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The Miracles of Ziyaarat e Aashoora.

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1 The Miracles of Ziyaarat e Aashoora











12 Our Shia Scholars have always resorted to Ziyaarat-e-Aashoora in moments of need and distress. Their experiences have always found this Ziyaarat to be a reliable refuge in calamities and tribulations.

13 A Few Important Points Highlighted by Ziyaarat-e-Aashoora

14 In the first line, we say, Ya Aba Abdilllah meaning Father of the Slaves of Allah

15 Without Imam Husayn(AS)s sacrifice, Islam would be destroyed. There would be absolutely no slave of Allah Just like a father has rights on his children, for he has been part of their creation, Imam Husain A.S. to a much greater extent, has this right on the slaves of Allah because of the greatness of his sacrifice, without which there would remain no slave of Allah

16 The Ziyaarat helps man to discriminate between good and evil and is a standard to gauge what is right and what is corrupt.

17 Here I would like to add that we recite the 100 curses and then the 100 salaams. We do it in this order for a reason. To place the love of Allah in ones heart, one should clear the heart from ones enemies first.

18 Just like when you invite guest over, first you clean the house and sweep away the dirt, then invite them. The same with LA ILLAHA ILLAL LAAH. First you say, There is no God but Allah.

19 There is no God but Allah.

20 I make peace with those who make peace with you; I go to war with those who go to war with you I, my father and mother are at your disposal. Profound is my sorrow for you. Be abee anta wa ummee laqad azoma mosaabee beka This should be the extent of ones devotion to Imam Husain A.S. – to be able to say with sincerity the above statement – that I will sacrifice all for you!

21 Imam Jaffer Sadiq A.S. says, When Allah desires goodness for someone, He instills in his heart the love of Imam Husain A.S. and the love for his Ziyaarat, because it is as the Prophet S.A.W. says, Ababallah man ahaba Husaina – Allah loves those who love Husain.

22 Miracles of Ziyaarat e Aashoora


24 Mohammed Ali Yazdi was a very pious and devout Muslim. He followed a routine of visiting a cemetery at night, where he would engage in supplication and worship.

25 Mohammed Ali Yazdi had a close companion who was with him since childhood. Even in their youth they studied together in the same school. They were always together even in matters of business and one rarely saw them separated.

26 Then unexpectedly, his friend expired and was buried at the cemetery Mohammed Ali Yazdi used to visit.

27 This cemetery was also the resting place for many God fearing and devout individuals.

28 Mohammed Ali Yazdis friend had not even been buried for a month, when Mohammed Ali Yazdi saw him in a dream.

29 When he saw his friend in a peaceful condition, he inquired from him, You seem very calm. Tell me which act is responsible for this ease and comfort.

30 He said, until yesterday I was engulfed in agonizing punishment. But an incident occurred that transformed my state to what it is right now.

31 He said, Ashraf Haddaads wife had expired. Her relatives buried her here, about 100 feet away from my grave.

32 After the burial of this lady, Imam Husayn(AS) visited the grave and ordered discontinuation of chastisement from her grave.

33 Consequently on Imams intercession, her grave received amnesty from chastisement and I too was liberated. That is why you now find me so contented.

34 Mohamed Ali Yazdi relates that, When I woke up after seeing this strange dream, I immediately left for the market in Haddaad. I must go to the Market in Haddaad and seek Ashraf and find out

35 I was not aware of its location and whereabouts. However, after a long search, I managed to hunt down that place.

36 I reached Ashrafs place and asked, Has a lady from your family expired in the recent past? Yes, we buried her only yesterday.

37 Did she have the good fortune of visiting Imam Husayn(AS)s shrine? No! Then I asked,

38 Did she often discuss Imam Husayn(AS)s afflictions and hardships or did she organize majaalis where the calamities of Imam were narrated? No!

39 All these questions seemed very puzzling to Ashraf and then he asked, I dont understand. What do you want to prove by all these questions?

40 Mohamed Ali Yazdi then related the entire dream. Ashraf then said… I think I know the reason behind this mystery.

41 In the last days of her life, my wife had taken up the regular recitation of Ziyaarat-e-Aashoora, and this is a direct result of that recitation. As salaamu alayka ya Aba Abdillah As salaamu alayka yabna Rasullalah….


43 A learned scholar went to a bookshop to buy the commentary of Ziyaarat-e-Aashoora.

44 There, he met Shaykh Ali Akbar Saeedi who was the Imam of Shah Tahmaasab Mosque. When the scholar told him, the purpose of his visit, he related an incident.

45 A Lady converted to Islam. She then married Abul Qasim who was a glass merchant.

46 They were married for about three years, but did not have any children.

47 They decided, they would both recite Ziyaarat-e-Aashoor for 40 days, and ask their dua. Ziyaarat-e- Aashoora

48 For 40 days they recited Ziyaarat-e-Aashoora with 100 curses and salaams, along with Dua e Alqamah. Ziyaarat-e- Aashoora

49 Allah accepted their Ziyaarat and soon the lady gave birth to a son. The son is still alive today in Yazd with his family and children.

50 A small extract from Ziyaarat-e- Aashoora.

51 I am at peace with those who made peace with you, & I am at war with those who went to war with you.

52 I befriend those who befriended you, & I am enemies with those who were your enemies.

53 I pray to Allah, who has honored me with awareness of you, and awareness of your friends and has enabled me to withdraw from your enemies.

54 (I pray) that He may place me with you in this world and the Hereafter.

55 And ( I pray) that He may strengthen for me a truthful stance in this world and the Hereafter.

56 And I pray that He may enable me to reach, your honored station with Allah and that He may grant me the opportunity to seek victory, along with a rightly guided Imam from amongst you, who will surely come and speak the truth.

57 I ask Allah for your sake, and by the honored position you have with Him, that He grants me grief at your sorrows, more than the personal grief that troubles anyone in tragedy. What great sorrows (you experienced)!

58 How great was your tragedy for Islam, and all the Heavens and the earth!

59 O Allah, make me, at this moment, one who receives from You, blessings, mercy and forgiveness.

60 O Allah make me live the life of Muhammad and his family and make me die the death of Muhammad and his family.

61 Id like to end with us all reciting the Salaam on the Martyrs of Karbala. Peace be on you O Abu Abdillah

62 And on the souls that dies with you.

63 Greetings of Peace of Allah be on you, from me, forever so long as I live and so long as the night and day remains.

64 May Allah not make it my last contact of Ziyaarat with you.

65 Peace be on Husayn, And on Ali, the son of Husayn, On the children of Husayn, And on the companions of Husayn.

66 Let us ask Allah for taufeeq to recite this Ziyaarat daily till the last moment of out lives, so much that our last statement should be, Peace be upon you, O Aba Abdillah, and then as soon as the Angel of death, Malakul Maut, takes out our souls from our bodies, may Imam Husayn(AS) reply, Peace be upon you, O my Shia, my lover and my visitor. INSHALLAH

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