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Improving Reading Achievement through Professional Development A joint production of the GA Reading Team!

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1 Improving Reading Achievement through Professional Development A joint production of the GA Reading Team!

2 Our Process Together we have read and discussed chapters in Dorothy Strickland and Michael Kamils edited book, Improving Reading Achievement through Professional Development Here is a summary of our work

3 Gerald Duffy Teachers who improve reading achievement: What research says about what they do and how to develop them

4 Main Ideas Adaptive teaching Training vs. educative model Thinking differently about professional development

5 Discussion Summary Effective teachers adapt and modify Reading First Teacher Academies

6 Challenges in our Setting Policy makers/allocation of adequate funding Collaboration at federal, state, college, local levels

7 Susan Burns and Robert Stechuk Establishing the basis for improved reading achievement: Prekindergarten and kindergarten

8 Main Ideas KnowledgeStrategies Enact, assess, analyze, reflect

9 Discussion Summary Continued Resistance Advantage of mentoring

10 Challenges in our Setting General Resistance CompetitionPartnering

11 Jan Dole and Jean Osborn Professional development for K-3 teachers: Content and process

12 Main Ideas Three keys to knowledge

13 Discussion Summary How do we do it?

14 Challenges in our Setting RoadblocksMaterialsPeopleFidelity

15 Kathy Ganske and Joanne Monroe Fostering literacy at the later elementary grades: What teachers need to know and be able to do

16 Main Ideas Preservice teachers Professional learning Collaboration

17 Discussion Summary No separation of college and state Teacher interests and needs Inclusion

18 Challenges in our Setting Steps to alignment AssessmentMonitoring

19 Susan Florio-Ruane, Taffy Raphael, Kathy Highfield, and Jennifer Berne Reengaging youngsters with reading difficulties by means of innovative professional development

20 Main Ideas TLC Book Club Plus

21 Discussion Summary CollaborationExperiencesControlApplication(s)

22 Challenges in our Setting TLC

23 Elizabeth Pand and Michael Kamil Professional development in the uses of technology

24 Main Ideas TraditionalEmergingFuture

25 Discussion Summary Disparity Connecting theory and practice ModelingReflection

26 Challenges in our Setting Overcoming disparity Developing resources Utilizing modeling Buy-in

27 Gay Su Pinnell and Emily Rogers Reflective inquiry as a tool for professional development

28 Main Ideas A mirror image

29 Discussion Summary Collaboration Individual with Coach Independent

30 Challenges in our Setting No matter how well founded the practices may be they will not result in greater student learning unless they can be established in classrooms.

31 Irene Gaskins Professional development at Benchmark School

32 Main Ideas Importance of teacher knowledge and skills Importance of professional learning Importance of instructional leader

33 Discussion Summary Professional learning is the key to improved student learning WhatHowOutcomesEvolving

34 Challenges in our Setting Current attitudes ResourcesPersonnel

35 Michael Copland Distributed leadership for instructional improvement: The principals role

36 Main Ideas *Literacy Coach *Leadership Teams *Grade Level Teams *Vertical Team AdministratorsRRFC

37 Discussion Summary ManagerPoliciesInstruction Plan and Design LC LC Principal Principal RRFC RRFC Format for leadership team meetings Format for leadership team meetings

38 Challenges in our Setting Leadership styles Lazy principals Attitudes Schedules, time management, priority

39 So howd we do? What are the strengths of a shared accountability approach to adult learning? What are the weaknesses? What can we do to build this professional community?

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