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Using Adobe Connect. Headsets First time Users link 7210/vqs-participants/ Audio Setup Wizard.

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1 Using Adobe Connect

2 Headsets First time Users link 7210/vqs-participants/ Audio Setup Wizard

3 Audio Setup Utility Open Meeting menu > Audio Setup Wizard

4 2. Participant List 4. Audio Controls 3. Text Chat 1. Tools 5. Whiteboard Tools 6. Activity Window 1a. Tools

5 If you want to use your Microphone Click Raise hand under the raised hand icon in the menu bar.

6 Welcome Using Adobe Connect Introductions Overview AZ Teach 21 Arizona Educational Technology Standards Grade Level Implementation Guide Arizona Technology Integration Matrix (AZ TIM) Registering on SIT site.

7 raise hand emoticons polling step away Image of Participant Window which shows the following areas: Permissions audio video chat application sharing whiteboard

8 Permission to use Chat Send a Text Message Public Private

9 Types Yes/No Multiple Choice Responses will appear in the Participants window if the moderator has chosen to show them.

10 Introductions Please tell us: your name where you teach what you teach one goal you have for completing AZ Teach 21

11 I am light with dark markings and smooth like a rock, where learning occurs, I help convey thought. What am I? Riddle Me

12 An Interactive Whiteboard

13 I am one of a group of nine. I have 6 sections and 12 subsections. I have very little pressure on me, but some of the other nine in my group have huge expectations and pressure. What am I?

14 Arizona Educational Technology Standards 2009

15 Know the AZ Ed Tech Standards 1st

16 What are some resources and tools available for AZ educators to meet the AZ Educational Technology standards? AZ Teach 21 Course AZ TIM Impleme ntation Guide

17 What is it? The Implementation Guide will show you not only the strands and POs, but also ideas on how they fit within your curriculum. Implementation Guide

18 Grade Level Implementation Guide The Team Developed by: a team of teachers from across Arizona range of grade levels and content areas librarians, administrators and technology coaches

19 Explanations of each strand Examples of application and integration

20 Grade Level Implementation Guide Select Word or PDF files to download


22 By Grade Level, Strand, Concept

23 Kindergarten sample

24 Grade 5 sample

25 High School sample

26 ulated_Grade_Level Locate your grade level Select a strand Find an example listed in the Grade Level Implementation Guide that could be integrated into something you are currently teaching or have taught this year. Select the check mark when you are ready.

27 Content instruction Educational Technology skills Differentiated instruction Vary presentation mode

28 Resource Guide Comprehensive document Search Strategies Key words Search by content areas in Curriculum Connections Match standard

29 Arizona Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)\

30 AZ Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) Produced by a team of Arizona teachers through the Arizona K-12 Center at Northern Arizona University Adapted from the Technology Integration Matrix produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology Funded by American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds administered by the Arizona Department of Education in addition to partial funding from the Arizona K-12 Center

31 The Matrix The matrix combines Five interdependent characteristics of meaningful learning environments active, collaborative, constructive, authentic, and goal directed with Five levels of technology integration: Entry, Adoption, Adaptation, Infusion, and Transformation Resulting in 25 cells of true classroom examples.

32 Technology in Action

33 Explore AZ TIM Select a cell youd like to view Click on that cell Select one of the two lessons displayed Note the location of the video (you can view it later) Scroll through the lesson below Select the check mark when you are ready

34 Joshua Briese Excelensia Elementary, Creighton, Maricopa Reed Brotherton Fowler Elementary District, Maricopa Stuart Charlip Desert Edge, Agua Fria, Maricopa Debra Cordero Congress Elementary, Congress, Yavapai Tracy Cornelius Combs HS, J O Combs, Pinal Jodie Dominguez Madison Rose Lane, Madison, Maricopa Deanna Fife Cross MS, Amphitheater, Pima Shelby Hobart retired Julia Howe Yuma Technology Consortium, Yuma Maureen Hrabar DeGrazia Elementary/Marana, Pima Scott Keller West Sedona Elementary, Sedona, Yavapai Sonja London-Hall Sinagua MS/Coconino HS, Flagstaff, Coconino Rebecca Love McClintock HS, Tempe, Maricopa Michelle Ravnikar Lake Havasu District, Mojave Patricia Roach Coconino HS, Flagstaff, Coconino Beth Sanborn Mt. Eldon MS, Flagstaff, Coconino Kim Thomas Madison District Office, Maricopa Mari Westerhausen Coronado Elementary, Higley, Maricopa Jannifer Wolfgramm Gilliland MS, Tempe, Maricopa



37 Click on start date and change to the start date of this class.

38 Click on the course code





43 Ready to Go Webinars as a digital tool AZ Teach 21 Grade Level Implementation Guide AZ TIM Questions ???

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