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RUSNANO priorities and principals in working with foreign partners 11 March 2011 Sergey Mostinskiy Director for International Cooperation.

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1 RUSNANO priorities and principals in working with foreign partners 11 March 2011 Sergey Mostinskiy Director for International Cooperation

2 Page 2 Russian Economy: Gap in innovations GDP (purchasing power parity), $ trillion Russia is ranked 7 th -8 th for its GDP and 73 rd for its innovation level Innovation level (rated under WEF methodology) Sources: World Economic Forum – The Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010; IMF data

3 Page 3 1990-2020: Milestones of initial development and further growth of Russian economy 1990-2000 Setting the base for market economy 2000 – 2010 Economic growth dependent on raw materials export 2010 - 2020 New model of innovation-based economic growth

4 Page 4 Russias Modernization: Main Policy Challenge

5 Mission: to implement the state policy in the field of nanotechnologies Tasks: o commercialization of nanotech industry projects and innovations o production volume of Russian nano-enabled products by 2015 – ~ $30 bln per year Areas of financing: o manufacturing of nano-enabled products and materials o foresight and road maps, standardization, certification, safety in nanotech industry o education, popularization Founded in 2007 RUSNANO: Brief Overview Page 5 o creation of infrastructure of nanotechnology projects

6 Page 6 Ownership participation no more than 50% minus 1 share Investment horizon up to 10 years Financing projects at early stage and stage of expansion RUSNANOs Terms of Financing Favorable loans and guarantees

7 Page 7 RUSNANO: Support for Co-investors Financial supportNon-financial support Equity: RUSNANOs minority stake in all projects Credit: Long-term and comparatively cheap money. Guarantee for loans Friendly exit strategy: RUSNANO does not aim to maximize its share price but to cover the expenses Infrastructural: Equipment as service, start-up incubation Technical and investment expertise, certification, foresight and road maps Managerial: Assistance in marketing, investment spending supervision in the interests of all shareholders Administrative Shielding from the red tape and corruption

8 Foreign Applicants Requests for Financing From RUSNANO (Statistics as of 09.03.2011) Page 8

9 Financial infrastructure Financial infrastructure Industrial projects Industrial projects Non- financial infrastructure Nanomaterials Nanophotonics Nanomedicine Nanomaterial production technologies and equipment Nanomaterial production technologies and equipment Nanoelectronics Other Nanotechnology Centers Investment funds Dubna (Moscow Region) Zelenograd (Moscow Region) Kazan (Tatarstan) Tomsk and Novosibirsk (West Siberia) Dubna (Moscow Region) Zelenograd (Moscow Region) Kazan (Tatarstan) Tomsk and Novosibirsk (West Siberia) RUSNANO Capital DFJ-VTB Aurora Russian-Kazakh Fund Metallurgy Fund Skolkovo Fund Perm Region Fund North Region Fund Pan -European Fund RUSNANO Capital DFJ-VTB Aurora Russian-Kazakh Fund Metallurgy Fund Skolkovo Fund Perm Region Fund North Region Fund Pan -European Fund Investment Projects Types Statistics as of 09.03.2011 Page 9

10 Clusters of Investment Projects Solar energy and energy conservationNanostructured materials Medicine and BiotechnologyMechanical engineering and metalwork Infrastructure and EducationOptoelectronics and nanoelectronics Page 10

11 For its approved investment of $4.5 bln RUSNANO has attracted co-investors for $6,7 bln (overall budget of projects – $11.2 bln) Consolidated revenue - 2015: above $13.3 billion (conservative scenario) Approved by the Supervisory Council: 104 projects in 30 Russian regions Out of 104 – 27 projects with foreign participation (out of which12 – EU) RUSNANOs Investment Projects: Summary Statistics as of 09.03.2011 Page 11

12 Page 12 RUSNANO Plans: Timeline Additional major challenge: IPO after RUSNANO transformation into a joint-stock company 200720082009201020112012201320142015 RUSNANO transformation into a joint-stock company Debt financing via open markets started Mass production in project companies started Exit from projects started RUSNANO is founded. Government makes contribution into the charter capital First project is financed

13 Page 13 Sales of Russian nanoindustry products (target) Incl. revenue of project companies set up with participation of RUSNANO (target as of 2007 ) Incl. revenue of 93 projects already approved by RUSNANO (adjusted forecast 2010 ) $ bln Dynamics of the Russian Nanoindustry Market: Target and forecast as of October 2010

14 Goals set by RUSNANO are comparable with the current volumes of the entire Russian innovation industry (goods and services) 30 935 0 10 20 30 6 6,7 0 3,5 7 Sales of Russian nanoindustry products by 2015 Sales of innovative goods and services in Russia in 2008 Russian nanoindustry export by 2015 Russian export of innovative goods and services in 2008 $ bln Page 14 RUSNANOs strategic goals towards 2015

15 What We Can Do Together Apply for financing of your project at Invest in a joint project together with RUSNANO Consider opportunities for your portfolio companies expansion into Russia Co-investment Support for companies in entering the Russian market Access to RUSNANOs scientific and technical expertise Joint creation of venture funds RUSNANO offers You can Page 15

16 RUSNANO investment projects

17 Clusters of Investment Projects Solar energy and energy conservationNanostructured materials Medicine and BiotechnologyMechanical engineering and metalwork Infrastructure and EducationOptoelectronics and nanoelectronics Page 17

18 Projects cluster: Solar energy and energy conservation

19 Solar Energy and Energy Conservation HEVEL Product The largest manufacturer of solar modules in Russia will produce thin film photovoltaic cells based on micromorph silicon, ultrathin layers of amorphous silicon with submersed nanocrystallites of 10 nanometers to 30 nanometers. Design capacity for the manufacturing facility is more than one million solar modules per year (130 MW per year). The project, in addition to undertaking production, will establish a large research center with equipment value about one billion rubles. The research center will collaborate with the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. ФОТО, ГРАФИКИ, ИЗОБРАЖЕНИЯ Page 19 Product features higher efficiency compared to other technologies at high temperatures perception of both direct and scattered light, does not require the tracking system ecologically friendly (no toxic elements) longer life time the lowest price compared with other types of modules

20 Thunder Sky Russian Plant of Li-Ion Batteries Product Technology: Integration of nanotechnology, electrochemistry, materials science, metallurgy and electronics into high-end product. Project: Set up manufacturing facilities of novel lithium Ion batteries to EV in Russia (Novosibirsk). Product: Batteries to EV based on novel nanostructured LiFePO4 materials. Product features Solar Energy and Energy Conservation high unit power of batteries cost is two times lower than similar products safety and reliability of batteries Page 20

21 Energy Efficient Solid State Lighting Technology Optogan was founded in 2004 by three former students of prof. Alferov, Nobel Prize winner, and has developed a cutting edge technology for ultra-bright LEDs and a solid IP base. Optogan LEDs are intended for backlighting of mobile appliances, computer screens and LCD TVs, as well as general lighting applications. Product features the most advanced lighting technology maximum efficiency (illumination per watt): - 2 times higher than fluorescent lamps - 8 times higher than incandescent lamps ecological compatibility (no mercury and glass, unlike fluorescent lamps) the maximum life time (50,000 - 100,000 hours): - 8 times higher than that of fluorescent lamps - 50 times higher than incandescent lamps the light spectrum is the closest to the day spectrum of the sun - better health, capacity for work and stress resistance Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Page 21

22 Projects cluster: Nanostructured materials

23 CJSC "Prepreg-ACM" Product Large-scale manufacturing of semi-products for a new generation polymer matrix composites – high quality prepregs with improved, as compared with analogues, strength and other performance characteristics with carbon and mineral fibers and nanomodified and filled with nanoparticles polyimide and epoxy resins. Prepreg - material made by impregnation of the reinforcing fiber base (ribbons, cords, fabrics) with precisely metered amount of uniformly distributed polymer matrix. Impregnation of the fibrous material is done in a way that allows the best use of the physical and mechanical properties of the reinforcing material and to ensure uniformity of the properties of the cured composite. Application areas: aircraft industry, wind power industry, sporting goods manufacturing, construction, motorcar- and shipbuilding. Page 23

24 Nanoclay polymer composites Product Technology: Polymer nanocomposites with organically modified and exfoliated montmorillonite nanoparticles uniformly distributed in the polymer matrix. Project: Powerful up-to-date production of nanomaterials in Russia based on bulk polymers and their co-polymers Product and application: 1)Refined and modified natural bentonite clay Oil and gas industry (drilling muds and oil refining) Food industry (adsorbents for impurities in fat-and-oil, winemaking and other industries) Cosmetic and pharmacological industry 2)Polymeric nanoclay-based nanocomposite Packaging industry (high-barrier films and PET preforms) Automotive industry (plastics) Protection of trunk pipelines Aircraft industry Cable industry (nonflammable cable compositions) ЗАО «МЕТАКЛЭЙ» Micrograph of Polymeric nanoclay-based nanocomposite Potential Application Nanostructured materials high mechanical properties (module, impact resistance, etc.) better chemical resistance lower gas and vapor permeation higher flame retardant properties. Product features Page 24

25 Nanostructured materials Asphalt modifier UNIREM Product UNIREM is developed to modify asphalt mixes by dry method. UNIREM application does not require changes in the technology process of asphalt plants or temperature and timing modes of asphalt mixture production Asphalt pavements with UNIREM have improved durability, high resistance to rutting and cracking, high water resistance, high toughness at subzero temperatures Product features increased durability of asphalt pavements by 25-30% high resistance to rutting and cracking, high water resistance, high toughness at subzero temperatures ЛОГО ПРОЕКТА Improved fatigue durability Page 25

26 Projects cluster: Medicine and Biotechnology

27 Medicine and biotechnology Microsources, microspheres and components for brachytherapy Product The project will establish production in Russia of new, effective materials for treating prostate, liver, and pancreatic cancerradioactive microsources and nanostructured microspheres. These tools, called seeds, are used in brachytherapy, a method of treating cancer using a radioactive source that is introduced into the diseased organ and that acts directly on the cancer. The new technology provides for modification of the surface of the microspheres at the nanoscale level (30 nm to 50 nm). As a result, the microspheres become biocompatible, which improves their fixation in the patients tissues. Product features affects the tumor without damaging other organs Page 27

28 Medicine and biotechnology Technology The project is based on a new technology providing precise targeting of pharmaceuticals into mitochondria – intracellular power-stations. Since 2004 the project applicants developed several pharmaceuticals based on new mitochondriallytargeted antioxidants. Wide range of preclinical studies showed high efficacy of developed drugs in treatment of age-related eye-diseases, cardio-vascular pathologies etc. In 2009 first projects drug-candidate entered clinical trials. The project is based in Moscow State University. Product features treatment for dry macular degeneration (now cured nowadays) stops the development of glaucoma (currently effective means of guaranteeing the preservation of vision not available) safety during prolonged use, the expected lack of side effects simple and cheap way to reduce the likelihood of heart attack and treatment of arrhythmia in case of coronary heart disease ЛОГО ПРОЕКТА Skulachev ions – mitochondrially targeted pharmaceuticals Page 28

29 Medicine and biotechnology Product The company produces track membrane (diameter 20 – 100 nm) and devices for plasmapheresis based on the membrane. Continuous process of membrane plasmapheresis using the apparatus "GEMOFENIKS is carried out in a sterile single-needle extracorporeal circuit for single use. During the procedure at the same time: formed elements are returned to the patient's bloodstream plasma is collected in a special receiver plasma substitution process Product features method of blood cleaning - filtration membrane technology pore diameter: 20 - 100 nm (analogues - 400 nm) small volume of extracorporal circuit: 35 ml hardware-based and non-hardware-based application single-needle connection Cascade plasmapheresis equipment using track membranes Page 29

30 Projects cluster: Mechanical engineering and metalwork

31 Product Product features increase corrosion resistance, plasticity improved resistance to shock load improving thermal insulation properties Technological Systems for Protective Coatings Mechanical Engineering and Metalwork About technology: Development of technologies of multifunctional nanostructured coating deposition to extend the life cycle of equipment and to upgrade Russia's machinery, oil & gas and other industries. Production: Nano-structured coating application services (heat-proofing, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-protective, electroinsulating, superconducting composition); End solution for nano-structured coating application (supply, adjustment and maintenance of equipment, adaptation of nano- structured coating application technology and licence selling, development of nano-coating material, e.t.c.) Page 31

32 MICROBOR NANOTECH – CBN AND NCBN CUTTING TOOLS Product The company produces soldering and solid cutting tools for metal and other hard materials processing in various fields (engineering, aerospace, automobile industry, etc.) Microbor Nanotech is a new generation manufacturer of composite materials based on micro- and nano – crystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN and NCBN) and cutting tools made of these materials. Microbor was the first in the world to create tools based on nano CBN material. Product features high-efficiency tool reduction in processing cost reduction in processing time by 40-90% Mechanical Engineering and Metalwork Page 32

33 SETTING UP MASS PRODUCTION OF HIGHLY- RELIABLE SPRINGS USING CONTROLLED FORMATION OF HOMOGENEOUS NANOSUBSTRUCTURES IN SPRING MATERIAL Product The final goal of the Project is to set up the technology of the multifunctional springs mass production. The technology is based on the high-temperature and mechanical treatment with resulting nanosubstructure formation in the spring material, which leads to a major improvement of the springs characteristics. This technology may be utilized for any springs of hot winding and as a product itself. The plans include construction of automatically adjusted production line of the hot-wound springs using basically new technology. Product features number of cycles till destruction is 10 times higher in comparison with other technologies level of permissible operating voltages is 35-40% higher in comparison with other technologies cost reduction due to the possibility of using cheaper grades of steel no subsidence Mechanical Engineering and Metalwork Page 33

34 Projects cluster: Optoelectronics and nanoelectronics

35 Product Product features contents identification without opening readout out of sight, on the run simultaneous readout of several tags The equipment of Galileo Vacuum Systems s.p.a. for surface metallization utilizes the thermal vacuum deposition method, based on the process of thermal evaporation of metals by heating them to high temperatures with subsequent dispersion of matter in vacuum space of chamber and its condensation on the processed surface The project is geared toward manufacture of RFID-tags and metalized packing material using unique equipment of Galileo Vacuum Systems s.p.a.. RFID-tags are used as a substitute for bar-codes for the purpose of stock tracking and identification in different systems. Metal packaging materials (film and paper) for food and cigarettes Equipment for metallization of roll materials CJSC Galileo Nanotech Optoelectronics and Nanoelectronics Page 35

36 Optoelectronics and nanoelectronics Manufacturing of multimedia DSPs and consumer devices based on them Product Multimedia processors (SoC) HD decoder and encoder - multiprocessing platform intended for decoding and encoding HD-video Digital set-tops(Set top box) with enhanced functionality user set top boxes implementing digital broadcast reception, IP broadcast reception, IP Telephony, decoding video and audio of all modern formats in real-time, home network router, home server for Video-on-Demand and Time-shift, personal payment terminal with a reverse communication channel Digital broadcasting studios: professional device for capturing and encoding HD-video and HQ- audio from signal sources of different types Product features production based on its own chips broad functionality of the software Page 36

37 Page 37 You can: - Apply for financing of your project at - Invest in joint project together with RUSNANO - Further develop your technology with RUSNANO help - Participate in RUSNANO industrial and infrastructural projects We guarantee: Financial & Non-financial support for co-investors RUSNANO welcomes opportunities to collaborate with foreign companies, governmental organizations, investment funds and private investors

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