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Breaking through the glass ceiling Women in Management.

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1 Breaking through the glass ceiling Women in Management

2 What is the Glass Ceiling? The invisible artificial barriers that block women from senior executive jobs It is a reflection of gender roles and relations which give rise to and perpetuate inequalities between women and men in all walks of life Sticky floor- keeping women stuck at the bottom of the economic pyramid

3 The Glass Ceiling Support staff (Majority women) Pyramidal Organizational Structure Glass Ceiling WomenMen ILO Geneva

4 Why does the Glass Ceiling exist? The way the work it self is organized Balancing work and family Occupational segregation- mens jobs, womens jobs Gender pay gap- 10 to 30 percentage points Gender division in time spent on work and family Women work longer hours than men Women perform most unpaid work Womens lack of line management experience

5 Glass Walls ILO Geneva WomengraduatesMengraduates Glass Ceiling Glass walls Support staff (majority women) Pyramidal Organizational Structure

6 Women Managers/Employment

7 Some Statistics Women hold 1 to 3 per cent of top executive jobs in the largest corporations world wide Only 12 countries have a women head of state Only 14 % of the worlds Parliamentarians are women Only 1 per cent of trade union leaders are women

8 Women in Management ILO Geneva Top jobs 1-5 percent of executive jobs occupied by women. Senior management 10-20 percent. Managerial jobs 6-30 percent. Administrative and managerial 10-43 percent. Professional and technical 20-60 percent.

9 % WOMEN PROFESSIONAL STAFF UN SYSTEM DEC.2000 UNFPA 50.4 WHO 33.2 UNICEF 44WIPO 30 WFP 42.9 ITU 25 UNESCO 42.8 FAO 23.5 UNDP 39 WMO 21.7 UNHCR 38.9 UNIDO 20.1 UN 36.2 IAEA 17.3 TOTAL 33.7ILO 33.3 TOTAL 33.7

10 Glass ceiling in the UN System % Women Dec. 2000 P5 D1 D2UG UNFPA 38294067 UNICEF 39302950 WFP 26354333 UNESCO 26212920 UNDP 22311450

11 Glass ceiling in the UN System % Women Dec. 2000 P5 D1 D2 UG UNHCR 22311450 UN 33322216 ILO 23151921 WHO 25271120 WIPO 141580

12 Glass ceiling in the UN System % Women Dec. 2000 P5 D1 D2 UG ITU13 9 0 0 FAO 12 11 12 19 WMO 14 0 10 0 UNIDO 15 6 0 0 IAEA 8 15 10 0 TOTAL24 22 19 17

13 Why Dismantle the Glass Ceiling Women are a key resource in the race to create new products and resources Womens skills level is rising More and more women are starting businesses Its not only the right thing to do, its also good for business

14 Gender equality contributes to economic growth and family welfare Organizations and firms will depend more and more on having a balanced mix of masculine and feminine attributes at all levels.

15 Strategies to break through the Glass Ceiling Diversify occupations for women and men Foster greater sharing of family responsibilities Objective and unbiased recruitment and promotion procedures Gender-sensitive human resource policies Cultivate and nurture womens entrepreneurial talents

16 Gender-Sensitive Human Resource Policies mentoring and networking giving young women challenging,varied and visible assignments work-family or work-life programmes sexual harassment policy flexible working time and work place training

17 Human Resource Management to Advance Women equal employment opportunity policy achieving targets: positive action diversity management - visible and non- visible differences that include factors such as sex, age, background, race, disability, personality and work style Total E-Quality- gender equality a pre- condition for the delivery of quality products and services

18 5 key result areas 1. Policy statement 2. GMS in structure 3. Capacity building 4. GMS in work of ILO 5. Gender-sensitive HRD ILO ACTION PLAN on Gender Equality and Mainstreaming

19 ILO Gender Audit Recommendations Clear set of targets to improve staff sex balance at all levels Continue to promote female leadership in the Office and actively target women for senior posts Create a working environment for a more balanced professional and private life Non tolerance of sexual and other forms of harassment and all forms of sexist behaviour

20 ILO objective on gender equality ILO constituents take positive action to increase gender equality in the world of work Indicator: ILO constituents make measurable progress in the representation of women at decision-making level to attain balanced participation of men and women

21 ILO objective on gender equality Target: An accurate count of the number and status of women and men participating in ILO meetings, seminars, training under regular and extra-budgetary funding

22 ILO objective on gender equality Strategy: Develop a methodology to collect and track participation rates in order to etablish a baseline for measuring progress Analyse trends in particpation rates and report on them regularly to the Governing Body and the ILC Document and report on successful measures taken by constituents and the ILO to increase the participation of women at different levels Develop and make available to ILO constituents, statistical indicators and statistics disaggregated by sex

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