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The ResQMe A lifesaving gift!

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1 The ResQMe A lifesaving gift!

2 1st response unit in the Netherlands

3 2 types of life hammers

4 Variable attachment points

5 Possible result after impact or collision

6 The ResQMe has 1 permanent position, even after impact or collision

7 With the car upright, on 1 side or upside down it is always accessible

8 Blade guard Seatbelt cutter Window breaker

9 Blade guard: remove to use


11 Seatbelt cutter: hook over seatbelt…

12 …pull belt and push cutter

13 …and continue…

14 …until seatbelt is released


16 Press the window breaker against a corner of any side or the rear window….

17 ….until the concealed spring-loaded spike releases and shatters it

18 ….The spike resets immediately and can be used again if necessary

19 ….only a slight pressure force is needed to operate the ResQMe effectively


21 Demonstration ResQme

22 For all your information and enquiries
information and enquiries

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