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High Security and Access Systems

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1 High Security and Access Systems
EVO48 / EVO192 High Security and Access Systems Product Information

2 EVO48 and EVO192 are the next generation of the DGP-848 and EVO96
Overview EVO48 and EVO192 are the next generation of the DGP-848 and EVO96 More processing power to offer more zones, features and flexibility Designed on a unified platform EVO48 / EVO96 / EVO192 Transfer programming from one type of panel to another

3 8- to 48- or 192-zone expandable security systems
Overview 8- to 48- or 192-zone expandable security systems Built-in access control feature (32 doors) Supports Plug-In Voice Dialer (VDMP3) Supports Internet Communication Module (IP100) Multibus (EVO192 only) Allows to upgrade the firmware of multiple identical modules simultaneously through the combus

4 Overview In-field upgrade capability for simple on-site updates 999 remotes with only one MG-RTX3, programmable by the installer and master user New menu-driven zone programming method

5 Panel Comparison Features EVO48 DGP-848 Maximum Zones 48 On-Board PGMs
2 Partitions 4 User Codes 96 Maximum Bus Modules 127 95

6 Panel Comparison Features EVO48 DGP-848 Virtual Zones 32 8
In-field Firmware Upgradeable - VDMP3 / IP100 Support NEware Support Listen-in Support Built-in Clock Backup Battery

7 Panel Comparison Features EVO192 EVO96 Maximum Zones 192 96
On-Board PGMs 5 3 Partitions 8 User Codes 999 Maximum Bus Modules 254 Multibus -

8 Standard Features 8 on-board zone inputs (16 with ATZ)
Built-in real-time clock backup battery Push-button auxiliary output control Push-button software reset WinLoad / NEware: supports direct connection with a 306USB or CONV3USB WinLoad / NEware: supports TCP/IP connection with IP100

9 Keypad Modules EVO641: 32-Character Blue LCD keypad
EVO641R: 32-Character Blue LCD keypad with Integrated Card Reader DNE-K07: Grafica Graphic LCD keypad DGP2-648BL: 48-Zone LED keypad DGP2-ANC1B: Annunciator Module

10 Access Control EVO systems include a built-in access control solution
Use your alarm system user database (999 cards) Manage access to up to 32 doors 16 access levels 16 (EVO48) or 32 (EVO192) schedules 1-year holiday schedule Simple 4-wire readers and access modules Log access events DGP-R915 Readers

11 Access Control DGP-ACM12: Access Control Module
DGP-R915: 4-Wire Sealed Indoor/Outdoor Proximity Reader and Keypad DGP-R910: 4-Wire Epoxy-Sealed Indoor/Outdoor Proximity Reader CR-R870-A: Indoor Proximity Reader CR-R890-BL: Indoor/Outdoor Extended Range Proximity Reader MG-WR1: Magellan Access Receiver w/ Wiegand Interface (433MHz) MG-RAC1: Magellan Remote Control with Integrated Access Card

12 Magellan 2–Way Wireless Expansion Module (MG-RTX3)
32 zones per module Up to 999 remote controls with a single module (programmable by the installer and master user) 8 Wireless PGMs In-field firmware upgradeable 3 hardwired PGM outputs and 1 optional Fully supports all Magellan transmitters including MG-2WPGM and MG-REM2 MG-RTX3

13 Wireless Expansion Modules
Remotes Motion Detectors Door Contacts Smoke Detector Wireless PGM MG-DCT10 SD738 MG-REM1 MG-PMD1P MG-DCTXP2 MG-PMD75 MG-REM2 MG-2WPGM MG-DCT2 MG-PMD85W

14 Internet Module (IP100) Control and monitor your control panel through an IP network (LAN/WAN/Internet) Receive notification of arming/disarming via Receive notification of system alarms via Upgrade the firmware of the panel, bus modules or of the IP100 through the Internet IP100

15 Internet Module (IP100) View live status of all zones and partitions via a web browser Arm/disarm individual partitions via web browser Supports static or dynamic IP addresses Paradox DNS website: IP100

16 Internet Module Interface (IP100)

17 Plug-In Voice Dialer (VDMP3)
Dial up to 8 telephone numbers per partition to report events using pre-recorded messages Arm/disarm the system remotely via telephone Control PGMs and toggle utility keys remotely via telephone Voice-guided menus In-field firmware upgradeable VDMP3

18 Plug-In Voice Dialer (VDMP3)
VDMP3 plugs in directly to the EBUS and SERIAL ports of any EVO panel

19 Listen-In Module (DGP-LSN4)
Audio alarm verification (listen-in or two-way communication) “Before and after” alarm audio recording and playback Message broadcasting (play system status messages through substations) Customize or record broadcasted messages Remote telephone access (listen-in/two-way, arm/disarm and system status) Communicate or listen to a specific substation DGP-SUB1

20 Available Modules & Main Board Accessories
DGP2-50: Dual Element Motion Detector Module DGP2-60: Quad Element Motion Detector Module DGP2-70: Digital Dual-Optic High-Performance PIR Module (40kg/90lb True Pet Immunity) DG85 Series: Outdoor Digital Dual-Optic High-Performance PIR Modules (40kg/90lb True Pet Immunity) DGP2-ZC1: Door Contact Module DGP2-ZX1: 1-Zone Expansion Module APR3-ZX4: 4-Zone Expansion Module APR-ZX8: 8-Zone Expansion Module

21 Available Modules & Main Board Accessories
APR3-PGM4: 4-PGM Expansion Module APR3-ADM2: Voice-Assisted Arm/Disarm Module APR-PRT3: Integration Module DGP2-PS17: Power Supply Module APR3-HUB2: Hub and Bus Isolator PMC-5: Hand-Held Plug-In Memory Key 307USB: Direct Connect Interface CONV4USB: RS-485/RS-232 Converter Kit

22 Summary 48- or 192-zone systems 96 or 999 user codes 4 or 8 partitions
Built-in access control (32 doors) Multibus support (EVO192) Supports internet module and plug-in voice dialer Supports wireless expansion In-field firmware upgradeable Installer (WinLoad) and end user (NEware) PC software

23 Thank You

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