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AUTONOM - Integrated through-life support for high-value systems Andrew Starr.

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1 AUTONOM - Integrated through-life support for high-value systems Andrew Starr

2 © 2013 Welcome Contents Introduction to TES Institute and Cranfield rail group Introduction to AUTONOM - Integrated through- life support for high-value systems Challenges ahead

3 © 2013 Through-life Engineering Services Institute EPSRC National Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Through-life Engineering Services Integrated Vehicle Health Management Centre TESI core staff

4 © 2013 Cranfield Rail Group Technical Safety and behaviour Business

5 © 2013 Rail group - Technical Heat dissipation from brake discs Diagnostics, prognostics and maintenance planning for electro-mechanical systems Air quality monitoring using optical fibre sensors Complex Systems for optimizing rail networks Diagnosis, condition monitoring and prognosis for machines; motors, gears, generators; Rail monitoring with optical fibre grating sensors

6 © 2013 Tramway deployment of FBG sensors Instrumented fishplate

7 © 2013 Rail Group Safety and behaviour Passenger Safety Research: perceptions of risk and safety on the railway network Passenger safety in rail crashes Passenger information requirements in safety related situations on the railway network Driving Research Group: working with the private and public sector on driver behaviour. Human factors in rail and road safety.

8 © 2013 Rail Group - Business Transaction costs within rail firms; franchised train operating firms in Britain; benchmarking of train operating firms; deregulation and globalisation; Competition between air transport and high- speed rail in Japan Environmental impacts

9 © 2013 AUTONOM - Integrated through-life support for high-value systems Part of the Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Programme Integrating: - Data fusion and mobile platforms - Planning and scheduling - Cost analysis

10 © 2013 Our team Andrew Starr, Professor of Maintenance Systems, Head of Integrated Maintenance Centre Antonios Tsourdos, Professor of Informatics and Systems Engineering, Head of Autonomous Systems Group, Ashutosh Tiwari, Professor of Manufacturing Informatics, Head of Product and Service Innovation Centre Dr Essam Shehab, Senior Lecturer in Decision Engineering Dr Christopher Turner, Research Fellow Dr Paul Baguley, Research Fellow in Cost Engineering Dr Yuchun Xu, Lecturer in Cost Engineering

11 © 2013 AUTONOM - Integrated through-life support for high-value systems - structure Foundations Validation Applications Design IntegrationData fusion and mobile platforms Planning and Scheduling Cost Analysis Think-tank Definitions Design strategy Fusion strategy Fusion case studies Monitoring design strategy Reporting architecture Identify business processes Optimisation framework Validation Best practice cost modelling Models Frameworks for integration and benefits Validation Partner benefits

12 © 2013

13 No Fault Found Switch machines Track circuits Doors

14 © 2013 Data rich problems Location: Fixed beacon (balise) Moving sensors Ultrasonic Laser Terabytes per day

15 © 2013 Data poor problems Old structures Difficult, infrequent inspections Very old records

16 © 2013 Challenges Requirements for interchange of maintenance data between fixed and mobile actors Automation of monitoring on mobile platforms, and interface with other actors New cost modelling tools for complex distributed health monitoring, and value to the business.

17 © 2013 Contacts Thank you for your attention. Andrew Starr +44 (0) (0) Cranfield University, UK

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