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MyFootballClub Webinar Registration Management 2013.

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1 MyFootballClub Webinar Registration Management 2013

2 Overview 1 – The MyFootballClub Project 2 – Getting Access 3 – Season Setup 4 – Registrations 5 – Registration Management MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page2

3 Registrations Management Updating Player Details De-Registrations Team Allocations Reporting MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page3

4 Updating Players Details At some point throughout the season, it is likely you will need to check or update your players details. You can also update the details for you volunteers and coaches in this area. You have the ability to bring up a list of members through Search by Club List or searching for an individual through Search by Individual MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page4

5 Search by Club List Use the Filters (Gender, Adult/Youth, Season, Type, Status, Role) to produce a list of your choice MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page5

6 Search by Individual Enter the players details into one, or more, of the fields to find the club member you need. MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page6

7 De-Registering a Player Inevitably, there will be cases where a player will need to cancel their registration with a club for one reason or another. If the registration status is pending you can simply decline the registration. If the player has already been made Active then the player needs to be de-registered with the first club before they can register with another club. A de-registration can be initiated by the player or club. MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page7

8 De-Registering a Player De-Registration initiated by player Player logs into their account and requests to De-Register. Request comes through to club to approve De-Registration. Football West can approve or reject the De-Registration. If approved, the Player is free to register for another club. MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page8

9 De-Registering a Player De-Registration initiated by club Club requests de-registration for player through Club Management area. Request comes through to player to approve De-Registration. Football West can approve or reject the De-Registration. If approved, the Player is free to register for another club. MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page9

10 Teams & Allocating Players Team allocation is NOT considered a valid team entry point for competitions. The information does not transfer to the competition module. It is an optional tool for clubs to use in house to manage their players and to help with communication. It can be used to sort player registration cards into teams. 2 Step Process: 1.Create a Team 2.Allocate Players to a team MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page10

11 Creating a Team Name – Base labels on clubs teams structure Age Group – Correspond with your clubs Age Group setup MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page11

12 Search by Individual Use filters on left to bring up list of appropriate players. Use filters on right to select the team. Use arrow buttons in middle to allocate players to a team. MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page12

13 Team Allocation Tips This can be a useful tool for clubs to give player lists to their team managers Players that appear in yellow on the left side of the page have already been allocated to a team Players can be allocated to more than one team MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page13

14 Reports The reports area provides a number of different reports that allow clubs to find the information they need from registrations. These reports can be used to help manage administrative duties, such as tracking incomplete registrations, finding contact information, etc. All the reports can be viewed on the screen, or exported into a number of formats including Excel, PDF, etc Reports are developed and modified based on club recommendations – we are always happy to take comments/suggestions! MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page14

15 Report Examples Registered Player – Full Details – Shows all registrations with all the data collected as part of the registration. Useful for exporting to Excel. Options available to filter and choose the data required. Player by Team – this report provides a listing of players per team. Club Registration Summary – This report provides a breakdown of registration by status for the club. Additional Questions – Provides a list of responses to your club questions for each registration. Fee Breakdown – This report provides a breakdown of fees for the package that the individual has registered against. MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page15

16 Registration Card Report Proof of Registration is required for all players except those playing Small Sided Football. Photos need to be loaded onto MFC either by the player when self-registering or by the club registrar. The photo should be in a recognised digital file format and be less than 1MB in size. Registration Card – A4 Size prints ten registration cards to an A4 page. The reports can be filtered via Team. Cards should be exported to PDF, printed and then stored for display on game-day. Players need to be Active and have valid proof of registration to be eligible to play! MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page16

17 MyFootballClub Support Structure Football West Registrations Coordinator ­(08) 9422 6913 ­ MyFootballClub Support Centre ­(02) 8020 4199 ­ MyFootballClub website ( ­Manuals & Videos Football West website – Player Registrations ( ­News, Guides, FAQs & webinars MFC Webinar : Registration Management : Page17

18 thank you Please contact Daniel Gibbons for further information: t: (08) 9422 6913 e:

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