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Look at the pictures carefully.

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1 Look at the pictures carefully.


3 When do you find nature at its best?

4 What do you love doing best during the rains?

5 Enjoying hot snacks?

6 Enjoying the first raindrops along with the fragrance of wet earth?

7 Or…

8 Running through the rain…..?

9 Let’s experience the wonders of running through the rain with the help of a wonderful poem…Let’s watch it through the eyes of John Lea..

10 Running through the Rain

11 Some are fond of sunshine;
Well, so am I.

12 But I like the rain too, Falling from the sky.

13 For when merry April Trips over hill and plain, Isn’t it delightful Running through the rain?

14 Bright –eyed little blossoms,
Growing by the way,

15 Look up as we pass them Laughingly to say : ‘So the show’r has caught you And escape is vain! Isn’t it delightful, Running through the rain?

16 ‘Pitter patter,’ softly
Drip the drops around,

17 While a peeping sunbeam
Gilds the scented ground.

18 Shelter nowhere near us!
Yet we don’t complain.

19 For it’s so delightful Running through the rain.

20 ♣ Rain is water droplets in a precipitated form.
♣ Rain is a major component of the water cycle, helps with the eco system and provides fresh water to us.

21 But today the Urban heat island effect and intense global warming is causing a lot of disturbances in the rainfall patterns. In some areas, rainfall has abnormally increased while in other areas rainfall has abnormally decreased.

22 Of course, we can’t forget the acid rain
Original color of Taj Mahal Taj Mahal after the constant effect of acid rain

23 But it’s you and only you, the future generation
But it’s you and only you, the future generation.. that can save this dear planet. So dear students, join hands and save mother Earth. Plant trees, save energy and thus have a green and happy future.

24 What is this poem all about?

25 Thank You!

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