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Simplified electronic dialogue through Altinn Director General Erik Fossum, The Brønnøysund Register Centre.

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1 Simplified electronic dialogue through Altinn Director General Erik Fossum, The Brønnøysund Register Centre

2 2

3 3 Agenda The Altinn Concept Progress and results The next level: Altinn II

4 4 Altinn is the Norwegian governments portal for electronic dialogue with businesses …but does even contain significant services for citizens

5 5 The Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities The Register of Reporting Obligations of Enterprises Two of the Altinn corner stones:

6 6 The objectives of The Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities Business Enterprises Reg. of Employers VAT Register Reg. of Foundations Reg. of Establish- ments and Enterprises Corporate Taxation Data Register All entities identified by organization number Registering all persons with key roles in the entity Reducing multiple collection of the same information to seven associated registers Register of bankruptsies

7 7 Reuse of data to omit double or triple reporting Supply metadata for electronic reporting solutions like Altinn The objectives of The Register of Reporting Obligations of Enterprises

8 8 Form Register of Reporting Obligations of Enterprises CentralCoordinating Register for Legal Entities altinn NationalPopulationRegister The fundamental information flow User roles Metadata

9 9 Web Services Security solution Admin. of Access rights Web services Biz Talk mapping Archive database Internet External systems Register for Legal Entities Datadefinitions/metadata Communication centre Services workflow Archive services Work database Web Portal Services Forms design Agency systems Transaction Solution Architecture End users eGov agencies Population Register

10 10 Four security levels and PKI …or choose security level #2 with one-off codes distributed by post or SMS messages Log on with a Smart Card at security level #4 …

11 11 ELMER: Framework for web-based forms Page layout, help functionality and interaction rules Obliged in all public forms for enterprises Also used for a lot of citizen forms Administered by Brønnøysund Register Centre (for ALL forms, not only in Altinn) ELMER = Acronym for Easier and more efficient reporting (in Norwegian) ELMER for the respondent: –Common look and feel in public forms –better understanding of the task ELMER for the authorities: –better response quality –more efficient processing

12 12 Common look and feel The Form area Navigation area Information area (Embedded Help)

13 13 The authorities shall not ask for information which they can access from other sources Pre-completion of forms: All electronic services shall be pre-completed with basic data from the Central Coordinating Register of Legal Entities and other relevant information that the service provider already has.

14 14 The Form which learned to listen - Questions is depending on earlier answers The user can choose between different tracks in the form

15 15 Context dependent help The user can choose between different tracks in the form The user can click on help buttons to view context dependent help texts

16 16 From one way reporting to two-way electronic dialogue The electronic PO box for registered post and messages from different governmental agencies to businesses

17 17 Forms and Services in Altinn The Catalogue of forms in Altinn is containing about 750 governmental forms and services

18 18 Topic Maps The Information part of Altinn uses Topic Maps to provide the user with association-based navigation and findability

19 19 Agenda The Altinn Concept Progress and results The next level

20 20 Altinn Collaborators 20 200420052006 2007 20082009

21 21 Collaborating Professional systems today Adonis AS Agresso Agro Økonomi Akelius Aksjeservice AS Allinfo Aspect4 Lønn Aureus Altut Aquafarmer BAS Cantor Controller Cantor Harmoni Lønn DI-Business Duett Easy-Regn EDB Business Partner Farm Control Finale Flexidata Sambo Formula Lønn og Personal Formula Økonomi Genesis AS HogiaLønn 21 Huldt & Lillevik Lønn og Personal System 4 InfoADB Jæren Regnskap Taxi AS Landbruksdata Voss LESSOR Payroll til Microsoft Dynamics AX Lexi AS Lodo L1 Lønn Maestro Mamut Maritech Regnskap Microsoft Navision Midas Data AS Multiplus Nettlonn Notodden Programutvikling OCS HR Personec Lønn SAP Scanvaegt Sticos Årsoppgjør Sunskatt Superior Kontroll Total Uni Økonomi Visma Avendo Skatt Visma Business Design Visma Contracting Visma Global Visma Lønn Visma Scenario Professional Visma Rubicon Visma Unique AS VIVALDI Lønns- og PersonalSystem XLedger Zeta Just over 50 % of all forms are completed by an end-user system (professional software).

22 22 Major reportings through Altinn (% of total) 100 % 80 % 60 % 40 % 20 % Not in Altinn the first years New form – only in Altinn New form after Altinn

23 23 91 % of businesses in Lofoten used Altinn for their Tax-return already in 2006

24 24 Conclusions 1. Administrative burdens for businesses are reduced 2. User satisfaction is very high 3. Efficiency gains in public sector 4. The number of government agencies joining the collaboration is ever increasing 5. Very high penetration rate for major forms The most complex forms are already available via Altinn (tax etc.) 6. The number of forms reported through Altinn is rapidly increasing (till now 40 mill) 7. Very many users (450 000 businesses, 2,5 mill. Citizens)

25 25 Agenda The Altinn Concept Progress and results The next level: Altinn II

26 26 Why a new Altinn solution? To fulfil the demand from all stakeholders, new functionality is needed. The existing solution was not suitable to develop further There is a need for more flexible and user- friendly solution for existing functionality The existing solution was not designed to cover collaboration in the way we want The existing solution was not build with the architectural principles we want for tomorrow We were positioned for a vendor lock-in 26

27 27 Stage 4: Interaction with other bodies Services requiring close collaboration with other public bodies (horizontal integration) For example: - obtaining data from other bodies - carrying out calculations and comparisons, and - presenting the results to users. Users will not be aware of the interaction with the other bodies. Collaboration between the bodies will usually be formalised in advance. Service stages Stage 1: Publication (online brochures) General information about the body and its services Stage 2: Communication geared to target audience Information and basic interactive services Stage 3: Individualised communication Services enabling users to enter and obtain information individualised for each user. Services linked to internal IT system in the public body (vertical integration) Complexity User information and benefits Altinn I Altinn II

28 28 Altinn II: Framework for extended functionality Based on off-the-shelf software and public standards Offers wide variety of standard service types: Version 1 -Forms -Messages -Broker Version 2 -Look-up -Transaction All service types implemented by the service owners No custom development needed to implement services

29 29 Altinn II Collaboration Services Presents the process to the user Guiding the user through the various activities Removes the need for the user to know how the Government works Allows the user to focus on what he wants to do… (I want to build a house) … and not how to do so (I think I need to fill out forms X, Y and Z.) Collects all case materials in one location Easy to keep track of the dialogue

30 30 Altinn II Collaboration Services: Transition from forms to process Process guide Look up service Task list Archive view Relevant services Links EXAMPLE

31 31 EDAG: Electronic interaction with Employers Employer Salary * 12/24 Employee Reimbursements Salary Statistics Sick Pay AA-registered LTO Current Situation Life and Pension insurance Other private players Future? Work & Welfare

32 32 Integration Portal/CMS tool Work flow tool Rules toolForms tool Integration Integration tool Services catalogue tool Development tool Altinn Service Development Integration Authorization and user administration Authentication Altinn Access Administration Presentation, information and navigation Work spaceService catalogue Altinn Portal Altinn End User Solution Altinn Archive (part of service engine) Archive Altinn Signing and Encryption Signing Encryption Altinn Statistics and Analysis Statistics and analysis SERES Agency system Register info End user syst Data SystemsPublic Basic Data Municipality register Postal code register SERES Nat. population register Legal entities register Integration/Common Data Model Service catalogue Work flow Forms Rules Policy database Altinn Service Engine Subscription Pre fill Message Notification Register User profile

33 33 Altinn II Solution overview MS Office Forms Server 2007 Internet Information Server Sun OpenSSO Windows Sharepoint Services Windows Workflow Foundation.NET 3.5 SQL Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 Biztalk 2006 R2 Altinn Service Production Solution (SPS) Services Technology Altinn Service Development Solution (SDS) Services Technology User profile Archive Encryption Signing Authorization Portal Service catalog Workflow Forms Rules Policies Subscription Pre-fill Messaging Notification Register Visual Studio 2008 Infopath 2007 Sharepoint designer Workflow designer Sharepoint 2007.NET 3.5 SQL Server 2008 Win 2008 Portal dev Rules dev Workflow dev Forms dev Service cat. Publishing Migration

34 34 Version 1 of Altinn II will be launched november 2009 Version 2 november the year after.

35 35 Summary of our targets: To make Altinn the central service and transaction hub between businesses/citizens and government agencies To make Altinn a collaboration platform for efficient electronic collaboration that spans across several government agencies, businesses and citizens Upgrade the technology to an efficient Service Oriented Architecture to support business needs =>Shared architecture components => Reduced costs, reduced time-to-market and reduced delivery risk Improvement of existing services Intuitive and user oriented services for businesses and citizens Altinn a key component in the Norwegian government IT infrastructure Altinn as the single point of contact (SPOC) All public agencies and services to be included in Altinn

36 36 Altinn World class eGovernment / State of the art eGovernment

37 37 Thank you for your attention.

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