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Proprietary © ARRAY Development 2001-02 Slide 1 of 14 Contract*Admin GOL Client Departments PWGSC Systems Contract.

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1 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 1 of 14 Contract*Admin GOL Client Departments PWGSC Systems Contract Service Administration System (Contract*Admin)

2 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 2 of 14 Contract*Admin l GOL/IT/IM/ services below NAFTA ($84.4k and more?) l Conceptualizing thru prototyping (in line with GOL) l Focus on PROJECT SUCCESS! u No paper pushing for GOL (exception: statutory documents) u Simplification of redundant information u Pragmatic Highest Common Denominator approach for numerous complex stovepipe processes u Rapid approval cycle (from months to days) u Enhanced control, risk management, reporting and audit trail u Departmental materiel, financial and IT management fully in control u Manages executive commitment Contract*Admin: Business Reengineering

3 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 3 of 14 Contract*Admin Originator (Initial Request) Deptml Approval Committee (if reqd) Online? Signing Authority = Project Sponsor (Sr. Official Exec. commitment required by EMF!) Specialized technical authorities (db, hosting, etc.) PWGSC IPS Marketplace or BO&CTS RFP Approval Form Security Authorization Auditors Project Manager Contract*Admin Principal User! Project Charter Contract*Admin Financial = Budget Approval Procurement = Contracting Authority Service Contract ??? Vendor(s) Approval Authority = Project Leader (Fin. commitment committing the funds) Contract*Admin: Cooperating Partners

4 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 4 of 14 Contract*Admin l TBS Project Charter + Statement of Work! l TBS Enhanced Framework for the Management of IT Projects (EMF), incl. Risk Management Implementation Strategy l GOL/IM/IT Contract Service Acquisition Request l IPS Mandatory Evaluation Procedures/Vendor Selection l IPS Marketplace Approval Form l IPS Contract Service RFP l Security Authorization or Notification Request l GOL/IM/IT Service Contract (Departments'+IPS+ BO&CTS) l Cumulative Reporting for all participants l User Profiles, Contract Service Amendments/Tracking Inquiries, Invoice Approval Reengineering Stovepipe Processes/Forms

5 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 5 of 14 Contract*Admin l Ubiquitous u Full compliance with TBS IT Platform requirements u W2k u Perl u.asp u Page style templates l SMTP-compatible mail server u Compliant with STD0010 u RFC821, RFC1651, RFC1869, RFC1870 Software Platform

6 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 6 of 14 Contract*Admin l XML u xHTML u Backward compatible with older browsers u Potential for structuring every field u i.e., transparent interface with departmental and suppliers procurement systems l SQL engine u MS Access u Implemented as ODBC/SQL compliant database u Upgradable to Oracle Software Platform (con's)

7 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 7 of 14 Contract*Admin l No installation on a desktop u Any browser u Any client l Rich, fully interactive Web site u Mailing list u Stats, Search engine, Guestbook, etc., etc l Workflow engine l Policy shell u AI smarts if required to deliver policy u Full expert system shell can be built in Software Platform (con's)

8 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 8 of 14 Contract*Admin l Smart forms u Always change in context, workflow defined u Little writing in u Input field integrity checking, precise error messages u Integrated window warnings and password requests u Precise label links to the help file (Help in context) u Displays only relevant input/output fields u Always Web page acknowledgement at the end u acknowledgements after update sent to the originator and recipients in context u notifications in advance (i.e., to request updates) Software Platform (con's)

9 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 9 of 14 Contract*Admin PWGSC IPS Marketplace or BO&CTS Server Contract*Admin Server Internet Departmental users Vendors Audit Trail databases Client and Transaction databases Contract*Admin Administrator (Setup/modify corporate clients, authorizations and policy) System Architecture

10 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 10 of 14 Contract*Admin l Enhanced inherently secure processes u intranet solution u Reporting relationships built in u approval notification/confirmations for every business cycle u Paper trail for all signed documents (possibly post transactional) l Built in User preferences/Feedback u Exception Management u Service Quality Evaluations user feedback for every transaction u Copy Contract Service Acquisition Request or Service Contract u Archives, Transaction Logs Business Platform

11 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 11 of 14 Contract*Admin l Increased Admin Productivity u Transactional Delivery of Admin Services (iCompliance) u Utilizes best government practices and reduces risk u User friendly, no training l Enhanced controls u Integrated TBS/PWGSC/IPS/BO&CTS/Departments policies and expertise - on a transactional level u Central reporting u Identifying exceptions u Countrywide and worldwide reach u Secure Advantages

12 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 12 of 14 Contract*Admin l Savings u Consistent with GOL technology platform - no LAN installation u Low cost per online transactions and maintenance u Payback on the 1st or 2nd project - immediate ROI! l Customizable u Addresses Departments unique requirements u ERP off-ramps (in line with 30% of ERP implementations) l Consistent with suppliers operations thru Internet u Enabler for the industry to deal with the Government clients Advantages (con's)

13 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 13 of 14 Contract*Admin l Integrate interfaces to PWGSC Business Opportunity & Contract Tracking System (BO&CTS) and IPS Marketplace l Procurement policy expert system shell l Approval Committee online l More comprehensive Project Charter and risk management expertise l Procurement Systems u Optional customization modules for direct access to Departmental Procurement Systems l Financial Systems u Modules for direct access to Financial Systems u e.g. SAP ( longer SAP or nothing...), ACCPAC, FreeBalance l Comprehensive Reporting l Security authorization management process Future Customization Options

14 Proprietary © ARRAY Development Slide 14 of 14 Contract*Admin GOL Client Departments PWGSC Systems Contract Service Administration System (Contract*Admin) For more information: Web or

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