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Distance Class of 2011 The University of South Dakota.

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1 Distance Class of 2011 The University of South Dakota

2 With my degree, I plan to: Have a wonderful career as a nurse, making a difference in peoples lives by helping them through difficult times health wise. Im going to be working at Presbyterian Hospital here in Albuquerque for a couple years. I would like to thank: Theres so many people to thank. But I owe my success in completing this degree all to the Lord. He has been my strength and endurance through the whole thing. I have several family and friends that have supported me so much through this, too many to list but I am so blessed by each and every one of them! I want to thank everybody on the USD nursing faculty for supporting me through this difficult process. What I remember most: I am excited for a great future in nursing! God Bless! Ashley M. Banks Albuquerque, New Mexico

3 With my degree, I plan to: Use the nursing skills I have learned and the critical thinking knowledge that I possess, to provide the best possible nursing care and guidance to patients and their families. I know in my heart that God will guide me to the area of nursing where I can fulfill my goals and do God's work. I would like to thank: My wonderful son Dean Michael for all his love and support. I would also like to thank my dear friends, co-workers, teachers, my advisor Dawn Manning, and Good Samaritan Society for their support and guidance. What I remember most: I was so inspired and overwhelmed with the magnitude of what nursing and health care can provide when I spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Sioux Falls. Dena Kay Behrn Syracuse, Nebraska

4 With my degree, I plan to: Spend the rest of my working years as an RN. Only time will tell all the avenues that road will take me. I plan to stay working for the Good Samaritan in Howard, SD., as a charge nurse. I would like to thank: My husband and children for their support. My extended family and friends. Also, a thank you to my employer and other staff for their support and encouragement. What I remember most: My friendships I have forged with a couple of my fellow students. Sharon Marie Bezenek Madison, South Dakota

5 With my degree, I plan to: Pursue a career in nursing I would like to thank: My 2 boys for giving me the motivation to advance my healthcare career. My family for helping with my children when needed so I could attend class and clinical without worrying about time constraints. But most importantly, my wife, Stephanie, for all that she has done over the last 2 years to make sure that I could study when needed and giving me the space I needed too. What I remember most: Being challenged by my instructors to be the best I can be. Matthew David Bower Rio Rancho, New Mexico

6 With my degree, I plan to: Work in the Emergency Department at Presbyterian Hospital I would like to thank: Everyone and anyone who ever offered me a laugh, support and love through this entire program! What I remember most: How long ago the beginning of this program feels! Piper Ann Boyle Albuquerque, New Mexico

7 With my degree, I plan to: I am currently working in the Espanole ER as I always intended to. I would like to thank: I would like to thank my Family, Friends, and classmates who supported me for the last two years. What I remember most: I remember how scared I felt during orientation, and thinking I cant do this. Well I did it Yahoo!!! Susan T Brick Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

8 With my degree, I plan to: Work as a professional nurse. I am excited to work in the nursing field and help take care of patients and their families. I would like to thank: All of the USD staff for the wonderful education that I received, my work for sticking by me and helping support my education, and also my family and friends. I couldn't have done it without you. What I remember most: The great clinical group I had the pleasure to meet and the great new friends that I have because of it. Melissa Buehl Howard Lake, SD

9 With my degree, I plan to: Continue working at Tuff Village Assisted Living in Hills, MN I would like to thank : My husband, Bud and daughter, Sage for helping me get through the long hours of homework and clinicals. My parents for babysitting Sage while I was at clinicals and preceptorship. My boss for adjusting the work schedule due to classes, clinicals and preceptorship What I remember most: Days at clinicals and elluminate sessions Jody Marlana DeBoer Hills, Minnesota

10 With my degree, I plan to: Work in the emergency department. I already work as tech there, but now as an RN! I also want to further my education and get my bachelors and eventually become a nurse practitioner. I would like to thank: My absolutely wonderful family, friends, and boyfriend who have been supportive and helpful through this crazy journey called nursing school. What I remember most: The first day of nursing school, I was scared and thinking May 2011 is sooo far away… and now here we are! Megan Noel Dickinson Albuquerque, New Mexico

11 With my degree, I plan to: I plan to work as a nurse at Presbyterian Hospital here in Albuquerque, in the "mother/baby" unit. I would like to thank: I would like to thank my family. My husband who has supported me and taken up all the slack while I have been in school. My children who have also assumed a lot of responsibility that they wouldn't necessarily have had, had I not been in school. My instructors who have given extra time to help. What I remember most: There are too many memories to put down just one. Cynthia Gamble Albuquerque, New Mexico

12 With my degree, I plan to: Continue working for Good Samaritan Society- DeSmet and Bell Medical Clinic. I love taking caring of those at GSS and working within my community. I would like to thank: First I would like to thank my husband, Ty. Without his support and confidence in me I would not have made it through school and been able to achieve my dream of becoming a RN. I would also like to thank my daughters for being so understanding when I could not be there because of my clinical schedule or because I needed to study, and for being my housework slaves for the past 2 years! Youve earned your trip to Disney World!! I love you guys! I also need to thank the Good Samaritan Society and the Hoeger Foundation Scholarship for their financial support. What I remember most: I remember the many early morning homework/study sessions and the constant feeling like I was on the verge of losing it trying to keep my school, both jobs and family schedules straight! There never seemed to be enough hours in the day or week to accomplish everything but here we are and what an accomplishment we have made! I will cherish my new friends (Sharon, Casey and Jody) and have enjoyed being with them since the beginning for all of our clinicals. Mia Rae Gehm DeSmet, South Dakota

13 With my degree, I plan to: Stay in Albuquerque and work for Presbyterian Hospital. I would like to thank : My sincerest gratitude to the Rust family for making all of this possible. I hold a special place in my heart for Presbyterian, and I would like to thank my nursing instructors here in Albuquerque, and South Dakota. Thanks to my nurse manager Larraine Yeager who supported me throughout the program. Thank you to my parents Bob and Dana; you have become my best friends and a source of unconditional love and encouragement throughout this program. To my mother, thank you for believing in me, you are my rock, and you have been my greatest teacher of all. To my brother, Dominic, you are my happy thought. What I remember most: Studying with my dear friend Heather, oh…and all women of child bearing age need FOLIC ACID!!! :) Christina D. Gomez Albuquerque, New Mexico

14 With my degree, I plan to: I plan to work somewhere in the nursing field. I would like to thank: Saundra and Noel Emerson, Richard Griffith, Debi Wiman, Debbie Matthews, Josh, Cristofer and Cristyl Green, Amy, Barb and Traci. What I remember most: That I made it. Janet Lynn Green Baker, Montana

15 With my degree, I plan to: Become a RN on the NICU. I would like to thank: My family for being so supportive and pushing me so that I can become a better person by finishing school. I really appreciate everything that everyone in my family has done to help me get through school. Thank you all for listening to me when I would call to vent. I am very thankful for having such an amazing family, thank you all! What I remember most: Is telling myself everyday that I can do this! Hollie M Minton Albuquerque, New Mexico

16 With my degree, I plan to: Help people achieve a healthy lifestyle through education and motivation. I would like to thank: All of the faculty involved in this program, what a great opportunity too be able to complete an online nursing degree. My husband, because he supported me throughout this program and my daughter for taking long afternoon naps to allow me to a attend Elluminate sessions and finish homework! What I remember most: the first day of every clinical rotation because I was always so nervous. Cassandraa Janke Medina, Minnesota

17 With my degree, I plan to: Grow as a nurse and person, to better my life for my beautiful kids and husband. I would like to thank: My husband, Adrian, my wonderful children, Noah, Diego, Zoey and Ruby, my Mom and Dad, my Grandma, my Sisters and Brothers, and all my friends and family for supporting me. What I remember most: Having great classmates that made me feel welcome and comfortable. Sherise N Jaramillo Albuquerque, New Mexico

18 With my degree, I plan to: Work as an Emergency Room nurse and continue to participate in medical missions. I would like to continue my education and this is a big step in that direction. I would like to thank: Presbyterian Healthcare Services, for making this program a reality for me. My close family and friends, for showing their support of me every step of the way. My managers and coworkers, for allowing me to have a flexible schedule. What I remember most: Is sitting at my computer. Being an online student has its challenges, but I love it! Jessica Leong Albuquerque, New Mexico

19 With my degree, I plan to: I plan On working at Socorro General Hospital as a RN In the OB and Emergency room I would like to thank: I would like to thank My family and friends, especially my parents for all their help, and my daughter for being patient with her favorite person. I would also like to thank good friends and nurses who helped me get though this program Ruth, Pam, Kim and Diana. Thanks ! What I remember most: When I found out I was accepted into this program! Ernestina Lopez San Antonio New Mexico

20 With my degree, I plan to: Start off working in Bowman at the local hospital which encompasses acute, med/surg and ER patients. This should give me a solid foundation to start with. Then I plan to move closer to my family and grandchildren and work in a large hospital, maybe ICU or ER. I would like to thank: My friends and co-workers for supporting me and helping out when I needed it. My Don for giving me the freedom to change my schedule when needed. My preceptor, Jennifer Wild, truly a unique individual who displayed compassion, honesty and taught me the true meaning of being a nurse. What a blessing you have all been to me and my family. Thank you to the faculty, Amy Smith, for being right there any time I needed help. Mostly I want to especially thank my husband and daughter who have stood by me through this long process. They have endured a lot of ups and downs, long hours, missing wife and mother, but through all they have never stopped pushing me to succeed. What troopers you both have been. Thank you! But my biggest thank you goes to my best friend, my husband- Bob, for putting up with me during this time and enduring the hardships these past 4 years of school have brought. You never gave up on me and kept me focused on the task at hand…thank you for being my biggest fan and cheering squad! Couldn't have done it without you! What I remember most: is the drive each one of my classmates has displayed in striving toward the goal becoming a nurse and the faculty who through compassion and understanding pushed each one of us to never lose sight of the finish line. Debra L. Matthews Bowman, ND

21 With my degree, I plan to: I plan to work for Presbyterian at Dr. Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital in Tucumcari, New Mexico. I would like to thank: I want to thank God for the privilege of being called to this profession and for always giving me encouragement. Thank you to my husband Christian and daughter Maleah for your continuous support and never letting me give up. Thank you to my family for helping me out and keeping me going and always supporting me. Thank you to my friends for all of your encouragement and support. I love you all What I remember most: I remember the good times and how many friends and family I have gained through this experience. Krista Nanette Mericle Tucumcari, New Mexico

22 With my degree, I plan to: I plan on working at the Good Samaritan Center in Battle Lake. I would like to thank: I would like to thank my family for all the love, support and especially all the help they gave me. I could not have done everything without your help. I would also like to thank Jim Wolf and the Good Samaritan Center for the money they put forth for my education. What I remember most: How exciting and terrifying it was to learn all the skills in lab. It was a lot of fun to get to finally see and know the people you hear and talk to in Elluminate, face to face. Thanks everyone it was great getting to know you and good luck in your futures. Angela Marie Olson Battle Lake, MN

23 With my degree, I plan to: Give quality care in the inpatient setting as a responsible, caring nurse. As I'm working as an RN, I plan to continue my education and work towards my BSN. I would like to thank: My family and friends for believing in me and being there for me. My managers and co-workers for their support and their faith. Thank you to the instructors for their patience and guidance. What I remember most: The hard work! But most of all, making many new friends and learning to have fun while working hard. Kim Thoa Pham Albuquerque, New Mexico

24 With my degree, I plan to: Explore several different areas of nursing. I would like to eventually be a traveling nurse when the time is right. I plan to share this God given talent with as many individuals as my lifetime will allow. I would like to thank: First of all, I would like to thank God for blessing me with this amazing gift to care for others. I would like to thank my family for always believing in me. Miguel, thank you for taking this journey with me. I truly appreciate all you've done these last two years. Mom and Dad, I can't even thank you enough for all that you've done throughout the last two years. I would not have made it if it weren't for all three of you! Josiah my Love, thank you for always making mom smile, you are my shining star! To all of my USD distance faculty, Renee, and all my instructors, Thank You so Very Much for all you have done to get me where I am today! Traci, you were always so understanding, and so encouraging and made me believe in myself, Thank You! To my Clinical instructors, I thank you for all your knowledge and support. Lauri, I don't know that I could have done it without your guidance. You took me under your wing and were always there when I needed you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And to my Pathways Class of 2011, We Did It!!! Love to all, you will forever be great friends! What I remember most: Nursing school memories will stick with me forever. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it to today. All the long nights of homework, and studying will now be over, but the learning has only begun. I made friends for life, and that is truly what I will cherish the most!" Ara L. Romero Albuquerque, New Mexico

25 With my degree, I plan to: Continue to work and advance in the nursing field I would like to thank: The Tuff home for the opportunity to continue my education and to my family for the support and encouragement they have given me to succeed in this endeavor. What I remember most: The knowledge we have gained, the accomplishments we have made, and the sacrifice of those around us to make this all possible. Catherine D. Westphal Hills, Minnesota

26 With my degree, I plan to: I plan to continue working at the Waconia Good Samaritan Center and learn the role of a RN in Assisted Living and help add Home Care services for their independent tenants. I am continuing my education at Crown College in the MBA program. I plan to work as a Nurse Manager of Home Care and Assisted Living Services upon completion of the degree. I would like to thank: my husband, Michael, for all his help, love and support. Without his help I wouldnt have had the time it takes to complete the RN program; all the staff at USD and my clinical instructors. Thanks to my employers Regis Corporation and Waconia GSS for allowing me to have very flexible schedules to accommodate fro exams, clinicals, on-line sessions and studying. Thanks to all my co-workers for their encouragement along the way. I also want to thank my family and friends for supporting me and celebrating with me as I completed each step in this program. What I remember most: being nervous when I got all of the nursing text books in the mail and the lab kits. Even though the program was a part-time and on-line, it hit me that this is real and is a big commitment. I remember standing out with the red USD uniform tips in the hospitals and being asked how long of a drive it was for me from South Dakota. I was constantly explaining how the on-line program works and yes it is a real RN program. I will always remember my first patient that I was assigned and how much I wanted to take care of all his healthcare needs. I hope to keep that desire to help my patients throughout my nursing career. Erin Christine Kramer Waconia, MN

27 With my degree, I plan to: Get a job, get my ACLS, PALS, CEN and TNCC I would like to thank: Joyce Drake MSN, RN; Joni Bennet BSN RN; Chani Woolf RN; Mary McReynolds MSN RN What I remember most: Growing so much and so fast and being constantly exhausted. Robert James Mendenhall Moscow, ID

28 With my degree, I plan to: Continue working at the hospital where I am currently employed. I have a very busy year ahead of me adjusting to my new professional role but hope to begin working towards my bachelors degree soon. I would like to thank: Elliot, my fiancé, for his never ending encouragement. I am blessed to have such a wonderful person standing by my side and constantly pushing me to reach my goals. My parents, David and Diane, for all their support and willingness to help with whatever they could to make sure that I was successful. And finally, Landon, mommys little man, thank you for giving me a reason to want to strive for more for myself and my family. Mommy loves you! What I remember most: being a first year student and looking up to the second year students and wondering if I would ever get to that place. Now, here I am. I cant believe this long exhausting, rewarding journey is finally complete. It still feels so unreal! Jacqueline Soraida Montoya Rio Rancho, NM

29 With my degree, I plan to: Continue working as a charge nurse and assessment nurse at the GSS Center in Mohall, ND. I would like to thank: my family for supporting me through my months of studying. Especially my daughters for their tech support! A big thanks to my co-workers at GSS – and Kathy Vig Admin & Beth Schoenberg DON for all their encouragement and support. What I remember most: Driving in bad weather to clinicals in Dickenson and Minot. Gail M. Knutson Sherwood, ND

30 With my degree, I plan to: Make a contribution to the health care field by participating as a nurse with integrity, honesty and compassion. I plan to work hard and continue learning. I would like to thank: My husband most of all, for all the motherly work he took on to enable me to study; my kids for all the teamwork they supplied; my parents for always believing in me; my church family for all their prayers including my preceptor, pastor and friend Mike Sechler. What I remember most: Jan Browns advice on nursing, life and keeping your marriage happy. I am glad we took time for that outing, wish we would have made time for more. Antonia N. Porth Dassel, MN

31 With my degree, I plan to: continue doing what I love best which is providing care at Fallon County Public Health Department and at Southwest Health Care LTC. I would like to thank : my dear husband Rick for his unconditional support. He was always supportive even at times when I didnt make it easy, for him especially when I was juggling work schedules from 2 jobs along with my clinical rotations and a very limited time to study time and complete assignments. He was very understanding and he distinctly knew when I needed it to be quite so I could study and/or complete a time sensitive assignment. Initially I was nervous about online learning because I had extremely limited computer skills, I was able to master the online format and managed to stay motivated throughout my coursework, with the help of Janet Green my niece and fellow nursing student who helped me with my computer skills along with being my traveling partner in this 3 year journey. My journey to becoming a RN was not easy, but I focused on my goal and found many resources to help me along the way I offer my utmost appreciation and thanks to the following family members Aimee, Conee, Jason, Saundra, Noel, Jeanna, Brenda, Rachel and Kandis who came to my rescue at different times when I called or emailed for advice that required immediate intervention. I want to send out a special thanks to my son Bryon who provided me with a 4 wheel drive pickup to drive, which made it possible for me to plow thru the massive amounts of snow drifts on the unplowed roads this winter, while driving the 90 miles for my clinical shifts and back and forth to work in Bowman. It made it nice not worrying about getting to work and especially decreased the anxiety level worrying about getting stuck in a snow drift on the way home in the early morning after a night shift. My whole family has had a hand in helping me thru this program; I couldnt have made it without their help as I have said it many of times that it has taken a whole village to raise this old girl. My proctor Robin went above and beyond; as she was always available and cooperative when I needed her to proctor me during my exams. Deborah Kay Wiman Baker, MT

32 She was flexible in her schedule allowing me the generous opportunity to take tests when they fit in best with my work/school schedule. I especially want to thank Southwest Healthcare in Bowman, North Dakota for juggling the schedule around my preceptor hours and mainly for sponsoring the incredible Grow Your Own Program. It was a perfect program for me, as without this perfect learning opportunity, it would have been impossible for me to achieve my dreams. I got to stay home, earn a living while earning a degree. For me this was a win-win situation. The only thing I gave up was sleep...and it is overrated, you always want more but can really get by with less if indeed you need to. While involved in the USD online nursing program, I found the instructors and preceptors to be outstanding. They are very willing, capable and ready to work towards helping you succeed. They share their vast knowledge and expertise along with their positive attitude which helps to encourage you to explore, question and utilize critical thinking. This promotes you to gain self confidence in your skills and abilities, while establishing a wide base of knowledge and the experience needed. Renee Adams the USD Distance Nursing Office Manager truly is a gem and my life saver. She answered my email immediately and got in touch with the correct person to get my proctor the missed password needed so I could take the LPN GAP/KAPLAN testing. My proctor left town after I took the Kaplan test, but returned so I could take the Gap portion when we discovered I had a second test to take and it was the last day allowed for testing. Once again Thank-you everyone without this help I wouldnt be here today. Deborah Kay Wiman

33 What I remember most: I learned that Im stronger than I ever thought I was. Furthering my education has always meant a lot to me, but I didnt think I could accomplish this at my age. Motivated by my husbands declining health, it all became possible once is when I quite giving into self doubt and my fears of it being too hard and when the Grow Your Own program opportunity arose, I finally put my mind to it, and said Im going to go back to school and finish getting my RN. What I remember most in the beginning is my 8 year old granddaughter Emily asking me, Grandma, why is it taking you so long in college? I want her and others to know and believe that If I can do this at my age, it is never too late to go for it in life. On one occasion I recall being proud enough to disclose my grades to my grandson Summitt as a challenge to him, when he need to be encouraged to do his very best in the 5th grade. In my clinical experience I learned to take time to listen and recognize teachable moments. The relationship between a nurse and a patient is incredible. My favorite thing about nursing is being able to teach my patients and others. I learned the true meaning of team work. Every nurse has different strong points; whether it's their bedside manner or technical skills, each one add to patient care. The best parts of nursing is it is so diffuse with many different avenues and types of nursing jobs available; you may need to search around a little to find the niche with one just suited just for you. Anyone interested in challenging work where you never stop learning should absolutely consider nursing. For many people an Associates degree may not be much of a milestone; I feel I have reached the top of my lifes mountain. I now have the satisfaction of knowing that I finally did it and from here the view will be a lot different. The expanded nursing skills I have learned will provide me with employment for years to come in whatever nursing field I choose. Deborah Kay Wiman

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