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Man-Hour Activity: Paper Step-Through Instructions

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1 Man-Hour Activity: Paper Step-Through Instructions
PowerPoint Presentation By: Alyson Pittman & Dr. Frank Flanders CTAE Resource Network, July 2009

2 Purpose The purpose of this activity is to learn to estimate and gauge man-hours of work utilizing a simple and fun activity.

3 Man-Hour A man-hour is the amount of work that can be done by one person in one hour. It is also a time unit used for measuring work.

4 Directions In this activity you will pass your body through a single sheet of paper. Estimate the number of man-hours it will take to complete the activity on the chart provided. Remember to multiply the number of man-hours per person by the number of people in your group to find the total man-hours. Use the directions provided to cut the paper. Then compare your actual time to your estimated time. Adjust your estimate accordingly and complete the activity again.

5 Directions (continued)
For illustration purposes, suppose the paper step-through is a product that your company produces and consumers will purchase. The time it takes to produce the product is very important to making a profit as well as keeping labor costs down. Companies want to produce a quality product at a low cost to attract consumers.

6 Materials 1 sheet of copy paper per group 1 pair of scissors per group

7 Step 1 Fold the piece of paper in half, “hamburger” style, top to bottom.

8 Step 2 Beginning approximately a half inch from the edge of the paper, cut from the fold to the end of the paper, stopping about an inch from the end. DO NOT cut all the way to the edge.

9 Step 3 Make another cut approximately a half inch from the first cut, this time stopping approximately 1.5 inches from the edge.

10 Step 4 Continue alternating these cuts until you reach the other end of the paper. End on a long cut, about an inch from the end of the paper. Remember to alternate between cuts that end 1 inch from the top edge and 1.5 inches from the top edge.

11 Step 5 Unfold the Paper. Starting on one side, cut from the top of the first long cut to the top of the second long cut, separating it from the bar at the top.

12 Step 6 Repeat this step, cutting from the third long cut to the fourth. Continue doing this until you reach the last long cut.

13 Step 7 Perform the same process on the other side of the paper, but this time cut between the second and third long cuts, the fourth and fifth, etc.

14 Step 8 On both sides of the paper, cut from the edge of the paper to the shorter cuts you made earlier.

15 Step 9 Unfold the paper and have each person step through the hoop you have just created.

16 Optional Activity Once you have completed the activity, see which group can make the largest ring possible or which group can make the ring in the fastest time.

17 Review How many man-hours did it take to make the paper step-through ring? Was everyone in your group productive at all times? How can the process of making the paper step-through ring be accelerated?

18 Summary A man-hour is a measurement of work. It is the unit of work one person can complete in one hour. Every business must be diligent in keeping workers productive to be profitable. Estimating work in man-hours is an important job skill, especially for those who bid for jobs and those in personnel management.

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