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By: Hossein and Hadi Shayesteh Supervisor: Mr J.Connan.

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1 By: Hossein and Hadi Shayesteh Supervisor: Mr J.Connan

2 Introduction What is Phone Reader ? How does it work ?

3 Overview of Implementation Capturing the image through a camera phoneFeeding the image to the OCR engine Recognizing the text from the captured imageFeeding the acquired text into the TTS converter Generating the sound for each word Creating sentences using the generated sounds and reading it through the phones speaker

4 OCR What is OCR ? - Converts image to editable text file How is it developed ? - Through ANN - Preparing a training set - Respond with desired output for a specific input

5 Explanation of OCR development An image of 5x6 pixels A vector of size 30 Input: Put 1 for image pixel and 0 for background pixel Output: Put 1 in place of the Letter K and 0 for the rest

6 TTS What is TTS ? What is MS Speech?

7 Steps in text to speech conversion : Text normalization Homograph disambiguation Word pronunciation Prosody Play audio Generating a voice

8 User Requirements Who are the potential users ? - Blind people - Illiterate people - People with reading difficulties - People dealing with a foreign language How can Phone Reader help them ? - By reading out the text - By translating a text to a desired language

9 System Description - Operating environment - Design and implementation constraints What does the system require? - A Camera Phone System Requirements

10 Project Road Map

11 Question and Answer

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