January 2012. Methodology available online and evidence of use Positive feedback from pilot projects How will this objective be measured? Objective

21 Examples of SMART objectives - 3 Corporate Plan Link Objective How will this objective be measured? 9: Helping our staff perform Develop new Briefing Notes to tie in with ongoing University strategic developments Promote the ICT Skills for Staff Blackboard site as a way of benchmarking, testing and developing staff ICT skills List of new briefing notes against strategic developments. Take up and evaluation of materials, aiming for a 20% increase on the previous year.

22 Examples of SMART objectives - 4 Objective Work with line manager to maximise the effectiveness of current IT systems and feasibility of improved system for support arrangements Measures – Review the statistics / data collected in Maximizer, and match this with what information we wish to provide and for what purpose. Identify clear ways of showing the amount of support provided by the department and how effective this support is for students. Discuss the scope of this by September 2010 and put in place a proforma for statistical collection for the start of term. Work with line manager to scope the feasability of a system for support arrangements by July 2011

23 Examples of SMART objectives - 5 Objective Provide a summary of the support provided during 2009/10 by October 2010, as a basis for developing support for the future. Measures Review the types of support, the specific difficulties, interventions, recommendations and statistic breakdowns of the service over the year. Include feedback from faculties and departments about the service.

24 Examples of SMART objectives - 6 Objective Ensure all departmental policies, processes and procedures are reviewed and fit for purpose by end July 2011. Identify and prepare new policies/documentation required to complement existing documentation by April 2011 Measures Existing documentation reviewed and amendments approved by end Oct 2010 Required new documentation identified and draft documentation prepared by end February 2011 and approved by end April 2011 Relevant documents uploaded to staff pages on approval (ongoing)

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