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ELABORADO POR: Ing. Edson Rodríguez

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1 ELABORADO POR: Ing. Edson Rodríguez

2 Objetivos Interpretar Correctamente oraciones en presesnte dentro de la funcion retorica Ejercitar capacidad de escucha Elaborar un reporte informativo, atraves de bosquejos y esquemas

3 Comparacion Contraste Descripcion del Proceso
Contents Comparacion Contraste 1 Descripcion Fisica 2 Descripcion del Proceso 3 Conclusiones 4 Rodriguez Solórzano

4 Bibliografia English for carreers Eugene Hall English grammar book
Civil engineer dictionary Apuntes en clase

5 Parts of a speech Noun Pronoun Verb Preposition Article Adjective Adverb

6 Books are made of ink and paper Book is the noun
He waits patienlly while she books the tickets She is the subject and book is a verb Company Logo

7 Estructura de una oracion
A sentence is a grammatical unit that is composed of one or more clauses Company Logo

8 Adjectives They are words that describe or modify another person or thig in a sentence The blue car is toyota That car is blue Company Logo

9 Comparisons It shows how 2 subjects are similar
The quality of being similar or equivalent Company Logo

10 Degree of Adjectives Positive Rich Beautiful Cheap Comparative Richer
More beautiful Cheaper Superlative Richest Most beautiful Cheapest Company Logo

11 Order of adjectives Value/opinion Size Age/temperature Shape Color
Origin Material Company Logo

12 Value/opinion Delicious Lovely Charming Great Incredible Awesome
wonderful Company Logo

13 Size Small Big huge Tiny Medium Large
Company Logo

14 Age/temperature Old New Young Hot Cold Chilli Warm Cool
Company Logo

15 Shape Round Square rectangle Company Logo

16 Color Red White Blue Green Purple Yellow Orange Black
Company Logo

17 Origin Swedish Chinese Company Logo

18 Material Plastic Wooden Silver Golden Silk Wool cotton
Company Logo

19 A lovely old red post box Some round plastic tables
Company Logo

20 Functions Describe feeings or qualities He is a lonely man
They are honest people Company Logo

21 Give nationality or origin Pierre is frech This clock is german
Company Logo

22 Describe characteristics A wooden table The knife is sharp
Company Logo

23 Tell about age He is a young man My coat is very old
Company Logo

24 Size and meassurements John is a tall man This is a very lon film
Company Logo

25 Express a judgment or value A fantastic film Grammar is boring
Company Logo

26 Thank You !

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