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Vibrant Media Innovative Electronic Marketing. Email marketing in SA Web traffic in SA has increased by 50% in the past year Local audience expanded by.

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1 Vibrant Media Innovative Electronic Marketing

2 Email marketing in SA Web traffic in SA has increased by 50% in the past year Local audience expanded by 42.5% to 6.48m users The number of active Internet and email users has doubled in the past year 66% of internet usage takes place in businesses

3 About Vibrant Media Vibrant Media has been providing business to business Digital Marketing solutions for 15 years At the forefront of email marketing since 1998 Focussing on tailor made messages designed to reach the correct target market, therefore generating the correct leads Currently distributing more than 1 million targeted emails each month

4 The Database The Decision Makers Database have been developed over the past 15 years The database can be segmented via geographic area, industry, type of management and level of management All record are updated on a continuous basis All records can Opt out at any time. This is not just about following the law, it makes business sense

5 Focussing on B2B Business executives prefer receiving email on Mondays and Tuesdays Opening rates are highest on Fridays (6.2% - 7.1%) Best days for click through rates will vary according to: the month of the year; the type of product; and the target market Open and click through rates decrease as list size increases – strongest case for effective segmentation

6 Calculating Response Rates Opening rates - declining dropping by an average of 1.8% per quarter Declining opening rates are due to image blockers and firewall software Click through rates - remain stable Unsubscribe rates – remain steady at 0.25% 65% of unsubscriptions are due to irrelevant emails – remain focussed on the target market

7 Calculating Response Rates


9 Open, Click & Unsubscribe Rates

10 Average Email Campaign Stats of Customers by Industry Type of Compay Open RateClick Rate Soft Boun ces Hard Bounc es Abuse Comp laints Unsubscrib es Education37.50%7.08%4.80%7.39%0.02%0.11% Entertainment22.16%6.63%5.67%8.80%0.04%0.08% Financial Services 27.01%18.30%10.01%7.47%0.00%0.29% Government32.01%10.46%2.02%1.49%0.03%0.17% Healthcare30.71%11.13%4.65%9.57%0.14%0.62% Hotel38.02%15.71%6.24%15.15%0.08%0.86% Manufacturing29.58%22.91%7.12%12.03%0.04%0.68% Real Estate26.73%8.71%5.31%6.75%0.09%0.64% Retail31.95%24.62%2.94%8.30%0.08%0.26% Software23.93%14.52%10.36%11.52%0.01%0.11% Technology23.75%23.27%11.24%8.85%0.01%0.07% Telecommunic ations 34.03%7.42%6.07%6.79%0.00%0.59%

11 Email Tracking All emails that contain hyperlinks to other pages are tracked This is known as the click-through rate The tracked data is captured onto the online system to show the number of recipients that has clicked on those specific hyperlinks This can give the client an idea of the type of information the recipients are interested in

12 Email Tracking


14 Newsletters Building long term relations ships with existing and future Creating constant brand awareness Tool for supplying information, but can be effective marketing tool as well 36% of recipients favour monthly newsletters, 25% favour weekly BUT, nearly one quarter (24%) of people subscribing to newsletters use a false or secondary email address when opting in

15 What Makes an Email Successful? The Subject Line – choose the correct words to ensure that you recipient will become interested Make use of pictures and graphics that will help to sell your product/service Place the most important information at the top Focus on the benefits and value your product and service has to offer Make sure that people are able to respond

16 Email Marketing :: Property

17 Email Marketing :: Software

18 Email Marketing :: Education/Training

19 Email Marketing :: Financial Services

20 Email Marketing :: Telecommunications

21 Email Marketing :: Research

22 Email Marketing :: Manufacturing

23 Email Marketing :: Careers

24 Email Marketing :: Consumer

25 Email Marketing :: Health/Wellness

26 Email Marketing :: Hotel/Leisure

27 Other Services Online Event Management Viral Campaigns Website Development Online Surveys Digital Design Database Platforms Database Maintenance

28 Data deteriorates at an estimate 27% per annum Keeping in touch with current clients are as important as attracting new clients Old and invalid data blocks the flow of communication and can cost you valuable time and money Vibrant Media specialises in: business to business database cleaning; call centres; CRM applications; developing and maintaining in-house database

29 Database Maintenance :: Platforms

30 Online Event Management The designing of invitations and all other promotion material Campaign Management Software which tracks responses Extract of a targeted database, as well as distribution of personalised invitations Recipients are able to register online – all responses captured

31 Online Event Management All data stored electronically in a password protected environment, accessible to the client through the Internet Automatic confirmation of registration Reservations and online updates of availability Payment and other reminders are regularly scheduled prior to the event

32 Online Event Management

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