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Culture, Racial Identity, and Agency: Mary Stone Hanley, professor, George Mason University Probing the possibilities of culturally responsive arts education.

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1 Culture, Racial Identity, and Agency: Mary Stone Hanley, professor, George Mason University Probing the possibilities of culturally responsive arts education

2 I like the program because it made me have more confidence in myself. It made me believe in myself because I was so use to people putting me down telling me you can't do this, you can't do that. It was never to try and you will succeed, so I gave up on myself. Thank you. You helped me a lot… ---Torie, age 14

3 How do I commit myself to do work that is predicated on a belief in the power of the mind, when African American intellectual inferiority is so much a part of the taken-for-granted notions of the larger society that individuals in and out of school, even good and well- intentioned people, individuals who purport to be acting on my behalf, routinely register doubts about my intellectual competence? ---Theresa Perry on the dilemmas of African American students (Perry, Steele and Hilliard, 2003).

4 Many a person is unhappy, tortured within, because he has at command no art of expressive action. ---John Dewey, Art as Experience What our children need is love and the arts love to know they are valued and the arts to express that value. Haki Madhubuti

5 And this redefinition of educational equality means affirming that problems or shortcomings in learning are not so much in shortcomings in ethnic minority students as in inequalities in the schools they attend. It also means refocusing schools toward being more responsive to human variability, spending less time manipulating ethnic students to make them comply to institutional structures, and instituting programs and processes that empower students through access to high- quality knowledge and experiences. -- G. Gay

6 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Heinz Foundation Literature Review CulturallyResponsivePedagogy Positive Racial Identity DevelopmentResilienceAchievement RACIAL OPPRESSION ALANA CULTURE AND EDUCATION

7 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Pedagogy developed using the culture of students Students are agents of change Inspires critical, imaginative, and creative thinking Inspires affective learning Encourages active learning Stimulates connections to the community and community development Develops knowledge of global, national, and historical connections

8 Themes for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Involve the community. Use culture and racial identity as an asset. Educate about racism and racial uplift. Develop caring relationships. Assume success. Promote active learning, problem-based instruction and student involvement. Employ the arts. Acknowledge the challenges.

9 Culture …the web of significance that man himself has spun Clfford Geertz

10 Drama Discipline, Commitment, Motivation 10 weeks, 3 hours/day, 5 days/week Learned performance skills and acting techniques using culturally relevant content and form. Created a script through improvisation and storytelling using culturally relevant content and form. Performed for peers, educators, family, and community members.

11 Name Age/ Gender GPA Parental Occupation Lives with Mico13/male1.5sells clothes in K- Mart mother Toni13/female1.5sells clothes in K- Mart mother Hakeem14/male2.5teachermother Tori14/female2.5beauticianmother Lateefa13/female2.0retiredgrandmother Ronnie13/male3.0(m) office worker (f) restaurant cook mother and father Delonn13/male2.0unemployedmother Sala14/female2.0beauticianmother Olivia13/female3.5pediatricianmother

12 Sheryl13/female3.0postal workerfather Jaz14/male1.5day care workersister David14/male3.5paralegalmother Trane14/male1.5bank tellermother Crystal13/female2.5cosmetologistmother Nile14/female3.0telemarketermother Matilda14/female2.5bus drivermother Mona14/female1.5nannysister Cassandra13/female2.5unemployedguardian May14/female3.0(m) computer operator (f) plasterer Mother and father Isis13/female2.5(m) travel agent (f) county administrator Mother and father

13 Culturally Responsive Arts Education EMPOWERMENT Creativity Respect Respect Culture and Community Powerlessness Imagination Creativity AGENCY RESISTANCERESISTANCE PERFORMANCEPERFORMANCE Risk taking Imagination Risk taking

14 Agency the freedom of human beings to make choices in ways that make a difference in their lives J. Martin, J. Sugarman, & J. Thompson …the capacity to exercise control over ones own thought processes, motivation, and action Albert Bandura


16 Attributes of the Arts Imagination Creativity Problem-Solving Higher Order Thinking Skills Collaboration Intrinsic Motivation Communication Interdisciplinary Structure Observation Skills Connection of Mind, Body, Emotions, & Spirit Cultural History Empowerment Active Learning Affective Learning Risk-Taking Openness Sensory Awareness Community Building Alternative Symbol Systems Pattern, Rhythm Harmony, Balance, & Composition Critical Thinking Cultural Change Cultural Knowledge Pleasure (Fun) Concentration/Focus Self-Discipline Hypothesizing (What if?) Mental and Physical Agility Research Skills Aesthetics: Study of Beauty Multiple Perspectives Empathy Artistic Agency Perception Conceptualization Expression Transformation

17 Achievement / Success through Culturally Responsive Arts EMPOWERMENT PLEASURE/FLOW MOTIVATION

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