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East and West Food Kosher Asian food and Kitchenware

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1 East and West Food Kosher Asian food and Kitchenware

2 East and West Food Ltd. Contact us NEXT
Importer, exporter and distributor of Kosher Asian food products and kitchenware East and West Food Ltd. has been the leading supplier of Asian food products to Israel for over a decade.  We import a variety of quality food products and kitchenware from Asia and distribute it to supermarkets,  delicatessens and grocery stores all over Israel as well as Europe, Canada and the USA. In addition, East and West Food Ltd. has its own stores located in the main cities of Israel: Tel Aviv and Haifa.  The company prides itself on its ability to identify new trends in the field of Asian foods and to cater to the needs and desires of its customers. Our home brand is Taste of Asia and we are also the exclusive distributors of Asian Home Gourmet Kosher Spice Pastes. Contact us Phone: ~ Fax: Contact person – Mr. Gil Geva Websites: * Orders delivered from Israel or directly from the country of origin NEXT

3 Japanese Style Soy Sauce provides a delicate saltiness with a rich aroma. Good for Sushi as well as meat and stir-fry dishes, soups and for seasoning of salads. Rice Vinegar has a little bit of sweetness taste and aroma, with a touch of delicate sourness. It is used for sushi rice, salads, pickles and marinades. Complete Sushi Kit containing: Sushi Mat, Nori Seaweed, Sushi Rice, Rice Vinegar, Japanese Style Soy Sauce, Pickled Ginger, Wasabi Paste and a 10 recipes DVD. Black Sesame is a decorative, crispy and tasty addition to Sushi, salads and stir-fry dishes. Pickled Ginger is usually served with Sushi. It is also good for salads and as a spicy addition to fish dishes. 10 Kosher Asian recipes cooked by Taste of Asia’s home chef and featured on a 200 minute DVD. (The DVD is in Hebrew). Sushi Rice has small round grains. Its high starch content gives it a sticky texture after it is cooked, making it ideal for sushi. Wasabi adds a spicy hot taste to Sushi. Can also be served with other dishes. Wasabi Paste comes ready to use. Wasabi powder needs to be mixed with water. Nori Seaweed is used for Sushi. Available in two grades - silver and gold, that are differentiated by their degree of crispiness. Imported by East and West Food Ltd Phone: ~ Fax: NEXT

4 Dark Soy Sauce has a thicker texture and sweeter taste than any other Soy sauce. Good for beef dishes and for stir-fry egg noodles, its flavor is very dominant. Sweet & Sour One of the first Chinese flavored sauces to become popular in the West. Sweet & Sour Chicken is the most popular dish. Also great with beef and fish. Sweet Chili Sauce a great combination of sweet and spicy flavors. Good for cooking, marinating, as a dip for beef, chicken and fish and as a sauce for noodles and salads. Light Soy Sauce is a delicate addition to fish, chicken, soups and stir-fry rice noodles. Use Light Soy Sauce recipe unless your recipe requires Dark Soy Sauce. Teriyaki Sauce used for Japanese dishes, such as Yakitori and as a dipping sauce for Dim Sum. It adds a combination of salty and sweet taste to every dish. Spicy Chili Sauce A very hot sauce, made mostly of chili peppers. Used for a variety of meat and stir-fry dishes, as well as a dipping sauce. Coconut Liquid / Cream is a great substitute for dairy products. Provides a creamy and thick texture to soups, curry dishes, meat dishes and even desserts. Sesame Oil is made of 100% white sesame seeds. Good for a wide range of dishes. A few drops just before serving adds a special nutty flavor. Pad Thai is Thailand’s most famous noodles dish. Cook your rice noodles with this sauce for the typical sweet flavor of the dish. Imported by East and West Food Ltd Phone: ~ Fax: NEXT

5 Green Tea is known for its digestive and relaxing qualities and is especially recommended following a heavy meal. Dried Shitake Mushrooms add a slightly smoky taste to many dishes. Only a few are needed to add a dominant flavor to the dish. Hoisin Sauce is identified with the famous Chinese duck. This familiar taste is also great with chicken and fish dishes. Jasmine Tea is known in Asia for its ability to release tension and to renew vitality. A tasty and healthy aromatic drink. Panko Bread Crumbs -These crispy crumbs are a great coating for chicken breast, fish and even hot Sushi prior to frying. Satay Sauce is a peanut sauce, originally from the Indonesian kitchen. Can be added to beef and chicken dishes for a nutty flavor. Ginseng root is considered a rare plant and known for its advantages such as balancing the body’s energy and vitality. Dried Wakame Seaweed is a healthy and tasty addition to soups (like Miso), Tofu dishes and stir-fry noodles, adding an authentic Japanese taste. Green and Red Curry both boast a very hot flavor. Mixed with coconut milk they create the most popular Thai sauce for chicken dishes. Imported by East and West Food Ltd Phone: ~ Fax: NEXT

6 Bean Vermicelli made of green beans and peas, does not require cooking
Bean Vermicelli made of green beans and peas, does not require cooking. Soak in hot water and add to salads, soups, or stir-fried dishes. Spiral Shaped Rice Sticks are made of rice flour. They are gluten, cholesterol, coloring and preservative-free and are very easy to prepare. Jasmine rice is the staple rice of Thailand. Its long grains and low starch content have rich aromatic flavor and a special taste. Vegetable Noodles and Egg Noodles are ideal for stir-frying, as a side dish or in a soup. Flavors: egg, tomato, carrot, spinach, pumpkin. (no coloring added). Penne Shaped Rice Sticks are made of rice flour. They are gluten, cholesterol, coloring and preservative-free and are very easy to prepare. Rice Sticks are quick and easy to cook. They can be served in soups, as a side dish or as a main dish, stir-fried with meat and/or vegetables. Shandong Noodles originate from Shandong province in China where they are very popular. They are made from wheat and used mostly in soups. Rice Paper is ideal for Spring Rolls and requires no cooking. Soak the paper in water for a couple of minutes. dry and Add your favorite filling. Serve with your favorite sauce. Rice Vermicelli is quick and easy to cook. It can be served in soups and salads, as a side or main dish, with meat and / or vegetables. Imported by East and West Food Ltd Phone: ~ Fax: NEXT

7 Chopsticks come in different versions: Disposable, decorated sticks for multiple use and prestigious designer sticks with matching stands. Traditional wooden Sushi Trays come in 3 sizes. The Cone Stands hold Sushi cones conveniently and esthetically. Our Asian Wooden Cooking Spoons are designed with thin edges especially for stir-frying in a wok. Convenient to use, they last for a long time. Yakitori is a small traditional Japanese skewer for beef or chicken, usually seasoned with Satay, Hoisin or Teriyaki sauces. The Bamboo Sushi Mat is used for making Sushi rolls. Place Nori seaweed, rice and your desired filling of fish or vegetables on the mat and make into rolls. A Bowl and Pestle is used to crush herbs and spices. Crushing spices and herbs just before cooking keeps their nutritional value, aroma and taste. The flat based Professional Wok is ideal for stir-frying. Made of tempered iron, it prevents rust and allows even heat spread during cooking. Heating food using Bamboo Steamers is a healthier way to cook your food and preserves the food’s vitamins and taste. Use for steaming vegetable, fish and dumplings. Traditional Asian Serving Bowls are personal bowls used for soup, salad, noodles or any other hot or cold dishes. Imported by East and West Food Ltd Phone: ~ Fax: NEXT

8 Pad Thai Noodles Thailand’s most popular noodle dish
Pad Thai Noodles Thailand’s most popular noodle dish. It has a subtle flavor with pickled turnip, crushed peanuts, fresh chives and a dash of lime. Indian Tandoori Tikka In northern India meats, baked to tender succulence in Tandoor - a traditional clay oven. Excellent results are also achieved using a home grill or oven. Indian Vindaloo Curry is a famous hot curry from Goa, South-west India. It is well spiced with red chilies, garlic and vinegar. Thai Green Curry enriched with Coconut liquid, this dish epitomizes the clear, yet delicate flavors of Thailand. Indian Chicken Madras Curry A carefully blended mixture of herbs and spices enhanced with the distinctive flavor of chili and fenugreek gives this dish a unique taste. Indian Tikka Masala Curry is a mild curry cooked with aromatic Masala spices, enriched with tomato and coriander. Serve hot with Naan bread. Thai Red Curry A delicate mixture of herbs and spices enriched with Coconut Liquid. This dish is a favorite of Thai food lovers. Thai Tom Yum Soup is the most famous Thai soup. A hot & sour stew, the broth has a special fragrance of lemongrass, lime and other delicate spices. Indian Biryani Rice add coconut liquid, with raisins and toasted almonds, turns this simple rice dish into an Indian delicacy adding a festive touch to your Indian dinner. Imported by East and West Food Ltd Phone: ~ Fax: NEXT

9 About Asian Home Gourmet
products In order to capture the authentic flavors of the Far East, Asian Home Gourmet uses fresh Asian herbs and spices to produce a range of sauces, marinades, and their leading products – the Spice Pastes series from all Asian kitchens. The Spice Pastes are used for cooking soups, meat, fish, noodles and rice. No MSG, artificial food coloring or preservatives are added. Indonesian Satay This famous grilled kebab or chicken dish is features all over the world. Tender, succulent Satay contains rich, nutty tasting spicy-sweet marinade. Szechwan Chili Ginger Garlic Stir-Fry - The traditional flavors of chili, ginger and garlic combine to give this dish from the Chinese district of Szechwan its special flavor. Vietnamese Lemongrass Marinade – grilled meat marinated in Lemongrass and fish sauce is a traditional dish. Served with salads and vermicelli. Szechwan Spicy ribs - a tangy Northern Chinese marinade of cinnamon, coriander and other spices will add a spicy tangy flavor to plain ribs or meat dishes. Japanese Curry This hot sauce is excellent for meat and potato casseroles. Your meal is ready in less than 20 minutes. Best served over white rice. Szechwan Classic Stir Fry - a touch of Chili and sesame oil with soy bean paste makes a stir fry dish that has become a classic in Szechwan restaurants. Imported by East and West Food Ltd Phone: ~ Fax: NEXT

10 More Kosher Asian food products coming soon:
More Kosher Asian products… Queen of Tuna is a Kosher Fish Sauce made from Tuna fish and used in preparing Thai food. No need to add more than a small amount due to its dominant flavor. Wasabi Coated Green Peas are crispy spicy snack for spicy food lovers. A different kind of snack to surprise your guests with. 100% Pure Pineapple Juice with no added sugar is a refreshing drink. Also great for cocktails (Alcoholic and non-Alcoholic). About Taste of Asia Taste of Asia is a great solution for observers of Kashrut who enjoy Asian cooking. Products are manufactured under standards with the highest quality control and strict Kashrut supervision. All products are certified by KF London or OU and are approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Taste of Asia is the most popular Asian brand in Israel. Del Monte Fruit Cocktail is a refreshing tropical dessert. It can be served as-is or as an addition to ice cream, cakes, blintzes and more. Coconut Juice with Pulp is the most popular drink in Thailand and contains almost 90% coconut. Drinking it feels like drinking directly from the fruit. More Kosher Asian food products coming soon: Thai Rice 1 / 5 Kg ~ Tempura powder ~ Sake ~ Plum Wine ~ Plum Wine with Fruit

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