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Welcome General Maintenance I, LLC & HiRise Service I, LLC

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1 Welcome General Maintenance I, LLC & HiRise Service I, LLC
We are the quality commercial janitorial, general handyman maintenance and window cleaning company in Arizona

2 COMPANY HISTORIES General Maintenance I, LLC was founded in 1992, the company currently provides commercial specialty cleaning services in Maricopa County, Arizona such as: commercial janitorial, general handyman maintenance, specialty hard surface floor care including tile, grout and carpet cleaning services, employee leasing, janitorial consulting and contract janitorial exterior / interior appearance, demolition, tenant improvements, and customer day porters. GM has assembled a staff of technicians, trained and supplied with the proper chemicals, whether including “green” and equipment, supplemental by pre – qualified supplies and subcontractors in order to perform those cleaning and maintenance projects that require professional expertise and sound judgment.

The company was originally founded because there was an unfilled need for a company offering more responsive and consistent maintenance, handyman and specialty cleaning services, one which viewed its business from the perspective of the customer rather than that of a contractor. This therefore became the fundamental premise in the establishment of General Maintenance I, LLC. HiRise Service I, LLC was created in early 90s and very quickly was cleaning most of the high rise buildings along Central Ave in Phoenix.. HiRise has expertise in cleaning or rigging the tallest buildings in Phoenix including all the sports arenas. HiRise owns their own staging and chair equipment.

4 CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE Robert M. Fitzgerald, Managing Member of both companies is experienced in supervisory and management positions in and out of the service contracting industry since This has enabled him to view the company’s service operations from a customer point of view. Bob Directs the day to day customer service, sales and operations, nightly Janitorial, daily window cleaning, sales, service requests, handyman service and pressure washing for both General Maintenance and HiRise Service through his two key Directors of Operations and night managers. Bob understands Customer Relationships, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Follow up and the unclutter layers of management directed at the customer and back at the vendor. Janitorial and maintenance related tasks should be understandable and uncomplicated. The job simply needs to get done when promised and completed to customers satisfaction for a fair price. Janitorial needs to be performed consistently and service requests or complaints taken care of the same day or night and communication loop closed with the original contact. Bob’s very successful past experience in the contract janitorial / window cleaning field in Indianapolis, several cities throughout Indiana, Cincinnati and Phoenix areas dictates his recommendations and behavior in Phoenix with General Maintenance and HiRise Service. Bob also worked for State of Indiana auditing the Clerk Treasuries on most of the Cities and towns.

5 Janitorial, leak testing, stadium cleaning and more
More to follow..

6 Distinguished by Its Commitment To…
Building customer relationships that last… Given the cost of acquiring new business, this is simply good economics –we understand that our role is to contribute to the success of our customers by becoming a valued team member – this means consistent and continuous servicing of the needs of the building occupants without the daily intervention of our customer. Taking the time to communicate with building occupants… The existence of specifications is necessary but hardly sufficient – building occupant satisfaction depends as much on the perception of cleanliness as on its absolute level – and the perception is based on responsiveness to a variety of factors that cannot be incorporated into the cleaning specification – we accomplish this through an on going program of occupant surveys. Providing its customers with a single source solution… To their cleaning and routine maintenance and supply requirements – achieving this through responsible employees, and supervision and management that anticipate the needs of a facilities occupants – maintaining a constant focus on our customers’ objectives for property appearance, occupant satisfaction, and asset preservation. Expecting – and getting – a high level of performance… From its employees – we have found this is a two way street – by committing ourselves to our employees’ success and well – being – by taking the time to be on the job with them, coaching, directing and monitoring – we are able to achieve levels of performance well above industry norms. Investing in quality supervision and management… The investment required is not just financial – and quality supervision is not a random event – our industry is not noted for effective supervision – the typical industry trained individual is burdened with negative and defeatist attitudes – and to introduce talented people from outside the industry to our business. Maintaining operating intensity over time… Not just during the first 60 to 90 days – this requires uncompromising discipline on the part of management – to continue to work at developing a quality crew in the face of substandard performance and turnover – and to maintain consistent communication with building occupants and customer representatives.

7 General Maintenance – Organization Structure
Professional Associates - The company has established relationships with respected local institutions and firms for the provision of essential professional services such as BOMA, Dun & Bradstreet, Better Business Bureau, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Small Business Association and North Phoenix Chamber if Commerce. Support Services – This is the function which provides both the customers and the company with the efficient supply and attractive pricing of chemicals, supplies, tools and equipment. It also serves as a qualified source for specialty and subcontracted services. Operations - Will be organized into three separate divisions, office, retail and industrial. In each subunit, there will be project managers for large and multi building accounts, area managers, and one or more supervisors dedicated to each building. Service Director – The functions grouped in this area are properly separated from day to day operations. It is important for the company to have an independent assessment of cleaning quality and customer satisfaction on a consistent, objective basis. This person is also best positioned to introduce the company to new customers. Personnel Director - Success in an industry, which experiences a high turnover, requires an informed, continuing presence in the labor market. The personnel position will provide a steady supply of pre – screened employees who have had an orientation on the company, their tasks, and the tools they will be using. General Administration – This function includes those business administration activities whose effective management is essential to the success of any business. The company has devoted considerable effort to the establishment of an integrated set of systems and controls, drawing upon the experience of its principals and its managers

8 Organization for a Customer Facility
Customized proposal and specifications – Upon request, the company prepares a comprehensive proposal tailored to the individual areas within the customer facility. The function of the specifications is primarily to establish a framework for the activity. Quality Control – Unannounced inspections of each service location is conducted on a regular basis. Made independent of the operations staff, these reports provide management with a consistent objective assessment of the quality of the cleaning activity. This information is shared with the customer, as specialized cleaning or repairs may be indicated or customer cooperation may be solicited in order to achieve a superior overall result. Performance Survey – The Company formally solicits feedback on its performance in such areas as building appearance, company responsiveness, crew courtesy and behavior and upcoming special events. Confidential performance survey form is personally introduced and mailed on a scheduled basis to selected customers. Service Meeting – Service meetings are scheduled on a regular basis, attended by the company Managing Member, General Manager, Operations broad based forum for communication. The purpose is to provide a consistent, broad based forum for communication. The agenda includes such topics as quality; supplies and services; security; periodic task requests and completion; maintenance; area recaps; and upcoming calendar of events for the facility. Management and Supervision To accommodate the shift preferences (part time, mini weeks, or full time) of its labor force, the company will assign one or more full time supervisors to each account. These will typically be working supervisors, whose task assignments will be scaled back in proportion to the size of their crew and the complexity of the program. To allow adequate time for coaching and inspecting, the maximum span of control for the supervisor will be six workers. The Supervisors will report to a project or area manager (or a project supervisor on larger accounts).

9 Organization for a Customer Facility Cont..
Uniforms All hourly personnel are attired in uniforms acquired and maintained by the employee with funds provided by the company. The uniform is a quality blues shirt or apron for employee visibility. Salaried managers and supervisors will be attired in white golf shirts or denim shirts. The uniforms allow ready identification of the company’s employees while on the premises and contribute to a sense of teamwork on the part of the crew. Property Appearance / Material and Supplies The company believes that the foundation of top quality service to the customer’s facility lies in a persistent commitment to the cleanliness and organization of its appearance. This is a primary responsibility of the supervisor. The company’s standards cover proper equipment maintenance, and care of tools. Tenant Surveys In the process of inspecting the premises, the area or project manager conducts regular surveys of the tenants of the facility. The assistance of customer representatives is sought to identify the key contact(s) in each area. In the process they discover the special concerns of the individual occupants, and are able to exert extra care in the case of special events. The company also provides information pertaining to additional cleaning services which available (upon request) at attractive prices and with minimal coordination required on the part of the tenant.

10 General Maintenance I, LLC – HiRise Service I, LLC
Thank you for viewing. Contact us at: General Maintenance I, LLC and HiRise Services Office: Fax: W. Thomas Rd. Suite # 1001 Phoenix, Arizona Fred Aja - Operations Director Robert M. Fitzgerald - Managing Member Customer Service or

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