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Breaking through English Writing Barriers

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1 Breaking through English Writing Barriers
突破英文寫作困境 東海大學外文系 吳凱琳

2 English Writing Barriers
Have you even found yourself Staring at the computer screen/paper for more than 10 minutes Writing for 5 minutes and then stopping for more than 5 minutes Having a lot of ideas but not knowing where to start Getting stuck in Chinese-English translation Getting lost in writing: no clear focus and organization

3 English Writing Barriers in
getting started: --the hardest part is the beginning --no idea expressing ideas in English --lack of vocabulary --direct translation from Chinese into English organizing ideas logically

4 Causes of Writing Barriers
Improper writing attitudes  Writing is a “natural talent.”  Writing is a skill that can be learned.  Writing is a product.  Writing is a process Lack of writing strategies Lack of input

5 Writing Strategy 1: Prewriting
“Don’t think. Type. The thinking comes later.” “The first time, you don’t think, you just write.” ~ Finding Forrester

6 Prewriting: Write before writing
Listing Freewriting Clustering WH-Questions

7 Prewriting technique: listing
List as many words, phrases about the topic Don’t worry about spelling or grammar Write down whatever comes to mind Don’t stop to make correction Exercises: Work with a partner and make a list of writing difficulties you encounter no voc. no idea Translating from Chinese into English Get stuck Messy sentence structure Disorganized essay structure Boring writing topics Writing academic papers

8 Prewriting technique: freewriting
Free your mind Start writing whatever comes to mind Don’t stop to correct spelling or grammar Keep writing for at least 20 minutes Topic: benefit of aerobic exercise What are the benefit of taking aerobic class? My classmate take the class because she would like to lose weight. Another takes for health, physical health and fitness. 加強心肺功能 How can it strengthen the function of heart and lungs? I don’t know, but a lot of studies show this kind of effects.

9 Prewriting technique: clustering
Start with the topic in the center of the page Link ideas about the topic with circles and lines Provide a mental picture of the ideas Benefits of aerobic class

10 Prewriting technique: WH-Questions
Asking a reporter’s questions Who was there? What happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Why did it happen? How did it happen?

11 Writing Strategy 2: Outlining
Make a plan for writing: unity and coherence Select the most important points Provide details, examples Use a linear structure: Writing an essay in three parts

12 Three parts of the essay



15 Writing Exercises: Put the ideas into a logical order by filling in the outline and adding a third major idea Thesis: Joining an aerobics class has many benefits. Make new friends Reduce mental stress Social benefits Strengthens heart Improves self-images Mental benefits Tones muscles Meeting interesting instructors (Langan’s College Writing Skills with Reading, p, 28) _______________________ 1.______________________ 2.______________________ B. _________________________ 1. _____________________ C. _______________________ 2. _____________________

16 I. Thesis: Joining an aerobics class has many benefits.
II. Physical benefits 1. Tones muscles 2. Strengthens heart III. Mental benefits 1. Reduce mental stress 2. Improves self-images IV. Social benefits 1. Meeting interesting instructors 2. Make new friends IV. Conclusion

17 Writing Strategy 3: Keeping a journal
Use a pocket-size notebook or loose-leaf paper Write about what you read Write about what you saw, heard, thought, felt Make writing a part of your life: writing regularly Generate and develop ideas Exercises 1. Read an English news article about the earthquake in Sichuan and write what you think 2. Write about what you heard from the speech, “Breaking Through English Writing Barriers”

18 Writing Strategy 4: Reading to Write
Reading strategies Close reading of professional essays Underline main ideas Look at the title and the introduction. Look for the thesis statement Look for the important points that support the thesis Ask how the writer develops/organizes idea Learn the dictions used by the writer

19 Writing Strategy 4: Reading to Write
Writing strategies while reading Take notes and ask questions while reading Summarize the article Record reactions Draw picture, maps, diagrams


21 Other Strategies Talk about the writing topic with a friend
Read about the writing topic Physical exercises help you think clearly Start at a place you have a lot to write about

22 Suggestions Pre-writing: Write before writing
Start writing and keep writing (Peter Elbow) Make an outline before writing the first draft Read and write and think and write Keeping a dairy/journal in English Think in Ink

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