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How to Care For and Use the Microscope

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1 How to Care For and Use the Microscope
Microscopy How to Care For and Use the Microscope

2 Scope Compound Light Microscope

3 Parts of Scope Ocular (eyepiece) lens – closest to eye; 10X standard magnification Head – ocular lens inserted Arm – hold while carrying Mechanical stage – has window over which specimen is placed; holds down slide; knobs for moving slide back/forth, up/down Iris diaphragm – allows more or less light through specimen; acts like iris of eye Light knob – adjusts amount of light Light source – electrical light Course Adjustment knob – moves stage up and down to focus on specimen Fine Adjustment knob – minutely moves stage up and down for fine tuning or precise focusing Base – stand of scope Abbey Condenser – small lens below window of stage varies light; do NOT touch! Nosepiece – objectives attached; rotates objectives Objective lenses – 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X; lenses closest to object/specimen

4 Objective Lenses 4X – Scanning power; scans all of specimen
10X - Low power; see more detail than scanning but less of specimen 40X – High power; see much greater detail than low power but very little of specimen 100X – oil immersion lens; used with special oil; used in Microbiology

5 Total Magnification Ocular Lens X Objective lens
How much specimen is totally magnifided i.e. 10X x 40X = 400X total magnification – therefore the specimen is 400 times larger than originally

6 Focusing/Viewing Specimen
ALWAYS begin with 4X scanning power to position specimen properly in window Focus with course adjustment knob; fine tune with fine adjustment knob Carefully turn nose piece so that 10X is over specimen/window of stage. VERY carefully turn nose piece so that 40X is over specimen/window of stage. Focus with FINE ADJUSTMENT KNOB ONLY Course adjustment knob outer; fine adjustment knob inner Adjust light with light knob or iris lever accordingly

7 Transporting ALWAYS carry the microscope with BOTH hands; one under base, one holding arm Always return microscope to proper numbered slot in scope cabinet

8 Returning Scope Before returning the scope to the cabinet---
Clean all lenses Remove slide from stage Turn course focusing knob so that stage is at lowest point Rotate nose piece so that 4X objective over window Accordian the power cord and secure with velcro strip

9 Terms Parfocal – once a specimen is in focus on lower power then switching to next higher power, specimen should remain in focus Field of View – circle of light seen when looking through ocular lens. Working Distance – distance between bottom of objective lens and specimen Depth of Field – depth of specimen

10 Calming Frustrations Before using the microscope, ALWAYS clean the stage window, light source and most importantly ALL lenses and the slide. This will save tons of time!

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