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SABIC SABIC TODAY 213 sites in 40 countries

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0 Film & Sheet Products for Restaurants
Made With Lexan*, Valox*, Noryl* & Ultem* Resins DISTRIBUTED BY REGAL GRAPHICS JUNE 2012

1 SABIC SABIC TODAY 213 sites in 40 countries
SABIC ranks among the world’s top petrochemical companies, and is a global market leader in the production of polyethylene, polypropylene, advanced thermoplastics, glycols, methanol and fertilizers; with a global footprint in the Americas, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Asia Pacific. SABIC TODAY 213 sites in 40 countries 17 technology & innovation facilities 40,000 employees Sales revenues US$ 50.6 billion in 2011 Total assets US$ 88.7 billion Six Strategic business units: Chemicals • Polymers Performance Chemicals • Metals Innovative Plastics • Fertilizers

2 OUR GLOBAL OPERATIONS Global Headquarters Application centers (3)
Distribution, storage facilities and logistic hubs (46) International subsidiaries and sales offices (87) Manufacturing and compounding companies (60) Corporate research and innovation center (1) Technology centers (14)

3 Ready To Help Address Your Challenges & Opportunities
OUR OBJECTIVE Your Sheet & Film Needs? Illuminated, easy to read displays that meet UL and other safety requirements Chemical and abrasion resistant touch surfaces 3D design freedom materials that can be formed Weatherable, durable out door signs Outstanding material performance coupled with sustainability benefits Differentiated service – quick lead times with local branches Provide Differentiating and cost-effective sheet & film materials that answer Fast Food Restaurant display needs of today & tomorrow Ready To Help Address Your Challenges & Opportunities

Regal Graphics is a division of Regal Plastic Supply Company. Regal is a third generation family owned business that was founded in 1954 and is considered a pioneer in the plastics distribution industry in the United States. Regal Graphics is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has been a loyal distributor of Lexan* polycarbonate film and sheet for over 40 years. REGAL GRAPHICS 2011 18 distribution centers across the United States 200 employees Sales revenues US $50 Million in 2011 Total assets US $20 Million Six strategic business units: · Plastics · Athletic · Graphics Development · Digital · Pond Liner

5 Get Regal Graphics Involved in the FIRST STAGES of Development
Ultimately We Share the Same Customer OEM/End-User Direct Mailing Co-Op Support Joint Calls Campaign Mfg. Support Material Specs Tolerances $ Closed Profitable Sale Marketing QA Shipping Molder R&D Component Construction Fabricator Former/ Trimmer Ink Supplier Conversion Coater Laminator NPI (New Product Dev. / Intro) Traceability Sharing Rates – Cost Out Coordinate On-Time Delivery Choices!! Gauge Size Color Yields Tolling New Products Flexibility!!! Customer Service Same Day Quoting On-time Delivery Inventory Consignment Packaging Shipping Options Quality ISO Certified Product Training Take out, Regal will pitch Resources Alliances Tolling Inventory Supply Get Regal Graphics Involved in the FIRST STAGES of Development

6 Sheet & Film Applications

Walls Graphics, Promotional Posters, Decorative Images Menus/ Displays Interior Menu Boards, POP Displays, Price Tiles, Logos Exterior Signage Drive Thru Menu Boards, Canopies, Information, Direction & Logo signs Windows Window decals & stickers, Glazing, IR Blocking Changed out pictures with Banu’s Lighting Interior Decorative Lighting- Lenses & Panels Equipment Decorative Wraps Hi temp Guards, Sneeze Guards, Antifog

Description Menu boards and POP displays need appealing graphics and colors to tempt the taste buds of the customer. Possible Applications Interior Menu Boards Point-of-Purchase Displays Promotional Displays Strips / Digits / Price Tiles Logos, Value Meal Graphics Protective Menu Sleeves Key Material Features Excellent ink registration Temperature & Chemical resistance Long term durability Abrasion resistance for handling SABIC Product Portfolio Lexan* 8A13 film Reduced surface reflection and gloss Lexan* 8B35 film Hides scratches, marring Lexan* HP92S film Chemical and abrasion resistant Indoor menu board with appealing graphics Distribute samples Durable menu sleeves

9 WALL DECOR Description Possible Applications Key Material Features
Restaurant design that provides an uplifting social environment and a fresh look to attract guests. Possible Applications Graphics Promotional Posters Decorative Images, Other Unique Aesthetic Features Key Material Features Proper gloss levels Bright colors & Color retention Chemical resistance UV resistance SABIC Product Portfolio Lexan* 8010 film True ink color fidelity Lexan* 8B35 film Unique pop with printed graphics Lexan* HP12W film Weatherability with low gloss Wall graphics to transform the environment LED picture frames

10 WINDOWS Description Possible Applications Key Material Features
Windows act as a canvass to manage exterior view, advertise, and provide function while blocking IR and providing impact resistance. Possible Applications Window decals & stickers Promotional Advertising Posters, Actual Window Glazing IR Blocking substrates Key Material Features Image durability Ability to see from distance Easy to apply UV resistance & Heat resistance Excellent impact resistance SABIC Product Portfolio Lexan* 8010 film Polished high gloss printing surface Lexan* HP12W film Outdoor posters, chemical resistance Lexan* XL102UV sheet Exterior glazing, 10-year written warranty Lexan* MR10 sheet Exterior glazing, scratch resistance Graphics on windows to attract customers Excellent Impact Resistance/ Shatter proof

11 EQUIPMENT Description Possible Applications Key Material Features
Attractive graphics on dispensers to improve traffic to beverages. Anti-fog glass on coolers to improve energy consumption and clarity for merchandize. Possible Applications Decals and Product Identification Labels Decorative Wraps (i.e. Beverage dispensers) High temperature guards around grills / ovens Sneeze Guards Display cases (anti-fog, glazing and labels) Key Material Features Bright aesthetics Resistance to heat and cold Scratch and smudge resistance Formability Impact resistance SABIC Product Portfolio Valox* HPNGFF film Anti-fog coating, with adhesive backing Lexan* FR65 film UL V0 rated, matte-velvet texture Lexan* FR63 film UL V0 rated, matte-polish texture Lexan* HP60 film Abrasion resistant, anti glare Anti-fog display case Beverage dispensers

12 LIGHTING Description Possible Applications Key Material Features
Light effects can be used to play with the mind of the on-looker. Merchandize placed in effective lighting can further entice potential customers. Possible Applications Interior Decorative Lighting Pendants, Wall Sconces, Chandeliers Monorail lighting Lighting lenses & panels Key Material Features Diminish hot spots from the light source Diffuse light with good transmission Temperature resistance and Agency approval (UL listing) Availability of colors & textures Formability SABIC Product Portfolio Lexan* 8A23 film Custom colors with matte-polish texture Lexan* FR60 film UL V0 rated, polish clear window Lexan* 8A73 film Formable diffuser film, hides hot spots Lexan* MB350T film Balance of high transmission & hiding Lighting in many forms, features & colors Lighting and lettering, crisp print.

13 EXTERIOR SIGNAGE Description Possible Applications
Signage gives the long distance view of the restaurant. Outdoor menus project the ambiance & mood for a drive through client. Possible Applications Drive through Menu Boards Drive through Canopies Preview drive through Boards Directional Displays Key Material Features Stunning visuals Low glare UV  / Weather resistance Impact Resistance Easy to form, finish SABIC Product Portfolio Lexan* 8010 film Excellent clarity at thick gauges Lexan* HP92W film Weatherable, high gloss look Lexan* XL102UV sheet Sided UV protection, thicker sheet Drive through menu board Menu board Outdoor signs

14 Typical performance concerns as a result of Incorrect Product Usage
Product can fade or brake Chemical / heat resistance is important Diffusion films can help disperse light Glare of finish Using a matte finish can assist in better visibility Need more photo’s of foodies.

15 Typical performance concerns as a result of Incorrect Product Usage
Product curling Products separating and peeling

Competitive Advantages A broad portfolio of differentiated products Advanced new materials A strong pipeline of new technology Service Excellence Lasting Partnerships for Growth Capacity, quality, consistency & on-time delivery Support management of supply chain Customer service and online resources Providing technical assistance Customer Needs Market-driven product demand & creation Global application design & development Validating new material Joint concept prototypes Understanding our customers’ needs Global Availability & Local Support Corporate Social Responsibility Global & local locations Ability to provide seamless global solutions Global application development Environmentally sustainable solutions Safety, health, environment and integrity Local community involvement

AMERICAS SABIC Innovative Plastics One Plastics Avenue Pittsfield, MA USA T Toll-free: ext.3 F Please Contact our Inside Sales Team or Your Commercial Representative For: Product guides Property datasheets Material Safety Datasheets Product specifications Product certification (SGS/UL) Material availability & lead-times Samples EMEA SABIC Innovative Plastics Plasticslaan 1 4612 PX Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands T F ASIA/PACIFIC SABIC Innovative Plastics Specialty Film & Sheet 1266 Nanjing Road (W) 16th Floor, Plaza 66 Shanghai China T F

18 We Look Forward To Serving Your Business!
FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PURCHASING Please contact SABIC’s authorized distributor Regal Graphics or SABIC. Regal Graphics Contact: Bill VanHorn Business Development Leader SABIC Commercial Contact: Jeff Bullett Film Sales Leader Specialty Film & Sheet We Look Forward To Serving Your Business!

19 DISCLAIMER THE MATERIALS, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OF SABIC INNOVATIVE PLASTICS HOLDING BV, ITS SUBSIDIARIES AND AFFILIATES (“SELLER”), ARE SOLD SUBJECT TO SELLER’S STANDARD CONDITIONS OF SALE, WHICH CAN BE FOUND AT . AND ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. ALTHOUGH ANY INFORMATION OR RECOMMENDATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS GIVEN IN GOOD FAITH, SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, (i) THAT THE RESULTS DESCRIBED HEREIN WILL BE OBTAINED UNDER END-USE CONDITIONS, OR (ii) AS TO THE EFFECTIVENESS OR SAFETY OF ANY DESIGN INCORPORATING SELLER’S PRODUCTS, SERVICES OR RECOMMENDATIONS. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED IN SELLER’S STANDARD CONDITIONS OF SALE, SELLER SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS RESULTING FROM ANY USE OF ITS PRODUCTS OR SERVICES DESCRIBED HEREIN. Each user is responsible for making its own determination as to the suitability of Seller’s products, services or recommendations for the user’s particular use through appropriate end-use testing and analysis. Nothing in any document or oral statement shall be deemed to alter or waive any provision of Seller’s Standard Conditions of Sale or this Disclaimer, unless it is specifically agreed to in a writing signed by Seller. No statement by Seller concerning a possible use of any product, service or design is intended, or should be construed, to grant any license under any patent or other intellectual property right of Seller or as a recommendation for the use of such product, service or design in a manner that infringes any patent or other intellectual property right. SABIC Innovative Plastics is a trademark of SABIC Europe Holdings BV * Trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP BV Lexan, Valox, Noryl and Ultem are trademarks of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP BV.

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