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Healing through music By Mariajosé Suarez- Vertiz.

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1 Healing through music By Mariajosé Suarez- Vertiz

2 "When we look at the body of evidence that the arts contribute to our society, it's absolutely astounding. Music Therapists are breaking down the walls of silence and affliction of autism, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. -Michael Greene, President & CEO of NARAS

3 Many of us may wonder, how can music heal? In what way does music makes a physical connection with our bodies in order to heal it? How does it work? Well, healing is not only about soothing a headache or recovering a person from a broken leg instantly. Healing is also motivating, inspiring and bringing peace to the soul. Here is how healing through music works.

4 Music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals in a certain patient. These sessions are commonly applied in people who suffer from Music Therapy stress,depression,and Alzheimer.

5 Heres an incredible case that shows the effect of music on Alzheimer patients: A group of Alzheimer patients are gathered in the assembly room of a nursing home. The activities director introduces a not so young couple. He carries a guitar, and walks with his wife to the piano. The woman sits down, and plays a few notes.

6 Most of the residents have not even looked up - they don't hear most of what anyone says - or if they do, they cannot, or will not, respond. But the musicians begin to play and sing. A rousing rendition of "Oh, Susannah" has several of the residents looking up - flickers of recognition cross their faces. A few choruses of "How Great Thou Art" inspire many of them to stand and walk or wheel their chairs toward the piano. Soon several are singing along to "Amazing Grace". A few country and western tunes bring several more residents into the present, and "In the Mood" has nearly everyone dancing along.

7 When the music stops, it isn't long before most of the residents retreat back into their selves. It was only for a short while, but the music gave these lonely patients a few moments of connection, happiness, and memory. SOURCE:

8 Form my point of view, this anecdote shows how powerful the impact of music on people is. These sick patients cant even speak because they suffer from a severe disease which keeps them from expressing their feelings physically and verbally. But as soon as these songs are played, they bring thousands and thousands of memories back to their minds and that encourages them to come down from their cloud and enjoy the moment. This is one example of music therapy.

9 Another type of music therapy consists on playing really soft music in order to heal or ease. Here we have an amazing anecdote: A tiny infant lies in a neonatal ward. The heat of an incubator replaces the warmth of her mother's arms; tubes filled with nutrients replace her mother's milk. Every breath is a struggle. Her underdeveloped heart beats erratically. All around her are other infants in distress - the monitors attached to them beep in time with their struggle to live. Fear is on the faces of anxious parents hovering as close as possible.

10 In the midst of this, a harpist enters the ward. She begins to softly play an ancient lullaby. After a few moments, the monitors steady. Nearly all of the infants breathe more easily; their heart rates steady, and they rest. Many of them fall into deep sleep - the first they have had since the harpist last was here.

11 The nurses relax, and smiles of relief grace the faces of the parents when they see the tiny souls absorbing the healing power of this beautiful music. SOURCE:

12 In my opinion, this story is really poignant and touching. It is very common for babies all around the world, especially for those who come from the least developed countries, to experience health complications during the first weeks of their life. Owing to the number of people who cant afford to pay expensive treatments for neonatal babies, they dont think about that sometimes the best way to heal is the natural way. How can we be so sure that what the babies really need is just to neutralize their inner energy? That is what music does, it neutralizes.

13 The Harp Effect The most common instrument in music therapy is the harp. Most of Alzheimer patients request a harpist to play for them during their times of worst pain, this somehow gives them a sensation of peace. This is because of many reasons:

14 Facilitate the transition process of the dying Augment pain management of the terminally ill Relieve anxiety of the critically ill Accelerate physical healing of post-surgery & injured clients Ease the delivery process of the birthing mother Reduce stress & blood pressure of the chronically ill Relieve body & mental tension of the pre-surgery client Aid mental focus Lift and clear the consciousness (

15 Playing the harp at least five to fifteen minutes a day stops the minds chatter of fears, complaints, worries and upsets. The souls purpose comes into focus. The alpha state and the left-right brain integration which occurs bring deep relaxation and true inner healing. These deeper states seem to come effortlessly when playing the Therapy Harp. When you give a treatment, you get one as well.

16 Therapy Harps are beautiful but the significance is that they calm the nervous system while transforming consciousness. The vibration of the harp when placed on the body creates movement in every cell. This intercellular massage breaks up energy blockages, relieves depression and chronic pain which may inhibit natural energy flow. Blockages may be one cause of disease. Also, the harps are pre-tuned to the chakra system stimulating energy to flow again. This gives the body energy to prioritize healing on a most needed basis.

17 My personal perspective Personally, I think music can be a great way to inspire people tranquility and inner peace. As for healing illnesses, I dont think they directly work on our organism and cure our sicknesses. What I do believe is that, as a sick persons recovering doesnt depend only on their physical state but also on their mental state, this can influence a lot on the patients mood. So as patients become more calmed and relaxed, this will be favourable on their recovering.

18 In my family I come from a family which has practically grown up surrounded by music. Every single person in my family can play an instrument and all our conversations somehow lead to a musical topic. So when it comes to music, me and my family are the first to suppor the idea. Technically, everything in my life has to do with music and I am very well aware of the incredible properties of music.

19 In my school & community Sadly, my school doesnt pay much attention to musical issues, so this topic is not very expanded through my friends. Also, it is not common to see people with alzheimer at schools! So healing through music isnt a primordial issue. However, in my community, fortunately there is very wise people who know a lot about music and I even know a few people who actually believe and have been witnesses of the power of music.

20 Possible scenarios and Courses of action How can spread this good idea around the world? If people dont know about the power of healing through music, they will never try it. I personally think that this idea should be spread around the world because its a simple way of neutralizing the soul and its is very accessible. Some methods that could be applied to achieve this are: Instructive campaigns Conferences Advertising Talks at school Self-experienced people Locally, there is not much need of this because people would rather go to a clinic than to a musician. But in my community there are lots of old people who like to be strolled down the park because they feel lonely. It would be a really good idea to hire a musician to play for them every once in a while. Nationally, there are very poor hospitals all over my country in which the medical devices are not that good and efficient so usually most of the patients are lying on their beds (if they get to have a bed) and just lie there for days without getting any attention. So these people really need something that can distract them from the hopeless atmosphere of the hospital. What could be better than a relaxing session of harp music to ease their hurt bodies and minds? I think these sessions should be free and voluntary in these places because the staff of the hospitals doesnt have enough money to pay for it. Internationally, I know that in places like the USA and Europe this method is very common and usually applied to old people or children with cancer who are enduring severe pain. Still, less than half of the worlds population is aware of this magical method. How can we spread it? I believe tha the most efficient methods would be campaigns and instructive conferences so that people have a more accesible, natural and simple way of healing themselves.

21 In the other audio file you can listen to the music I composed. I play it in the piano.

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