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Service - Learning Danny Hollis Jr..

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1 Service - Learning Danny Hollis Jr.

2 Definition of Service - Learning
Is a strategy used for teaching and learning. It allows students to become more involved with the community (community service). The main idea of this program is to ensure a learning- experience and strengthen the communities.

3 Benefits The benefits of service- learning is that you are not just being taught, but you are teaching your self's to be better students. You also learn to become more committed to your community. In general, service- learning teaches you to be a better citizen and will benefit you throughout your life!

4 Valdosta Clean Up Day

5 My Outlook on Service- Learning
My outlook on service-learning is that the program is a great learning experience. If you ever ask yourself: How can I help make the world a better place? Service- Learning is the first step. You have the opportunity to be apart of something special and help with a great cause. This program is filled with positive results and can change how we view our society.


7 My Opinion My opinion of service-learning is that, it is a well developed program. What I mean by that is, everything is very put together, when you participate in service-learning, you are being lead in the right direction. It makes you feel confident about what you are doing. Personally I do not have any regrets about what I did for my community.


9 Why should you participate?
Any and everybody should participate because not only does it look well on your resume, but it changes your character. Doing something good for the sake of good is the best thing in the world. So when the opportunity for service- learning rolls around the corner again, I will be the first one in line. If there is anybody who wants to be apart of something awesome, then service- learning is the program for you.


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