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We believe that the employee is not a mere input of production

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1 We believe that... ... the employee is not a mere input of production
but a real strategic resource whose loyalty is to be gained and preserved. Next End

2 We believe that... ... it is getting more and more difficult
to secure personnel loyalty. Back Next End

3 We believe that... ... an effective personnel selection is essential
to decrease the risk of turnover. Back Next End

4 CVweb Unlimited The leading online solution to personnel recruitment
Back Next End

5 to personnel recruitment
The latest solution to personnel recruitment CVweb is a software application that allows vacancies to be shown on the company internet site… online applications to be collected in one database... …and the whole process of personnel selection to be managed in a well-organized and user-friendly way. Back Next End

6 Main functions Back Next End
definition of job profiles by specifying required skills, knowledge, education and working experience definition of different selection processes according to the vacancy type and/or job profile vacancies posting on the company web site, and optionally on Cesop Job Portals online application form endowed with photographs and attachments centralized database of job applications coming from all corporate and external web sites auto-responding on each candidate application applicants login to update their CV data list filtering, Advanced search, Attachment search and Active search, using multiple criteria on resumés CVs classification according to the latest occurred selection step and suitability for one/more job profiles tracking of candidate history, including all events occurred during selection management of recruitment life-cycle, from personnel requests by Line Managers to authorisation by Directors, up to planning and execution of interviews/evaluation tests agenda “mail-merge” and automated reminders sent to users or applicants, related to particular events onboarding data management and automated drafting of employment letters easy integration with payroll or any other ERP/HRIS system (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft) standard reporting on recruiting campaigns custom reporting by means of statistics, tabular data and metrics Italian Privacy Law certification and compliancy with Security Standards additional utilities include: > data import from/export to MS Excel or CSV > customised layout of any element for printing or MS Word > merging of potential homonyms or duplicated resumés Back Next End

7 Example of selection workflow on CVweb
Mr. Hardy (Line Manager) needs a new skilled technician for his Production Line He enters a requisition for the job profile needed and may also specify additional requirements to the profile main features Back Next End

8 Example of selection workflow on CVweb
The Line Director or the HR Manager are notified by about the new requisition and the authorisation process can be started Mr. Hardy’s requisition has been authorised: it becomes available as a new assignment for the Human Resources department Back Next End

9 Example of selection workflow on CVweb
The HR department deals with authorised requisitions and: they create a new Recruiting Campaign for the required profile or associate the requisition to an already existing Campaign they define the selection standard process according to the vacancy type and/or job profile (assessment, psychological test, Line Manager interview, etc.) they can filter and search resumés according to the the job profile criteria and any additional requirements listed by Mr. Hardy they can classify screened CVs according to their features and/or the selection step they take on Back Next End

10 Example of selection workflow on CVweb
In the event that only a few suitable CVs are found in the pool, recruiters can: place the vacancy advert on the company web site forward the vacancy and place it on Cesop Job Portals or any other career site, tracking whenever a resumé comes from these external sites turn a tailor-made “Active search” on, so as to be informed when new suitable CVs are found eventually place job advertising on newspapers, inviting to apply on the company web site Back Next End

11 Example of selection workflow on CVweb
Applicants can find the company vacancies on: the company internet site Portal any other Career sites newspaper advertisements In all cases candidates are invited to send their CV online, using the application form on the company web site. Once the application form has been submitted, the applicant receives an automatic welcome , including his own registration credentials. From this moment on, applicants can freely update their online resumé using a personal account and password. Applicants unable to apply online can eventually send their CVs by ordinary mail; the system includes a “quick dataentry” window for offline resumés. Back Next End

12 Example of selection workflow on CVweb
When candidates matching “Active Search” apply, recruiters are automatically notified by . Moreover, new resumés can be ranked according to specific pre-defined screening rules. An advanced, graphical search tools suite helps recruiters mine the candidate pool for precise matches. A fully configurable, intuitive screening mask speeds selection of suitable candidates to be interviewed. Easy-to-use communication tools help recruiters keep in touch with candidates, from the moment of first phone call, to all following interview invitations, and each evaluator can easily find his own calendar of interviews, always up to date. Ad hoc automated notifications can be activated to remind users of next deadlines or to disclose interview outcomes to candidate. Back Next End

13 Example of selection workflow on CVweb
Once recruiters have identify suitable candidates, they can schedule test and interviews, for Evaluators. Evaluators check the agenda and interview the candidates as scheduled. Additional documents, just like tests outcome or evaluation, can be optionally attached to the resumé – they can be processed by CVweb search engine. During interview processing, by giving each candidate a specific evaluation, recruiters immediately share the selection outcomes with all colleagues working on the same assignment. Back Next End

14 Example of selection workflow on CVweb
HR users supervise all running selection processes, and check interviews outcomes. The system automatically draws the list of all interviewed candidates and enables users to seamlessly send s – including the interview outcome or an invitation to the next step. When the selections is over HR users can: set as unsuitable the candidates not fitting the vacancy requirements, set as rejected those not meeting the company job profiles, choose the best candidate to fill the vacancy and get Line Manager approval, proceed with the hiring proposal and, upon agreement, fill in the onboarding module – including employee identification number, benefit packages, and similar information. Mr. Hardy has found the technician he needed! Back Next End

15 Example of selection workflow on CVweb
It is possible to easily customize CVweb onboarding module in order to export/import data to a payroll tool. From all selection data, CVweb can compute statistics including source efficiency, test proficiency, time to hire and more (eg. CV grouping by education, age, application dates, etc.). In order to easily track recruiting effectiveness on a daily basis, the Analytics dashboards put all necessary key metrics right at your fingertips. CVweb allows to define custom Statistics according to the customer needs. Back Next End

16 Software custom configuration
Definition of application form fields The online application form can be fully customized, according to the company preferences. Every single field included in the online form will be part of the Advanced Search tool. Moreover, all front-end web pages will be built according to the company graphics, so that the employer brand look & feel will be followed. Definition of Domains and related items Through the “Domains Definition” window, company users can update all the system menu items (qualifications, skills, status, company areas, profiles, etc.). This means they have complete control on all this information that can be searched by the query modules. Back Next End

17 Software custom configuration
Definition of Users’ Roles and Grants The system allows users to log in with different roles, according to their relevant assignments. For each user role it is possible to define which module are accessible. The grants dashboards allows the company users to specify how each employment can be accessed (in terms of viewing, editing, deleting, printing etc.). Back Next End

18 Software custom configuration
Users and relevant permissions Being connected to a specific User Role, each user inherits relevant permissions. In order to allow different users belonging to the same role to see and work different sets of data, the administrator can set specific user restrictions (eg. every Evaluator can only see interviews he has been appointed for). Back Next End

19 Software custom configuration
Users Options setting Each single user can choose his own favourite settings in order to correctly see and edit date, timetable and number fields format. Back Next End

20 Software custom configuration
Test/ interview types and relevant outcomes The system ‘Test Types’ module allows to define test types included in the recruitment process. Of course, the system is built in order to accept that each vacancy can include a range of interview different from another. Test types can be customized and they are typically chosen from interview such as: assessments, individual interviews, personality tests, etc. and every interview can eventually be endowed with evaluation grids. For each type of test it is possible to indicate an estimated cost. Every field incluced in the interview window can be used in the Advanced Search dashboard.  Back Next End

21 Software custom configuration
Definition of job profiles and relevant requirements Through a precise definition of company job profiles and their relevant required skills (knowledge, capacity, certifications) every resumé registered in the pool can be automatically screened and eventually ranked. Job profiles are the very fundamental element of Requisitions and Recruiting Campaigns; each opening is based on one single profile and, to help fulfillment, the system automatically generate an advanced search including its requirements. Once the profile requirements have been defined and compared with those ascertained by tests and interviews, a standard selection process can be automatically defined, so that it can be followed each time a recruitment is carried out for that particular position. Back Next End

22 Streamlined search process
Management of Personnel Requisitions Line Managers can directly, easily and quickly espress their needs for personnel. By managing their Requisitions on the system, all other company users will be at once informed about the new openings and will be kept updated about the relevant authorisation. Back Next End

23 Streamlined search process
Requisition authorisation and subsequent treatment by HR A Requisition can start a recruiting process only if the HR Manager or the relevant Business Line Director, authorise it. By logging in the application with their own credentials, Dicrecotrs will be enabled to see only those Requisitions they need to process. Once the Requisition has been authorized, HR user will be able to activate a new Recruiting Campaign to find the suitable candidate; a single Recruiting Campaign can be associated to many Requisitions, if they all are based on the same job profile. The system automatically counts how many openings are still to be fulfilled for each single Campaign. Back Next End

24 Easily source candidates
Management of Recruiting Campaigns Since the Recruiting Campaign is based on a job profile, it automatically contains both a Query designed to find candidates compliant with the opening requirements and a standard Selection process, made by all test types set for that specific profile. Both the process and the query are inherited from the profile, but can be fully customized at any time. Back Next End

25 Easily source candidates
Recruiting Campaign Query editing A special link allows users to edit the Query associated to the Recruiting Campaign (is visualized (inherited from the job profile). Since the Campaign can be used to process many different Requisitions (based on the same profile), recruiters can freely edit the query and add further search conditions, according to needs. The "Active Search“ option allows to set a Search agent that will collect, in a specific window, the newly recorded resumés, responding to the search criteria. Back Next End

26 Easily source candidates
Posting of Job Advertisement Each Recruiting Campaign is endowed with a specific advertisement. By clicking the “Job Posting” check-button, the new advert immediately appears on the Job Posting web page of the company internet site. Each Job Posting keeps posted on the company web site for the the period of time specified in its Campaign. The advert Job Title and Job Description are managed by company users, who can also apply special formatting. According to the company needs, each advertisement can be posted both on the Internet and on the Intranet side, so that employee can apply as well as external candidates. Applicants can send their resumé for one or more job posting at the same time, if wished, by clicking the corresponding check-button among those in the online list. Back Next End

27 Easily source candidates
Job Posting on Cesop Career Portals Job advertisement can also be copied and quickly published also on Cesop Job Portals: The ownership of all visualized marks belongs to their respective companies. Back Next End

28 Easily source candidates
Resumé collection through the online application form The online application form, available on the company web site, allows candidates to fill in all necessary data concerning personal details, work experience, qualification, skills, working expectations and availability. Just before sending their résume, applicants can read the company privacy policy and agree on their personal data treatment. The resumé becomes part of the candidates pool only if all compulsory data have been specified. A check on duplicates is automatically made, so that users can easily find all potential homonyms. Backend users can add a new resumé to the database, by using a quick resumé dataentry dashboard. An advanced document management feature allows to attach external files to the resumé, and subsequently to lanuch searches on their content. Back Next End

29 Standardised selection flow
Active Search outcome When activated, the “Active Search” window shows any Resumé newly entered in the pool matching the desired search criteria. After screening, the CVs fulfilling a requisition can be collected in the corresponding Campaign. Using the action "Add candidate to Campaign”, indeed, it is possible to start the selection for that candidate. Back Next End

30 Standardised selection flow
Recruiting Campaign management For each Campagin a test path can be specified. The system automatically creates all tests to be done according to the test path specified, for all candidates added to the Campaign. Eventually, tests outside the specified path can be added to specific candidates, if needed. . Back Next End

31 Standardised selection flow
Evaluation Interviews/Tests planning A specific dashboard inside the Campaign contains the "Candidates Tests“ and allow users to manage interviews planning and outcomes. Any time an interview is planned, the system automatically updates a calendar so that any evaluator or recruiter can easily find the planned test in their respective agenda. Back Next End

32 Standardised selection flow
Test ‘to do’ list A specific dashboard called “Tests ‘To Do’ List” allows to see the list of all scheduled tests. This window works as a sort of “agenda” and is generated automatically according to the selection procedures included in all Recruiting Campaigns. This list of planned tests also help users to eventually send an reminder to the candidates to be interviewed, as a confirmation of the appointment set. Backend users can check the messages sent to candidates opening the ‘sent mail’ dashboard. Back Next End

33 Standardised selection flow
Evaluation outcomes For each test, every recruiter can enter the outcome together with textual comments about the interviewed candidate. It is also possible to add evaluation grids to each test type. Back Next End

34 Standardised selection flow
Selection flow monitoring From each Recruiting Campaigns users can share and monitor the course and outcome of the various tests in real time. The system automatically updated the list of those candidates “to be contacted" after interviews. This dashboard allows users to see suitable and unsuitable candidates, to filter them by interview type, and to activate the relevant mail-merge template in order to give candidates a reply by letter/ . Back Next End

35 Automated Hiring process
Candidate suitability and hiring At the end of the selection process, it is possible to set on each single candidate resumé: - suitability for the job profile requisitions, corresponding to the vacancy under treatment the status ‘to be hired’ onboarding details (e.g employment agreement, details concerning salary, benefits packages, etc)  During each phase of the selection process it is also possible to reject a candidate; this action disregards the ongoing selection process and automatically moves the candidate resumé in a special dashboard so that it can’t be treated for next selections. When candidate status is changed to ‘hired’, throughout a scheduled procedure it is possible to automatically transfer candidate´s data (both personal data and evaluations) into any other external ERP/HRIS systems (e.g.:SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc.). Back Next End

36 Automated Hiring process
Reporting and analytics With CVweb standard and ad hoc reporting, everything you need to manage a world-class recruiting organization is immediatly available and MS Excel compatible. It is possible to develop metrics which track resumé information (age, gender, degree of study, source of application, place of living), or show selection interviews types and outcomes, and even include hiring parameters (e.g.: cost of each hiring). The system can also compile a report including the whole table of Requisition to be treated, selection steps taken and average time from the very beginning of the search to the hiring of the chosen candidate. Analytics are either connected to Recruiting Campaigns, where special links can be activated, or summarized in a separated dashboard. Each report includes a list of initial fields to be used as parameters in order to obtain aggregate data according to different views. For further processing each report can be exported to MS Excel format. Back Next End

37 Advanced Search Suite Back Next End
Further details on the Search Suite The dynamic search capability in CVweb allows users to quickly locate any information stored in the database. Through the Advanced Search, it is possible to run customized complex queries, based on Boolean parameters AND and OR. Any line is a condition included in the Search, and by clicking the right check-box it is possible to enable or disable the given condition and thus filter resumés in different ways always using the same query. Queries can be: defined using keyword search in the free text fields(e.g. parameter ‘Like’ something) executed on resumé status saved and recalled for further use, and shared with other users (e.g. users can duplicate a Search) set as an “active search” agent in order to receive immediate notification of target resumés newly entered. Back Next End

38 Advanced Search Suite Back Next End Attachment Search
The Attachemnt Search dashboard allows users to run queries files attached to resumés (this search can be used on all kinds of file granted by MS Index Server). Back Next End

39 Automated communication tools
sending and automated notifications The mail-merge mechanism included in the software allows to automatically or manually send communications either to backend users or to candidates. Mailing can be activated from both list environments (e.g. list of CVs) and detailed views (e.g. from the Hiring form, to produce the employment letter ). It is possible either to produce letters or to send s, as needed. All messages sent to candidates are stored in a ‘sent mail’ dashboard. Back Next End

40 Why CVweb? because it has been developed using the latest web-based technology, it can be deployed effortlessly, either on your own PC or on a business server - it is easy to install, CVweb allows you to get up and running quickly (5-7 days) because it is the affordable alternative to expensive systems that require long implementation times, or to those ready-made systems that force you to fit into their processes because it has been designed for small to large sized employers that want to manage their recruitment information more effectively, by automating the entire recruiting process from the job requisition to fully productive employee because the software is packed with features to make daily work of the HR department easier, helping them to manage recuiting data, track important dates and ensure information is completely up to date and shared by the team because CVweb screens and dashboards are very intuitive and easy to navigate, even for the non-technical user because CVweb reduces advertising and agency fees and turns recruiting into a key competency for your organisation, making HR completely independent from IT dept. support because it can be used in different location by several different users at the same time, without any need of technical installation. Company users can access their account from anywhere they have Internet access Back Next End

41 Greater efficiency Back Next End Decrease in time and costs
it makes your recruiting efforgs more streamlined so that you can focus your valuable time and energy elswere – it boasts the most automated back-end processess, plus parallel request processing and real-time result delivery it meets resumé screening needs to reduce additional costs for CV management through the “Analytics“ dashboard you can view in-progress reports, featuring instant status and live updates, at anytime during the process. The suite of reports are wizard-driven, can be edited or exported to MS Excel for further treatment the use of CVweb has proven to reduce the Time-to-Hire and recruiting costs Considerable decrease of paper use CVweb comes with a powerful database allowing you to store a comprehensive range of data, including sourcing, recruitment, employee and organisation it includes pre-defined screening processes to automate your most common HR tasks, reducing duplication of effort and minimising data entry paper resumés or evaluation can be scanned and converted into files to be attached – all files are searchable CVweb help drafting hiring proposal or any other official document Back Next End

42 Faster results Back Next End Acquisition of target resumés
candidates have the possibility to enter data which are of interest for the company and can apply online according to the company current job postings, from any web site used for advertising searching in just one database you confidently and quickly identify the right person for each job, by ensuring you have the most accurate and thorough information available about your candidates, in the fastest time possibile. Better organization and efficiency CVweb enhances the development of a supportive, collaborative environment in the HR area the system automatically sends notifications directly to users in order to notify newly entered target resumés, new incoming tasks, authorisation request or confirmation, etc. Decrease screening efforts the Advanced Search tool suite allows resumés filtering according to those requirements necessary to take part in the selection process the system powerful technology automates the most common HR processes ensuring data accuracy. From the system dashboards your managers and workforce keep control on the recruitment workflow it is possible to load existing HR data quickly from a spreadsheet through the Advanced Import dashboard Back Next End

43 Better solutions Back Next End Less administration, more Recruitment
CVweb consolidates all recruitment actions into a unified workflow CVweb helps you determine the best candidate sources and measure process improvements it maximizes effectiveness with easy-to-understand reports that are accurate and thorough Better job posting at lower costs enhancement of the job posting section of the company web site through a policy aimed at orienting candidates towards the Recruiting/Job Posting web pages and web promotions of the service Positive marketing effect the opportunity offered by CVweb to the candidates produces a positive marketing effect on them and on the market in general; it qualifies the company showing a particular interest in human capital besides being a recruiting instrument, job offers become an opportunity to improve communication and favour interaction between the candidates and the company – automated mailing functions area guarantee that all the candidates will receive a reply custom, multi-language career sites semlessly communicate a consistent employment brand Back Next End

44 Unparalleled innovation
Autonomy of the Personnel Area job opportunities can be shown on the website Job Posting section in real time without the involvement of the company IT dept. through an innovative operative function, available to the system administration, it is possible to customize the application form layout (screen information, visibility of fields, captions and list of values, etc.) Data security and system reliability CVweb is committed to maintaining stringent data security to ensure that client data is kept safe and secure the range of services we provide are accredited by privacy standards – privacy and security are top priorities to both customers and candidates the system is technologically advanced and highly scalable for ASP use (Application Service Provider), the most advanced data security technologies and practices have been employed R&D the new “CVweb Next” release will be soon introduced into the market, leveraging the power of the .NET platform, Ajax technologies and web services Back Next End

45 CVweb Next Back End The new release preview
A different dashboard, endowed with Advanced Search facilities and in-line editing, will help company users in turning initial contacts into favorable results. It’s a new software solution allowing you to get from start to finish, supporting all of the steps along the way and making your workforce even more productive. Back End

46 Online application form
System architecture Front End pages integrated in the company web site Back End (protected) Job Posting list Adverts can be easily placed on other Job Portals Requisitions and Recruiting Campaigns management, Resumés pool, Interview planning, Analytics, Advanced Search suite Online application form CVweb Web Server SMTP Business Intelligence Business Logic Web Services Automated welcome is sent to the candidate on receipt of his resumé Company Users: end users access the database via a simple Internet connection (Internet Explorer browser). No additional software is required. CVweb DBMS Back Next End

47 Technical requirements
Web Server requirements Windows Server 2003 Web or Enterprise Edition IIS 6.0/7.0 .NET Microsoft Index Server Regional Settings format: hh:mm:ss SMTP (IIS) Database Server SQLServer 2005 Client CVweb end user access the application via Internet Explorer 8.0 or Firefox 3.5 The Online application form and Job posting pages support the following browsers: Internet explorer 5.0 or more Firefox 2.0 or more Back Next End

48 Technical requirements
Security CVweb security policies are based on: possibility to have empty passwords or not expiration of users´passwords expiration of users´accounts setting of a minimum number for password letters compilation of a log file tracking the main operations carried out by users possibility to access the application through just one session at a time or not As for the the safety of the HTTP channel, it is possible to introduce a digital certificate allowing a HTTPS link between the server and the CVweb Full Internet end users. Scalability The system based on HTML is almost completely stateless (cookies are maintained on the various clients which are eliminated by closing the browser) and guarantees high scalability. Management of attachments Attachments are sent by the client to the server through HTTP and kept inside a server folder. URL addressing All CVweb pages are URL addressable, so they can be added to end users Bookmarks or Favorite pages in order to be more easily accessible. Back Next End

49 Product support Back Next End Service Training
CVweb service team is comprised of recruitment software professionals, skilled at requirements gathering, system configuration, change management and industry best-practices. They work with you to adapt both the product and processes to ensure that you meet your goals and deadlines. CVweb maintains an extraordinary system uptime and our support team is accessible by telephone, , and internet to assist with both technical and/or procedural issues. Any upgrades of CVweb software released whilst you are using the software are provided to customers at no extra cost, are remotely installed in the moment the client prefers and generally include the introduction of new features. Training We offer a range of on-site training courses, eventually focused on specific areas of functionality, so if all you need to know is how to post and advertisement then that is all you cover in the session. Users are typically trained and able to use the system within hours. Our sophisticated training capabilities enable our customers to seamlessly and quickly launch the system on a national and internationa basis throughout their organizations. Help desk support is included in the usage fee that you pay to use CVweb software. You can notify helpdesk incidents and have these resolved by our experienced helpdesk team. You also have unlimited access to the comprehensive online user guide, covering every aspect of the software. CVweb team also provde consulting and implementation service at your location. Back Next End

50 About CVweb Back Next End
CVweb is offered in four subscription packages and provides a value-for-money e-recruitment solutions that are quick and easy to install, and is straighforward to use. For more information about CVweb, please visit Please contact our customer service team for any additional need Back Next End

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