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Technology that changes everything. About this Powerpoint Show The prime objective of this PPT is to introduce GP partners to the scope and depth of Trinitys.

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Presentation on theme: "Technology that changes everything. About this Powerpoint Show The prime objective of this PPT is to introduce GP partners to the scope and depth of Trinitys."— Presentation transcript:

1 Technology that changes everything

2 About this Powerpoint Show The prime objective of this PPT is to introduce GP partners to the scope and depth of Trinitys solutions for distribution. There are many more specific sales support tools at The presentation uses screenshots and notes to illustrate many product features There are hyperlinks to more in-depth information throughout the presentation Feel free to adapt it for your own use and share it with end-users too. Contact us for more detailed help on any of these solutions. or

3 Start by learning a little about Trinity Go straight to the solution demos What would you like to do next ? Click a box to proceed.

4 Trinity have been providing solutions for Dynamics GP users since 2000. We were the original authors of both Extended Pricing and the Inventory Management suite comprising Advanced Distribution, Advanced Picking and Available To Promise. Here are a few basic facts about the company. Introducing Trinity

5 Company Established in 1975. Original authors of several core Dynamics GP modules including Advanced Distribution and Extended Pricing Thirty modules for Distribution available direct from Trinity and Azox, Over 500+ companies in 20+ countries sites worldwide using Trinity solutions American Distributor – Azox Inc with Sales and Helpdesk facilities Trinity / Azox always available for consultation / demonstration A leading reseller of Dynamics GP in UK. We dont just write solutions we implement them. Extended resources available at A word about Trinity

6 To provide the scope and depth of enhanced functionality to make Dynamics GP a world class solution for mid-market wholesale distributors. Our Mission Return to Main Menu

7 How Trinity solutions fit together Trinity software solutions are modular. There are thirty modules in all. This means you can purchase just what you need to meet your needs. But it also means that we can combine many modules in a single solution to address the complex distribution needs of any organisation – large or small. Bundles of products also attract bundled prices.

8 Some more advantages of using Trinity All of our modules are contained within a single dictionary. This makes installing, implementing and maintaining simple and guarantees successful integration across modules. All of our modules except for some of our Pricing extensions (which need Extended Pricing to be in place) are also available on Business Essentials.

9 We love to listen and learn Whether you have an existing customer, a new prospect or would just like to understand better how you can serve the distribution sector with the help of our solutions wed love to talk to you any time. Check out our Contact pageContact

10 How this presentation works We have organised the presentation into five themed area Sales, Inventory, Pricing, Logistics and Purchasing. In each themed area we will talk about THE FEATURES The key functionality THE WIN How the solution can benefit the business. THE LINK Hyperlinks to take you to relevant web page Click now to get started.

11 Main Menu Click on any of these boxes to go straight to that section. Return to Main Menu Watch out for Return to Main Menu button (above) which you can use to return here at any point in the presentation Sales Ordering Inventory Purchasing / replenishment PricingLogistics Learn a little more about Trinity Go to Final Summary

12 Inventory Sales Ordering PricingLogistics Purchasing / replenishment Sales Ordering I am looking for more than simple order capture. I need to be able to input orders quickly and accurately. I need access to plenty of back-up technical info too. I also want to up-sell and cross-sell at every opportunity. My sales team is also my customer service desk. They need to be able to handle all a customers progress queries. Return to Main Menu

13 When you make or receive a customer call it may not just be to take an order. Your customer may have any number of questions e.g. on price and availability or issues related to outstanding deliveries or the state of their account. Handle them all with the Sales Navigator. When you pick up the phone.. Return to Main Menu

14 THE LINK SALES NAVIGATOR THE FEATURES Single screen start point for all customer queries Advanced Searches Easy view of outstanding and overdue lines Links to document entry THE WIN No more jumping between windows. Answer the questions the customers really ask. No set up needed. Install- ready to run. Search by address rather than account. Drill down to customer account information Find all outstanding lines across multiple orders Go straight to transaction entry Identify open orders that can be added to Extensive document and line search facilities Multiple drill down screens available for more detailed information Sales Navigator

15 Different businesses have different needs for order entry. For some – typically in high volume, low value sales the emphasis is on speed, simplicity and accuracy. In more technical organisations – particularly those with a high SKU count - there is a greater need for powerful search and decision support capabilities. Well show you examples here of both types. Order Entry to suit your business Return to Main Menu

16 THE LINK TURBOSOP CUSTOMER TEMPLATES LINKED ITEM SELLING SALES PATTERN ANALYSIS THE FEATURES Unstructured item search User configurable Mouse-free order entry Great decision support. THE WIN Save time, save money, improve accuracy, happier customers and users. New look-up with sales related info sits next to main order screen Highlight items previously purchased by this customer/ ship-to or filter to see only these Supervisor configuration of decision support information per user e.g. price, margin, availability, history Supervisor configuration of drill-down options, order history, promotions. sites, notes etc Unstructured searches across item, description, class straight into the item field simplifies operations. Calls new informative look- up or drops item straight into order where only one match found TurboSop – Fast, Easy Order Entry Return to Main Menu Just click a line to drop it straight into the order X-137

17 Now lets take a look at a business with more sophisticated information needs at order time Sales Ordering – Advanced Return to Main Menu

18 THE LINK CATALOG BASED SALES CUSTOMER TEMPLATES THE FEATURES User configurable overlay to sales order entry customer buying lists Simple drill downs for info Up sell & cross-sell tools THE WIN Powerful order entry for high SKU count sales -built to suit individual user needs and authority level. Additional filters to help focus on relevant items Drill down buttons show Available to Promise Buying history Substitutes Items by Site Specs and Images Price Trace Email link to send specs Notes and Item Information Multiple search methods, including explorer style catalog, attributes and string search Customer specific prices Double click an item to drop into order Advanced Order Entry Features Choose to show customer buying lists – either system or user maintained Supervisor configuration of which decision support fields should be displayed per user Highlight items that should be bought today

19 Additional SOP Features Customer Call Scheduling –User Managed Call out lists –Import one off schedules –Detailed call history –Self maintained schedules based on preferred call frequency Price Negotiation –On line price haggling –Full audit trail of negotiated prices –See pricing section of this presentation for an example. Front Counter –Order Entry functionality with a till Linked Item Selling –If you bought A – let me tell you about B and C Distribution Enhancements –Item Restrictions by Customer –View document margin –Item aliases –Reallocate stock from other orders Mobile Sales on a Laptop –Order Entry functionality on a laptop without need for internet connection. Here are just a few of the additional features available. There are too many to list them all here. If you dont see what you need give us a call. Use the Hyperlinks to find out more. Return to Main Menu

20 Inventory Sales Ordering Pricing Logistics Purchasing / replenishment Pricing Getting the right price is what gets me the order, but sometimes I feel I am giving away more than I need and maintenance is a constant challenge I need.. Negotiation tools Easy price management Rebate tracking Volume discounts for groups of products Promotions with a choice of free product Order value discounts Cost uplift pricing Site specific prices Return to Main Menu

21 For the wholesale distributor the ability to provide a well focused pricing structure that drives up revenue while protecting margins is critical to success. For many distributors – particularly those selling branded goods the ability to offer the right deals to the right customers is a key differentiator. Introducing Pricing Return to Main Menu

22 Date effective pricing Mixed price types per customer – Net Prices, Value Off Percent of Promotions including buy one get one free More flexible management and grouping Extended Pricing Trinity were the original authors of Extended Pricing which you would now purchase direct from Microsoft. Key reasons you may use E.P. include While Trinity cannot sell you E.P. we are happy to advise on best practise and to provide training and consultancy services in pricing issues. Trinity has also developed a number of add-on solutions to enhance the scope and flexibility of pricing solutions. Here are some of those features >>> Return to Main Menu

23 Extended Pricing Enhancements THE LINK EXTENDED PRICING ENHANCEMENTS THE FEATURES Discount based on Order value Offer promotions for total purchased for a group of products THE WIN Offer discounts with a purpose – increase shipment size, sell up, introduce new items. Order value discounts can be applied with multiple thresholds. They are automatically tracked and applied to the order. Different rules per customer if necessary This pop-up screen will sit next to order entry Order Value discounts Assign customers and items to the promotion Define promotion rules e.g. any 10 from group including at least 3 of A Maintain list of free items to choose from Aggregate (Volume) Promotions Return to Main Menu

24 Allows two new price types. Cost Plus percent and Cost plus value Enables users to create value on as well as value off Aggregate Pricing – quantity breaks based on sales for whole groups of products. Will re-price an order automatically- configurable rules Aggregate Promotions – See previous screen for details Allows you to set price according to selling location Show discount element of price on invoice document Simplified promotion formula set-up and pro-active sales pop-up option THE LINK EXTENDED PRICING ENHANCEMENTS THE FEATURES Quantity Breaks for total group sales Explicit discounts on invoices Sell price per depot THE WIN Multiple additional pricing options that enable the wholesaler to develop a unique and effective pricing policy Extended Pricing Enhancements (2) Return to Main Menu

25 THE LINK EXTENDED PRICING INTEGRATION THE FEATURES simple price export to XL Manage price data in XL Import routines THE WIN Improve speed, efficiency and accuracy of price maintenance using the power of XL to quickly write and update large volumes of data Extended Pricing Integration Select any ranges or sheets, items etc to export and update All maintenance done in XL. Create new or updated price records Import prices, books, sheet assignments etc Return to Main Menu

26 THE LINK PRICE NEGOTIATION THE FEATURES On-line negotiation based on a cost of your choosing Manipulate margin or Margin % or value Decision support links THE WIN Dont miss a sale on price but knowledge is power. Be in control of your negotiation Price Negotiation Negotiation window called direct from order entry using Ctrl-P User selects appropriate cost base – even taking into account outstanding PO prices if appropriate Multiple drill downs to support the negotiation process Manipulate Value, Margin or Margin % to come up with best deal. Single click drops negotiated price into the order and writes an audit record Return to Main Menu

27 Sales Rebate Tracking Sales Rebates – accumulated over a period of time - often against complex rules, groupings and thresholds - can form an important part of the whole pricing equation This windows gives a snapshot of an individual customers current rebate position. Rebates can be accrued based on volume or value of sales for single items or ranges of items. The Rebates may be value off or percentage based and can have multiple breakpoints. THE LINK SALES RETROSPECTIVE DISCOUNTS THE FEATURES Flexible rebate discount structures including customer and item groupings On-line inquiry and report THE WIN Simplify and automate a complex admin task. Gain new insights into true profitability. This inquiry shows rebate accrued to date for individual item X-181 ($23.05) and for GROUP1 ($7) showing also items in the group Return to Main Menu

28 Inventory Sales Ordering Pricing Logistics Purchasing / replenishment Logistics Margins are low in my business so I need maximum efficiency from my delivery operation. That means efficient error free picking, best possible use of my delivery fleet and an invoicing operation that involves little or no keying for my staff. Return to Main Menu

29 Efficient error-free pick-pack-ship systems can mean the difference between profit and loss – particularly in low margin businesses such as foodservice or office supplies. In some environments the best answer is a warehouse management system or at least automated data capture but there are also many gains to be made in the core application by the right combination of software and good practise. Introducing Logistics Return to Main Menu

30 Introduction of the concept of a fulfilment order - a shipment representing part or all of an originating order Configurable workflow enabling users to map documents through critical stages of the pick pack ship process Additional picking options – most importantly the ability to produce a consolidated walk-round picking list for a number of fulfilment orders Advanced Distribution & Picking Trinity were the original authors of Advanced Distribution & Advanced Picking which you would now purchase direct from Microsoft. Key features of these products include While Trinity cannot sell you A.D or A.P. we are happy to advise on best practise and to provide training and consultancy services in logistics issues. Trinity has also developed a number of add-on solutions to enhance the scope and flexibility of these solutions. Here are some of those features >>> Return to Main Menu

31 Address specific delivery profile used by the system to help transport manager to plan or to automate load building Deliveries automatically grouped by default route, drop, date with document drill down for easy planning User configurable information document display screen – double click back to originating document Multiple methods of load building from manual to fully automated Transport Manager Planning Board Pick pack despatch and invoice by load printing documents in drop sequence Detailed Drivers Manifest. Load Planning also provides the opportunity to report on profitability by load and vehicle utilisation THE LINK VEHICLE LOAD PLANNING THE FEATURES Load building, automatic or manual based on default routes, trucks, service levels Pick, despatch, invoice by load Load documentation and analysis. THE WIN Efficient pick pack ship, analysis load profitability, improved vehicle utilisation, time saving. Vehicle Load Planning Return to Main Menu

32 Consolidated Invoicing THE LINK CONSOLIDATED INVOICING THE FEATURES Reduces multiple shipments to a single financial invoice Flexible methods and frequency of consolidation Full audit control back to originating shipments Mass update routine THE WIN Meet your customers expectation while reducing transaction volumes and simplifying sales ledger. Choice of levels of consolidation e.g. account, order, address, customer ref. You can also select frequency of consolidation and preferred invoice format Simple, single routine allows you to perform consolidation across the whole company as frequently as you need. Flexible document layouts with detailed or summary formats Return to Main Menu

33 Additional Logistics Features Inter-Site Transfers –Full business process control for transfers leveraging internal sales and purchase orders including PO generator –Perfect for keeping satellite warehouse replenished –In-transit accounting Distribution Enhancements –Minimum Shipment size control. –Over ten other features in this module Returns Management –Can match returns to originating invoices for price and quantity control –Provides return workflow –Allows value only returns for invoice price corrections –All part of GP Sales Transaction Entry Additional Charges –Adds ( and consolidates) additional charges to invoices for items such as bottle and container deposits, recycling charge, support & warranty charge etc. Here are just a few more of the additional features available. There are too many to list them all here. If you dont see what you need give us a call. Use the Hyperlinks to find out more. Return to Main Menu

34 Inventory Sales Ordering PricingLogistics Purchasing / replenishment Inventory Keeping proper control of our inventory database is far too time consuming and we make far too many errors- e.g. selling obsolete stock or disallowed items to customers. Salespeople will wrongly offer to split packs losing us money and I need to get my catchweights right or again we lose out. Return to Main Menu

35 Managing inventory information can be a labour intensive operation that is prone to error – particularly in an operation that may hold tens of thousands of SKUs. Tools that assist the inventory manager to create new items quickly and accurately, to manage the life cycle of the item Provide an easily searchable inventory master Handle complex unit of measures issues such as catchweights are critical to a well managed operation Introducing Inventory Return to Main Menu

36 Item Manager THE LINK ITEM MANAGER THE FEATURES Simple Item cloning feature Create multiple items at one pass via wizard Select which item elements to copy Site assign /unassign wizard THE WIN Create items in seconds without laborious screen- hopping. Reduce errors Return to Main Menu Simple step by step process – Clone items one at a time or create whole new ranges in a single operation by pulling in a simple item number + description table from XL

37 THE LINK UNIT OF MEASURE MGT THE FEATURES Specify a main stock unit for inquiries and reports Manage allowable order multiples Specify a consistent sales reporting unit e.g. tonnage Display packs and splits New item inquiry screen THE WIN Puts you in true control of your unit of measure schedule. Easier interpretation Unit of Measure Management Return to Main Menu Enhanced control of what units of measure are used for what purpose. For example you may want a BASE unit of EACH to permit single returns and split packs but typically want to look at inventory in CASES Puts the user in control of how inventory information is displayed New item inquiry with additional information, easy unit switching and illustrating packs and splits 281/3 indicates 281 whole cases and 3 eaches

38 Catchweights THE LINK CATCHWEIGHTS THE FEATURES Separate tracking of qty and weight in inventory Allow sales and purchase orders to be placed in qty units but be billed by confirmed weights THE WIN A proven out of the box solution for food distributors Return to Main Menu Single inquiry window that shows how inventory is being tracked separately both in weight and cases. 5lb packs are of nominal weight only. Customer will be billed for actual weight shipped e.g. 2 cases – total weight 10.37 lbs – with individual box weights also recorded. Catchweight information can be managed down to lot and bin-bay level. Sales and Purchase orders can be entered in one unit but priced in another. Actual weights can be entered later and the final invoice will show both units and weight delivered ot the customer.;

39 THE LINK CATALOG BASED SALES THE FEATURES Look-up can be called direct from item maintenance User configured screen Unlimited search parameters Multiple drill-down to supporting information. THE WIN Structured search of large inventory files on many dimensions – saves time, adds expertise. Return to Main Menu Catalog Based Sales – Inventory look-up feature User configurable information display User configurable drill downs Add attributes and explorer style drill down features in XL and import to transform the search capabilities of your inventory file Explorer style drill down to five levels Unlimited item attributes Simple string search

40 Additional Inventory Features Item Life Cycle –Item status tracking –Control availability to sell or purchase item –Hide items from inventory look-ups. Catalog Based Sales –Item attributes –Explorer style hierarchical search Distribution Enhancements –Disallowed items –Item Aliases –Inventory transaction reason codes –Stock take enhancements –Current cost update options Additional Charges –Associate items e.g. containers, deposits, service charges –Automate invoicing of additional charge items –.–. Here are just a few more of the additional features available. There are too many to list them all here. If you dont see what you need give us a call. Use the Hyperlinks to find out more. Return to Main Menu

41 Inventory Sales Ordering PricingLogistics Purchasing / Replenishment Purchasing I have three members of my team permanently locked into reviewing re-stock levels and placing purchase orders. They hold an enormous amount of knowledge in their heads. A lot of what they do should be automated. I would love to free up some of their time to get involved in more strategic activities.

42 Successful purchasing is without doubt one of the most complex areas of any distribution operation and one where the analytical power of IT can contribute greatly to managing that difficult balance of customer service vs inventory investment. Trinitys solutions are designed to speed up and improve the quality of replenishment through a combination of automated data analysis and great decision support tools Purchasing Return to Main Menu

43 THE LINK ADVANCED INVENTORY REPLENISHMENT THE FEATURES Advanced Demand Planning functionality embedded in GP Wizard driven set up Fast and easy to understand maintenance Powerful PO generator THE WIN Easy to get started with immediate ability to use your historical data to generate order point and up to level, save time, lower cost and investment Profile your items individually or using wizards, range selections and automated routines Set up wizard plus default ability to automatically include new items in forecast – no data input, all embedded in core GP. Return to Main Menu Advanced Inventory Replenishment-A.I.R.

44 Demand Review Screen enables comprehensive review of demand history – including Sales Lost sales Exceptional Demand Inherited demand from superseded items Drill down to individual transactions available Safety stock, reorder point and order up to level all automatically recalculated by combining results of demand analysis with time based stocking policy THE LINK ADVANCED INVENTORY REPLENISHMENT THE FEATURES Mass routines to update reorder point and order up to level. User configurable review screen with drill down to transaction level THE WIN Save hours a week by letting the system review and reset order point information while retaining the ability to review and intervene. Return to Main Menu

45 Thirteen industry standard demand analysis formulae embedded into the software so that the system can find the best method for each item by modelling and scoring them against your demand history. The system has tried out seven methods on this item – it will try them all once there is more history – to find the most appropriate forecasting formula. All of this can be done automatically. THE LINK ADVANCED INVENTORY REPLENISHMENT THE FEATURES Industry standard demand analysis formulae Automated routines to find best fit. Wizard driven segmentation of inventory THE WIN Provides access to powerful automated demand analysis routines typically only associated with higher price specialist third party software A.I.R. Demand Formula Application Return to Main Menu

46 A.I.R. – PO Generator THE LINK ADVANCED INVENTORY REPLENISHMENT THE FEATURES Additional searches and filters e.g. show ALL items from vendor, show items below line point Additional decision support via PO line demand window THE WIN Uses system generated order point and order up to level but leaves the buyer in charge by providing exceptional decision support. The new PO generator screen tells you your weekly usage, number of weeks stock held and current available inventory. New vendor totals screen tracks spend against vendor minimum. It also allows you track order size in most relevant unit e.g. weight, number of pallets against a vendor target size. New PO line demand window offers a wealth of additional decision support with further drill downs to detailed information Return to Main Menu

47 Whilst you can download Advanced Inventory Replenishment we recommend that you talk to Trinity about an initial demonstration. You will find a wealth of additional sales material on the website including Whitepaper Product movie In-depth powerpoint presentation Product brochure Case Study We can supply additional material on request including Needs Analysis questionnaire Sample training program Advanced Inventory Replenishment Purchasing – A.I.R. Return to Main Menu

48 Additional Purchasing Features Vendor Price Management* –Date based vendor price lists –Unit and currency specific –Dated contracts –Import / Export price wizard for easy maintenance –Price alerts in PO generator and PO entry –Price history inquiry –Vendor comparison window Purchase Retro Discounts (Vendor Rebates) –Track rebate accruals by inquiry or report –Item or group based rebates –Multiple thresholds based on quantity or value –Value and percent discount types * Vendor Price Management can be purchased separately but is also included in the price of Advanced Inventory Replenishment as an essential pre-req. Return to Main Menu

49 Return to the Main Menu Proceed to Final Summary What would you like to do next ? Click a box to proceed. Youve reached the end of the demo section.

50 Microsoft Platform Dynamics GP Trinity Distribution Software Trinity Expertise Partner Expertise The Microsoft platform together with core Dynamics GP provides an unmatched generic proposition for the ERP mid-market But the market demands more than that. Prospects are rightly looking for software solutions that reflect the needs of their business. Trinity can back that up with over twenty years experience in the market to help partners and customers qualify, select, configure and implement the right solutions every time. We work closely with partners to help them develop the skills and expertise they need to succeed in the distribution market. – see next slide for details. How it all stacks up.

51 Pre-sales qualification Demonstration/ Partner coaching Reference / Case Studies/Back up material Training implementation/ consultancy Support Desk / guaranteed enhancement plan/customisation Here to help every step of the way End Presentation or return to main menu by clicking top right. Return to Main Menu

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