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Beauty Through Cancer is a non profit organization in Asheville NC. We focus on the appearance related effects of cancer treatment as well as offering.

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2 Beauty Through Cancer is a non profit organization in Asheville NC. We focus on the appearance related effects of cancer treatment as well as offering support groups, education and specialty programs for breast cancer reconstruction patients. We do not offer medical treatment, advise, or therapy. Our programs are free to the public, no financial qualifying necessary. You will receive more information about our programs and other area resources to take home with you.

3 Caring about how you look while going through cancer treatment is not vain, or trivial, or self indulgent.

4 It can be empowering, healing, and relieve stress by making you feel as much like yourself as possible through a difficult time.

5 It helps those around you feel more at ease, which relieves the pressure most of us feel in society to be accepted and make others comfortable…..

6 Common Questions! What Happens To My Hair, Skin and Nails During Cancer Treatment? Does Everyone Lose Their Hair? Why Is My Skin Dry? What Are The Spots On My Fingernails? Where Do I Find A Wig? Will My Hair Grow Back? Why is it curly when it grows back? Where Can I Find Products and Helpful Information? We are here today to answer these questions. We are here to help, please feel free to ask questions at the end of our presentation!

7 Losing your hair during cancer treatments can be very difficult for both men and women. To many people it is the first thing that goes through their mind. Hair loss can affect scalp, face and entire body.

8 Safety First! During cancer treatments your skin, fingernails, toenails, scalp, and eyes are very vulnerable to infection. Please be sure to wash your hands before applying, creams, makeup or any products. Use disposable applicators as much as possible…

9 Do not prejudge your side effects! Everyones treatment plan is different. The effects you have may be completely different than someone having the same treatment. Try not to assume or prejudge how your treatments will effect you. Take one day at a time and deal with side effects as they come. Be educated on how to best help yourself and let others help you! Surround yourself with positive uplifting people and always have a second ear!

10 Basic Cancer Treatments Quick and Simple

11 Radiation: Radiation therapy is generally used to treat a specific area of the body to damage, kill or slow down the growth of the cancer cells.

12 Radiation is very effective at targeting quickly reproducing cells, and damaging the structure of the cancer cells, while protecting the healthy cells around it. Hair growth may be slower in the treated area after radiation treatments but will not affect the skin and hair on your body where there is no treatment. There are cases where extreme radiation treatments may cause long term or permanent alopecia (hair loss). This is VERY Rare.

13 The most common side effects of radiation are skin related, such as sunburn type feeling, skin darkening (hyper-pigmentation), redness, and rashes.

14 Chemotherapy: Kills, slows down, or damages cancer cells, but it also damages skin, hair and nails along the way!

15 Unlike radiation therapy, chemotherapy is administered most commonly through your bloodstream and it effects every cell in your body, so it may cause more widespread side effects.

16 Basic Science of Cells Inside the nucleus is the DNA, which is like the master computer of the cell. All healthy cells divide into 2 identical cells only when the body needs them to reproduce. The cells in hair, skin, mouth and nails are the fastest dividing and reproducing cells in your body. The nucleus cells function and determines when it will divide. Inside each cell wall is the nucleus, or the cells command center.

17 How cancer affects cells: Healthy cells in your reproduce as your body needs them so they can do their job. They divide into perfect matches of each other. They live only in the environment they are meant to be in and will die off if they are outside that area or organ. Unhealthy cancer cells do not follow these rules and can grow rapidly and move outside their normal boundaries. Unhealthy Reproducing cells Healthy Cells reproduce exactly

18 Remember each cell has a specific size, shape, and job to do, so it is easy to identify. Thats how scientists and doctors know cancer is growing in your body…because it looks different under a microscope than the healthy cells around it!

19 Example cell life cycles: Some white blood cells live 72 hours. Some red blood cells can live 3-4 months. Cells in the intestines live for 2 weeks. Some cells do not divide unless damaged like bones when broken. Brain cells do not divide even if damaged. Skin, Hair, Mouth, and Fingernail cells are rapidly and continually reproducing.

20 Skin Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Its purpose is to protect you, inside and out. From sunshine and germs, chemicals, bumps and scrapes. Without your skin, all of your body would be open to infection so its very important to protect it! Your hair is also protective so losing it makes your skin more vulnerable!

21 Chemo Angels ! Skin Hair Cancer Cells Hes a sweet little angel, but hes colorblind!!!! Chemo Angels are flowing through your bloodstream along with your chemo! Their only job is to seek out and kill your tumors and cancer cells! Hes always looking for red!

22 Hair Loss & Re-growth Hair Loss & Re-growth

23 Hair, and Skin Structure

24 Chemotherapy does not effect the stem cells that make hair grow, so it quickly can begin again as soon as treatment is over. Actually your hair follicles begin to produce hair even in between your treatment cycles… if you have breaks.

25 The Average Scalp has 100,000 hair follicles. They grow in 3 different cycles. Your hair has no feeling after it leaves your scalp. The more hair the harder! If you have long hair and you have been told by your medical team that you will for sure lose your hair, begin slowly by cutting and thinning your hair. Shorter hair can be thinned also. If you choose to have your hair cut or clipped short before it comes out then YOU are taking control of your hair loss which can be a very powerful thing and help lessen the trauma of seeing your hair loss everyday.

26 Hair Loss and Regrowth As your hair begins to come out your scalp will sometimes feel sensitive. Cutting your hair short will help keep it from pulling when you sleep. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase will help. Your scalp still needs to be washed gently and moisturized to help prevent irritation. Do not shave or clipper your own hair as it may cause irritation and infection. Most salons will do this for you for a small fee or at no charge.

27 Hair re-growth after Chemo! Hair will start to grow immediately after your treatments stop. Hair will generally be like peach fuzz as it begins to grow and may be quite curly. The melanin, or color cells in your hair are damaged during treatment so your hair may come back in grey or white in the beginning. Before During After

28 Curly hair may grow in straighter and straight hair may grow in curlier. All these changes will slowly return to normal in MOST cases over the first year. The weight of your hair will help pull it straight as well as your cellular structure returning to normal. You should avoid coloring your hair for at least 3 months after it starts to grow back. Make sure hair is strong or it will not hold color and could be damaged. Hair color could also irritate your scalp if you do not wait for your skin to return to normal.

29 Wigs, Hats & Turbans Wigs, Hats & Turbans

30 Hair products on the counter when you have no hair A closet full of clothes that just dont fit! Just Makes You Feel Worse! =

31 Choosing a Wig If you would like to match your natural style and color, visit a wig store or wig bank before you lose your hair so it can be matched closely. Many women choose to try a completely different color and style when going through treatment. Bring someone with you that you trust to help you pick out a wig that best suits you. If you have tried on several wigs and just cant find the right one, then it is probably not your best day to choose. Sleep on it and try again! It is a big decision.

32 When choosing your wig – Comfort, fit, ease of care and price are all essential factors, not just appearance. Make sure your wig can breath, perspiration can cause rashes and irritation. Never be pressured into buying something you dont want.

33 If you buy a wig simply for how it looks, but it is not comfortable, you will not wear it and it will be a waste of time and money. = =

34 Wig shops and online stores generally do not take returns on wigs so make sure you know you are going to love your wig before making that decision. Often your medical team can write you a prescription for a prosthetic hair replacement that may help with insurance costs to cover your wig. Be proactive and call your insurance company in advance to make sure they will cover the costs you expect or it could be a very expensive surprise!

35 Turbans, scarves and head wraps are a comfortable alternative to wigs. Keep a good supply of easy to clean turbans or caps available to throw on at a moments notice, you dont want to feel uncomfortable in a sudden situation such as unexpected visitors. Though they are often much more uncomfortable with it than you!

36 There are many online resources for caps, hats, turbans and scarves, and many are available at your local wig shops, hat stores as well as Beauty Through Cancer, the American Cancer Society, and other boutiques within medical facilities. We will provide you with a list of wig shops, boutiques and online sources as well as wig care guidelines.

37 Nails & Cuticles!

38 Nails and Treatment Your fingernails and toenails grow from what is called the matrix which is behind your cuticle. For this reason it will take at least 6 months if you have negative effects to your nails from chemo to completely grow out of your nail bed after treatment ends. Keep your nails and toenails trimmed short, file edges smooth and do not cut cuticles. Keep nails and cuticles moisturized with a cuticle cream, balm, or even Vicks Vaporub works well, both on toenails and fingernails. You may see dark spots, ridges and grooves as your nails grow out.

39 It may be advisable to avoid artificial nails during your treatments if you see any signs of changes in your nails. Be very careful when having manicures & pedicures done to make sure the salon is licensed and the implements are clean. Do not feel bad about asking for documentation. Keep you at home tools clean by washing well with hot soap and water. Polishing nails and toes may help hide spots and make nails look better. Try to choose a nail polish with as few toxic chemicals as possible.

40 Makeup & Skin Care Tips! Makeup & Skin Care Tips!

41 Common Side Effects On Skin and Face During Treatment Losing Eyelashes and Eyebrows Overall Dryness Chapped Lips Redness – Flushing Acne Rashes Yellow or Sallow Skin Ashiness in Dark Skin Tones Sensitivity to Sunlight Sunburn Type Pain Hyper-pigmentation – Dark Spots

42 Skin Care Tips During Treatment Moisturize – seal in moisture after showing or bathing with body butters or creams. Take lukewarm showers – Hot water strips natural oils. Apply lotion immediately when you get out of the bath or shower. Use gentle sensitive skin based cleansers and moisturizer – many inexpensive brands can be found in drugstores. Make sure first two ingredients are water and glycerin. Avoid anti aging products on face and strong exfoliating products on body. They are too string during treatment.

43 Avoid rubbing alcohol and alcohol based products. All natural, organic products without parabens (Preservatives) are preferred but not always cost effective for everyone. Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Chamomile essential oils and Arnica are all soothing and can be purchased at local natural food stores and pharmacies. Skin is usually sensitive and dry, use clean hands or disposable applicators to apply creams and lotions. Dark spots and hyper-pigmentation are usually temporary and will go away a few months after treatments end.

44 Cleanse Mild Cleansers for sensitive skin Non Abrasive washcloths No Anti Aging Cleansers Do Not exfoliate radiated skin! Moisturize Creams and Lotions For Sensitive Skin Water and Glycerin Based Avoid Strong Scents and too many essential oils! Protect Sunscreen Naturally based with Zinc Oxide Mineral Makeups are natural sunscreens and makeup in one! Hats or Visors and Sunglasses

45 5 Minute Face Moisturize &Sunscreen Lotion in summer Cream in Winter Natural Sunscreens Foundation and Concealer Mineral Makeup is quick and easy Apply liquid foundation with sponge Concealer to hide dark spots and under eye circles Blush Mineral or powder blush Cream blush Eyeliner Powder applied with sponge applicator Pencil in soft natural color Eyeshadow Soft matte colors work best Apply sparingly Brows Apply with pencil or brush and powder Use Stencil and eyeshadow – comes in kits Lashes or Mascara Mascara if you have lashes Learn to apply false eyelashes from a professional Lipstick or Gloss With some quick tips it really can be easy!


47 Listen to your body. Many symptoms appear in skin and nails as a warning sign… This is true whether you are going through cancer treatments or in everyday life. If sudden rashes or redness appear, discontinue use of any suspected product and speak with your medical team!

48 See Your Medical Team! Questions about whether a product is safe Unexplained Side effects Hives-Rashes or expected allergic reaction

49 Free Makeup Kits and Lessons The American Cancer Society Offers a Class for Women in Cancer Treatment or Beginning Treatment called Look Good –Feel Better Taught by Beauty Professionals Call the American Cancer Society for More information Locally at 828-254-6931 Or Nationally at 1-800-ACS-2345

50 Temporary Side Effects That Effect You In The Moment The negative effects of Cancer Treatments are usually temporary and will subside and in most cases completely go away when treatment is finished. This however does not always make it any easier to look in the mirror and see yourself with no hair, eyebrows or eyelashes. Everyone feels this, men and women…you are not alone. Getting help from a professional stylist or makeup artist can make things easier! Treatments can effect your mood and make you tired! When you need to look better the most is when you may not feel like it. So keep it simple.

51 There are many programs available in the community as well as salons, spas and hair and skin professionals which will help you through the process. Many of these resources are available here at your medical office. Do not be afraid to ask for help and resources!

52 Remember: Neither you or your beauty within disappears because your hair does…Play up your best features… Dont lose sight of yourself! You may be a person going through cancer, but you are still the same you on the inside!!!

53 As frightening as it may seem in the beginning, the benefits of treatment far outweigh the negative effects! Stay Strong, Ask for assistance… You WILL get through it!

54 Please see us about signing up for a one on one consultation with a professional who can help answer your questions about wigs, skin care and makeup. We have Hair-Skin-Hope packets of resources and tips available here in the office and at Beauty Through Cancer to help you, your family and caregivers. Thank you!

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