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April, 23 2012 Version A Royal Government of Cambodia Ministry of Public Works and Transport Proposed Mr. SRUN SILINE.

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1 April, 23 2012 Version A Royal Government of Cambodia Ministry of Public Works and Transport Proposed Mr. SRUN SILINE

2 IT Platform Includes a hardware architecture and a software framework (including application frameworks), where the combination allows software, particularly application software, to run. Expand your business to the cloud Automated systemE-DocumentationFast and System validationAlert system

3 Single Window


5 The information flow without single window environment Carrier Registration or Applying Form

6 At the Check in Point Carrier

7 The information flow with single window environment

8 Extracted from United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)/Recommendation Number 33 on establishing a Single Window

9 a) A Single Authority That receives information, either on paper or electronically, distribute this information to all relevant governmental authorities. For example, in the Swedish Single Window, Customs performs selected tasks on behalf of some authorities.

10 b) A Single Automated System collection and dissemination of information (either public or private) that integrates the electronic collection, use, and dissemination (and storage) of data related to trade that crosses the border. For example, the United States has established a program that allows traders to submit standard data only once and the system processes and distributes the data to the agencies that have an interest in the transaction

11 Integrated System: Data is processed through the system

12 ii. Interfaced System (decentralized): Data is sent to the agency for processing iii. A combination of i and ii.

13 c) An automated Information Transaction System Carrier can submit electronic trade declarations to the various authorities for processing and approval in a single application. In this approach, approvals are transmitted electronically from governmental authorities to the traders computer. in the Singaporean system, fees, taxes and duties are computed automatically and deducted from the traders' bank accounts.


15 The Proposed Model (Mix It Up!)

16 Steps for IT Platform base on Single Window Define the problem Process Analysis Define the common way between both countries National IT plat form Cross (and Within) Border Data Exchange IT Platform base on Single window


18 The Layout Plan of CBF

19 Network Infrastructure(Cambodia)


21 Network Diagram of Immigration Building


23 Network Diagram of CCA –Main Building


25 Network Diagram of Admin. Building




29 Database Management system It should be the integrated systems of Transport management system, Trade system, System for Custom, and immigration system.

30 Transport management system


32 Conclusion Using ICT flat form based on Single Window can reduce export & import time as well as the way to reduce cost and increase responsiveness in trade. It has potential in controlling, managing, of transport operation such as applying document, registration certificate, exchange information with other parties. Especially, its can store data in the computer system.

33 Recommendation Clarify the needs and requirements of the system Establish a Project Management Team made up of senior representatives of the key agencies who will be directly involved in implementing and utilizing the Single Window Compromise the difficulty of staffs in using the system, and carriers/stakeholders in receiving the service Set up MOU of exchange information and documents

34 Recommendation (cont.) Set up meetings for both parties, Cambodian and Vietnamese, to find out the common way to implement IT platform base on single window Set up a standardized data among both countries

35 Recommendation (cont.) How to simplify and harmonize documents and procedures How to set up a procedure for processing documents between the countries How to exchange information and documents securely How to deal with social and environmental issues

36 Recommendation (cont.) For the recommendation above it is just only one part in implementation IT platform for CBTF. To make it smooth and secured in processing or actual working, there should be a transport specialist to compromise the whole work structure in trading among cross- borders.


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