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SharePoint Adoption Through Social Collaboration

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1 SharePoint Adoption Through Social Collaboration
March 31, 2017 SharePoint Adoption Through Social Collaboration #newsgator @avepoint_inc NewsGator Technologies © 2010 – Company Confidential

2 Today’s Speakers Eric Sauve VP, Corporate Development Greg Headley
NewsGator @esauve Greg Headley Enterprise Account Executive, NW Region AvePoint @gregheadley

3 Propelling the Future of Productivity

4 SharePoint- Vision vs. Reality
Business Nirvana Self-service technology leads to business agility IT Chaos Loss of control over growth, sprawl and security

5 Growing Your SharePoint Deployment
Return on Investment Growing Your SharePoint Deployment Enterprise Deployments Line of Business Applications Collaboration Tool More Valuable Content Repository More Complex

6 Evolution of Corporate Intranets – Moving from “What” to “Who”
Static Dynamic Network Drives Websites Portals Social Business Information Centric People Centric Are you here?

7 Business Objectives of Any SharePoint Deployment…
High user adoption SharePoint becomes an integral part of business processes SharePoint becomes the central repository for the organization’s documents, information and intelligence

8 Be Careful What You Ask For!
High user adoption More user management and complex, fragmented permissions to manage as inheritance gets broken SharePoint becomes the central repository Expensive SQL storage gets eaten up quickly as users upload files and retain versions Site Collections, Sites, Lists/Libraries need to be created and managed SharePoint becomes an integral part of the organizations business process Uptime, reliability and performance become essential Customizations and advanced integrations grow complex and need a process for QA and development

9 Goal for Today Find ways to drive SharePoint adoption while…. Keeping governance and best practices in mind to manage growth and protect your SharePoint investment

10 Social for the Enterprise
Consumer Social Changing Expectations of Corp IT Corporate = Social Business Public = Social Media & Social Networking Experiences Recommendations Connections Advice Share Comment Review Projects Decisions Issues Ideas Proposals Trainings Products & Services

11 Core Social Model Security & Privacy Profiles Connections Content

12 The Business Value of Social
Manage Knowledge & Discover Expertise Improve Customer Satisfaction Attract & Retain Talent Innovate New Products & Services Relationships + Conversations + Activities Reduce Cycle Times & Time-to-Market Increase Employee Engagement Enable Large Scale Transformation Initiatives Drive Revenue & Increase Profitability

13 Business Benefits of Social Collaboration
As social technology is being more adopted, used, measured, it becomes more and more business critical. All of your social data needs to be backed up and protected. Source: NewsGator Client Survey at Annual User Conference

14 Desktop & Email Clients
NewsGator Social Sites 2010 Expanding the Social Capabilities of SharePoint Solution Packages Idea Stream News Stream Spotlight Video Stream Mobile Communities Activity Stream Microblogging Social Sites Base Desktop & Clients Social Profiles Social Insights LOB Systems CRM ERP HRIS BPOS/SPO Delivery On Premise Microsoft SharePoint 2010

15 Supporting Social Initiatives
An IT Perspective Social Collaboration Platforms… Enhance user experience Provide breakthrough collaboration and productivity Capitalize on existing investments Now with all this User Generated Content – we need… Scalable Server, Information, and Storage architecture to support future growth Responsible content management Including migration strategies! Reliable content availability Efficient management and administration

16 This Is the World We Live In
Architect Implement Manage Grow

17 Architecting Enterprise-Wide Information
Considerations Site structuring/restructuring Content management/classification Content lifecycle management Common Tools and Practices Managed Metadata Enterprise Keywords Content Organizer Content Type Hub Retention Policies and Records Management In terms of architecting this enterprise wide information management platform - we need to remember a few key points: First is that taxonomy, topology, the information structure is going to be changing, and it is going to be changing on an ongoing basis.  Your company might be going through a reorganization, where certain teams are being collapsed or certain teams are being changed.  Your going to have challenges in terms of certain teams generating more growth than others.   Your going to have teams that need to archive content, and teams that need to manage permission more diligently because of their ethical walls or because of their restrictions. In doing all of this, you'll also want to take advantage of as many native SharePoint tools as possible:  things like managed metadata, enterprise keywords, content organizer, content type hubs and all your retention policies and records management are really going to go a long way to help you in this architecture and to help you in the information management sharing.  NewsGator has amazing gifts in this field, to be able to identify the right producers and consumers in your organization.  And all of SharePoint's native capabilities are there to augment that and to really help enhance the discoverability of data -

18 Planning for Findability
Information Architecture Considerations As SharePoint grows, content often needs to be restructured. Common examples: Documents between folders, libraries, and sites Items between lists and sites Sites between Site Collections Promotion and demotion of sites (consolidate or expand)

19 Taxonomy, Classification, Governance
How do we classify content? What do we do with it? “Bottom Up” Enterprise Keywords “Top Down” Managed Metadata Content types Workflow? Approval? Retention? Restriction?

20 Enhancing Scalability with DocAve
Farm C Accommodate global users Quickly expose legacy data into SharePoint Optimize global access with geo- replication Simplify management and compliance with global policy deployment Automate change management Extend SharePoint storage to optimize costs and performance Farm A File Server Cloud Storage Web Front-End Servers Application Servers Clustered SQL Server Storage Layer Farm B

21 Protecting Your Investment
Monitor Health and Ensure Global Protection with DocAve Monitor SharePoint’s health globally Protect valuable SharePoint assets Multiple farms NewsGator Social Sites Custom solutions Workflows Content Security structure, Wikis, blogs, MySites Metadata Simplify Restore process Content DB List/Library Search Index Folder Web Apps Item/Document Site Collection Version Site Metadata Social Data Content Customizations Hive Site Definition GAC Solutions Gallery Cust. Features SharePoint Configurations Central Admin DB Config DB Externalized Data (BLOB) System Configurations IIS Metabase IIS Settings Web.Config InetPub Binary File (OS / SharePoint)

22 The Big Picture SharePoint NewsGator AvePoint
If you’re just here, you’re really missing out… SharePoint NewsGator AvePoint Or here… … getting tons of business value from social collaboration… Or here… … enjoying simplified SharePoint management and optimized storage… But you should be HERE! Getting the best of all worlds!

23 Q&A #newsgator @avepoint_inc

24 Learn More Learn more about the AvePoint & NewsGator partnership at Download NewsGator’s 15-day Trial of Social Sites Download DocAve to try for 30 Eric Sauve VP, Corporate Development NewsGator Technologies @bkellner Greg Headley Enterprise Account Executive AvePoint

25 NewsGator/AvePoint Integration
Demo of AvePoint/Newsgator Integration

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