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Join AHIMA & Map Out Your HIT/HIM Career

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1 Join AHIMA & Map Out Your HIT/HIM Career
Benefits of Joining AHIMA and Entering a HIT/HIM Profession

2 AHIMA Student Bulletin Board Contest
Submitted by HIMSA Officers of Atlanta Technical College Representative: Sabrina Scott, HIMSA Secretary & AHIMA Student Member, Program Director: Aletta Spence

3 Theme & Description “Join AHIMA & Map Out Your HIT/HIM Career”
The HIMSA (Health Information Management Student Association) Officers came together to develop a board that reflects both the benefits of being an AHIMA member as well as having a career in the HIT/HIM field through creating a Map that highlights landmarks of Metro-Atlanta, GA. After all, the convention will be hosted in our fun, lively, historical and beautiful city. What better place than Atlanta to celebrate 85 Years!

4 Photo of Bulletin Board

5 Closer Look


7 Welcome to Atlanta: Hartsfield Jackson Airport & Delta Airlines
Use AHIMA’s Job Bank to jump start your HIM Career. The sky’s the limit.

8 First Stop: Georgia Aquarium
AHIMA provides the latest in Industry Information so dive into the AHIMA Newsletters and Magazines

9 Take in History: The King Center
Follow your dream and realize your potential through AHIMA and the AHIMA Mentor Program

10 Have a Cultural Experience: Fox Theater
Dramatically increase your networking potential by being involved with local CSA’s (component state association) and communities of practice (social networks), and volunteer opportunities.

11 Take a Tour: CNN Stay informed with all the latest HIT/HIM News through being an AHIMA Member. Knowledge is Power (In the background are Journal of AHIMA magazine Covers)

12 Fun for Everyone: The World of Coca Cola
Fulfill your thirst for knowledge with AHIMA’s Body of Knowledge Online Library

13 Play: Georgia Lottery AHIMA Scholarships and savings from Affinity Programs, and Member Discounts on books, training, audio seminars, certification exams and conventions are like winning the lottery

14 Attend the Conference: Georgia World Congress Center
Attend AHIMA Conferences & Events

15 HIT/HIM Program Benefits
Atlanta Technical College

16 Attend: Atlanta Technical College
Attend an AHIMA accredited school and become certified

17 Get Involved: Student Activities
Apply to the Student Advisory Council Club Toolkit – Founding Officers of HIMSA , Atlanta Technical College Chapter, established January 2013

18 Increase Your Earning Potential: Certification/Credentials
The left side of the bulletin board displays a description of the 8 different certifications available through AHIMA.

19 Enjoy the Outdoors: Stone Mountain Park
There’s a mountain of career opportunities just waiting for you to climb to the top by obtaining your education through an AHIMA accredited program like the one offered at Atlanta Technical College.

20 Opportunity & Growth: Careers
The Right side of the bulletin board displays various career types and places of employment within Healthcare Facilities, Vendors and Government Agencies for HIT/HIM Professionals.

21 Work for a Healthcare Facility
Careers According to the Bureau of Labor and statistics, the demand for HIM professionals is estimated to increase by 20% through 2018. This represents more than 37,000 new jobs. Work for a Healthcare Facility

22 Work for the Government
Careers Work for a Vendor Work for the Government

23 Y’all Come Back

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