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Navigating through the Legislative and Appropriations Process.

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1 Navigating through the Legislative and Appropriations Process

2 Civics 101: Why its important to be informed Knowing how the process works helps you: Navigate your way through the system. Helps you understand how to use your time most effectively. Communicate effectively with members of Congress and their staff. Better inform your network and makes you a better advocate.

3 How the Legislative Process Works…

4 How a Bill Becomes Law



7 Getting to the Presidents Desk… Measures must pass the House and Senate in identical form before being presented to the President.

8 Your Signature, Please…

9 The Budget Process During the year prior to the year in which the fiscal year begins April – JuneAgencies begin budget requests July – AugustOffice of Management and Budget provides guidance to agencies Early fallAgencies submit initial budget request to OMB Nov. – Dec.OMB, President review requests This is the first step in deciding program funding amounts

10 The Budget Process(cont.) By first Monday in Feb.President submits budget to Congress February – SeptemberCongressional phase. By July 15President submits mid-session review to Congress October 1Fiscal year begins October – September OMB apportions funds to agencies

11 The Budget Process(cont.) February – September Congressional phase. You Are Here!

12 Navigating through the Appropriations Process

13 Lets Work it Out… Sent to President

14 Key Terms Fiscal Year: October 1 through September 30 Mandatory Spending: Spending (budget authority and outlays) controlled by laws other than annual appropriations acts. Discretionary Spending: Spending controlled by the annual appropriations acts Continuing Resolution: provides budget authority for Federal agencies and programs to continue in operation until the regular appropriations acts are enacted.

15 Resources for this presentation: Congressional Deskbook 2005-2007

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