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Motion through the universe

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1 Motion through the universe

2 Rotation Results in day/night.
24 hour period (measured by Earth’s equator. Center of Earth is larger at center due to this spinning motion.

3 Precession Change in Earth’s tilt but NOT its 23.5⁰ angle.
Does NOT effect the seasons, only position of stars

4 Precession Because the plane of Moon’s orbit is tilted away from plane of Earth’s elliptical plane

5 Nutation Wobbling of precession motion (1/2 degree over 18 year period) Due to gravitational pull of the Moon. Can slightly increase or decrease seasonal affects

6 Nutation

7 Revolution (orbit) Occurs approx. 150 million km away
Perihelion – closest to the sun (Jan 3rd) Aphelion – farthest away from the sun (July 4th) Does this match what you would have guessed? Why or why not?

8 Seasonal Change More influenced by TILT of Earth’s axis (23.5)

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