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Palmetto care connections

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1 Palmetto care connections
Kathy Schwarting, MHA Executive Director phone fax cell

2 Change “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change!” Charles Darwin


Partnership with GPT through a federally funded SETRC grant approximately 3 years ago Expanded on efforts/collaborations of MUSC with FCC funded PSPN SCORH and LCHCN brought founding members to the table

5 Mission/vision/purpose
Mission: Facilitate healthcare access across SC through the utilization of innovative technology to promote the provision of qualified medical professionals of various disciplines Vision: Improving the health of South Carolinians through telemedicine

6 Mission/vision/purpose
To expand existing telemedicine/telehealth applications and develop new telemedicine/telehealth applications that work to improve health care access to all South Carolinians

7 Priorities Build a sustainable Statewide Telehealth Network
Work with rural communities/providers to ensure they have access to quality health care Serve as a Clearinghouse for Telehealth/Telemedicine information Navigate the steps of Telemedicine for providers Advocate for Telemedicine reimbursement by all payors

8 Board of directors Rick Foster, MD SCHA Jimmy McElligott, MD MUSC
Graham Adams, Ph.D. SCORH Roger Poston, Ed.D. MUSC/PSPN Ken Hiatt, CEO Allendale County Hospital (Chairman) Sam Stone, MD, Physician, RHC

9 Telehealth Advisory Council

Resurvey – 2013 Telemedicine Survey in partnership with SC Rural Research Center – last survey in 2008 Working on all-inclusive Telemedicine/Telehealth Inventory List Quarterly Newsletter

11 LEGISLATIVE Committee chaired by Dr. Foster worked with AAFP and SCMA to get language adopted in last year’s legislative cycle that would mandate all insurance payors to reimburse for telemedicine services. Legislation was not passed but we made some progress

12 legislative Committee worked on a Bill that would have mandated a 12 month Pilot Project whereby employees of State Health Plan could receive covered telemedicine services beginning Jan Bill passed in Senate, held up in House and did not pass

13 LEGISLATIVE BCBSSC began funding telemedicine for stroke, OB and psych on August 1, 2013 Legislative appropriation for Telemedicine to MUSC Funding Proviso for OB/Telemedicine for counties of Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell & Hampton

14 Current projects Working with a couple of rural hospitals on grant applications for telemedicine projects Working with MUSC to install telemedicine equipment in primary care settings across state for nutritional counseling and other services as identified by PCPs

15 Current projects 2013 Telemedicine Survey/Analyze results and develop strategies to meet needs of providers Telemedicine Inventory List Update Website and develop linkages Develop Strategic Plan for implementation of Statewide Telehealth Model with Medical Schools as Anchors Expand PSPN providers which will allow for connectivity between referring and consulting provider

16 CURRENT PROJECTS Meet with health care providers to assess clinical needs/determine equipment needs/connectivity needs Work with partners/vendors to develop universal telehealth cart that can be used for multiple platforms Grant Development Review evaluations of 2013 Telehealth Summit Develop/Distribute Telehealth Newsletter

17 marketing Website
2nd Annual Summit October 10, 2013 Newsletter Visits to health care sites

18 sustainability Membership model/template to be implemented in 2014
Grant applications Contract with partners Potential to contract with MUSC for appropriations

19 Successful programs in sc
SCHOOLS REACH MUSC SCDMH Telepsychiatry USC HIV TRAINING CENTER GHS Telestroke Roper Telehomecare

20 Building a Healthcare Superhighway
Palmetto State Providers Network (PSPN) Initially Funded in $9.5-million FCC Rural Health Pilot Program & Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC) Dedicated Broadband Connections for Healthcare Delivery & Education Originally Connected 57 Locations Across South Carolina – Over 100 Today

21 PSPN Vision Provide a statewide medical grade broadband network that is secure and affordable for public and private healthcare providers and suppliers Bridge the digital gap between rural and urban healthcare providers and key supporting facilities Enable high-value IT/telemedicine applications that can dramatically reduce overall healthcare costs

22 Key PSPN Features Any-to-any connection, similar to Internet
Flat rate for connections anywhere on network A single, PSPN Ethernet connection serves multiple purposes Internet Private broadband EMR Telemedicine, video, etc PSPN provides high bandwidth, private broadband for superior security and performance vs Internet HD video conferencing Bandwidth Options: 5Mb – 10 Gb

23 Locations Served in South Carolina

24 FCC’s New Healthcare Connect Fund
Effective July 1, 2013 FCC will pay 65% of PSPN fee for existing and new PSPN locations Multi-year funding commitments available for PSPN Eligible Public or not-for-profit All existing PSPN locations now funded Hospitals, Rural health clinics, community mental health centers , local health departments, post secondary educational institutions/teaching hospitals/medical schools Off-site admin and data centers now eligible.

25 PSPN Is South Carolina’s Consortium
PSPN is an existing, approved consortium Easy transition from Pilot Program to Healthcare Connect Fund Urban HCPs may participate in the funding if they belong to a consortium that has a majority rural HCPs New locations outside existing consortium (PSPN) or new consortiums cannot apply for funding until 2014

26 Change “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.” English Philosopher – Alan Watts

27 CONTACT Kathy Schwarting, MHA Executive Director
Palmetto Care Connections 1880 Main Highway Bamberg, SC phone fax cell

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