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EziLink RESULTS Training Session 1 – Show and Tell For the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

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1 eziLink RESULTS Training Session 1 – Show and Tell For the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

2 Overview of Session Part 1 – eziLink Overview Part 2 – Spatial Manipulation Part 3 – Editing an Existing XML Part 4 – Spatial Only Submissions

3 eziLink Overview Part 1

4 What is XML/GML XML – Extensible Markup Language GML – Geography Markup Language XML/GML – attribute and spatial data in a single file. XML Schema …

5 What is eziLink eziLink is a tool for development and electronic submission of XML/GML files. FTA RESULTS WASTE FSP LEXIS eziLink is not business tool eziLink Validation -> ESF Validation - > RESULTS entry.

6 Important Features and Tools Submission Wizard eziLink Submission Form Toolbar Add a Stocking Standards Amendment Adding Additional Opening Items Load Dataset WMS Layer Calculating Areas and Lengths Upload Submission and Get ESF Submission Status Project Directory User Manual

7 Submission Wizard eziLink link uses a submission wizard to assemble submission data Key features for the eziLink wizard Coordinate System – BC Albers ESF Submission Metadata and RESULTS Submission Metadata Key Selection Opening Tenure Key Opening ID Key Action Codes – Control whether you are inserting, updating, or amending an opening item. Forest Cover and Milestones do not have action codes. Add Tenure option – populates to multi tenure screen in RESULTS.

8 eziLink Submission Form Content Window Map Window Attribute Window Window Configuration Warning Symbol

9 Toolbar New Load Submission Generate PDF Upload Submission Search ESF Fence Zoom Previous Change Styles Zoom Pan MeasureUndoDrawing Toolbox Select Features Zoom to Full Extent Redo Output Window Get ESF Submission Status Save Open Load Dataset Zoom In/Out Feature Info Zoom Next View/Edit Attributes

10 Add a Stocking Standards Amendment Use this feature to add stocking standard details to a Silviculture Prescription open or to add an approved variation to the SSID in a Site Plan opening. To add right click on the applicable Stocking Standards node -> Add a Stocking Standards Amendment…

11 Adding Additional Opening Items Used to add multiple RESULTS submission types into one XML Right Click on the Opening node -> Add Opening Items…

12 Load Dataset Use either File -> Load Dataset, Load Dataset Button or Right Click on Working -> Load Data set. Used to load spatial files into eziLink. Shape file DGN

13 Add WMS Layer Allows the user to load, Ortho, Trim and various other WMS layers into eziLink. To add use either Layer -> Add WMS Layer… or right click on the Working category -> Add WMS Layer…

14 Calculating Areas and Lengths Use for calculating RESULTS polygon areas Tools -> Calculate Areas and Lengths

15 Upload Submission and Get ESF Submission Status When the XML is ready, it can be uploaded to the ESF through eziLink. Either by using the Upload button on the toolbar or file -> upload submission. Once the submission has been uploaded the ESF status can be checked using the Get ESF Submission Status… button or file - Get ESF Submission Status…

16 Project Directory Brings XMLs located in one folder into a project directory window. The user can use the project directory window to: Filter Submissions Batch upload Submissions View status of batch uploaded Submissions Accepted Submitted Rejected Not Submitted To open go to Project -> Open Project Directory…

17 User Manual Contains details on every feature of eziLink, as well as a detailed section on spatial data manipulation. Help -> User Manual…

18 Fields that will likely be Added to eziLink Planting Activities Inter-tree Spacing Min. Accept. Inter-tree Spacing Min. Accept. Density Request Key Bid Price Per Tree Survey Activities No. of Plots Min. Plots per Stratum

19 Questions Part 1

20 Spatial Manipulation Part 2

21 Drawing Toolbox Select Features Select Parts Select LineStrings Move Selected Items Draw Rectangle Draw Polygon Draw LineString Draw Point Insert Vertex Delete Vertex Move Vertex Snap Vertices Snap Vertices to Selected Vertex Split LineString Node LineStrings

22 Change Styles Right click on a spatial layer and select Change Styles to: Change colours Apply colour theming by attribute Apply labels by attribute Add decorations to line work (i.e. start and end arrows) Changing the styles of spatial layers can make them easier to distinguish in the map window.

23 Tools Menu Important Features: Union, Bisect and Combine Overlay Geometry Function - Uses various geometric functions to manipulate spatial Buffer Validate Selected Layers Many features in the Tools Menu can also be accessed by right clicking on the map window.

24 Copying and Pasting to eziLink Layers Turn off all working and eziLink Layers except the layer you want to copy from. Right Click on polygon in the map window, Select Copy. Right click on the opening item. Select Paste Selected Items. Remember to union if you have more than one feature that needs to be attached to one opening item.

25 Add New Layer Spatial editing should not be done on eziLink layers. Spatial editing in eziLink layers can cause the GML to become invalid. Editing should be done on working layers. Either the dataset that is loaded into the submission or by adding a new empty layer to the submission.

26 Questions Part 2

27 Editing an Existing XML Part 3

28 Editing an Existing XML You can use an existing XML as a template to another XML or help to speed up the data entry process. You may choose to edit an existing XML for: Forest Cover submissions where only a portion was surveyed or treated Speeding up creation of XMLs where the data is similar. Important! – Make sure to update the opening key info so that you dont update the wrong opening. Also make sure to update the spatial attached to the XML.

29 Questions Part 3

30 Spatial Only Submissions Part 4

31 Spatial Only Submissions Opening Definitions Disturbance Activities No spatial only submissions for Forest Cover Forest Cover updates must be full attribute and spatial updates as this is required for inventory updates via VRIMS

32 Questions Part 4

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