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Lajna Ima’illah Boston Majlis

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1 Lajna Ima’illah Boston Majlis
Khidmat-e-Khalq Lajna Ima’illah Boston Majlis

2 The Holy Qur’an And they feed, for love of Him, the poor, the orphan, and the prisoner. (Al Dahr Chapter 76: Verse9) At another place in the Holy Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala enjoins the believers to fulfill the rights and show utmost kindness and compassion to the following: Parents Kindred (all near family relatives) Orphans Neighbors that are your family relatives (or live near you or are kindly) Neighbors that are not related to you (or live far away or are not kindly) The companion by your side The wayfarer Whom your right hands possess Allah the Almighty commands us to fulfill our responsibilities in this chronological order, with parents having the first and foremost right. Taken from Surah Al Nisa, Chapter 4: Verse 37

3 Some Ahadith expounding the importance of Khidmat-e-Khalq
Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (ra) relates that the Messenger of Allah said, ‘Allah the Almighty and the Glorious will say on the Day of Judgment, “O son of Adam, I was sick but you did not attend to Me.” “O Son of Adam I asked you for food, but you did not give Me any.” “O Son of Adam I asked you for water but you did not give Me any.”

4 How can Allah the Almighty, the Lord of all the worlds be subject to sickness, hunger, and thirst?

5 Some Ahadith expounding the importance of Khidmat-e-Khalq
“Did you not know that so and so of My servants was sick? You did not attend to him. Did you not know that if you had done so, you would have found Me near him? Did you not know that if you had fed him, you would have had a reward with Me? If you had given him water, you would have had its reward with Me.’” (Sahih Muslim)

6 Some Ahadith expounding the importance of Khidmat-e-Khalq
Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Masud (ra) states that the Messenger of Allah said, ‘All creatures are God’s family. So, Allah likes the person, from among all humans, who treats His family (creatures) well and looks after their needs.’ Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (ra) states that the Holy Prophet (saw) said, ‘Whosoever helps remove the worldly anguish and suffering of a Muslim will have his anguish and suffering removed by Allah the Almighty on the Day of Judgment. Whosoever brings relief to a poor person and brings ease to him will have ease created for him by Allah the Almighty in the Hereafter.’

7 The Promised Messiah (as)
“Allah the Almighty has repeatedly admonished that we should have sympathy for people regardless of their religion, should feed the hungry, procure freedom for slaves, pay off the debts of those burdened with them, and have true sympathy for the whole of mankind. He says: Al-Nahl Verse 91 This means that: ‘God commands you to be just, or even more than just, to be benevolent like a mother to her child, or like a person who is kind to another because of the feelings of kinship.’ (Nur-ul-Quran, Part 2, Ruhani Khazain Vol. 9, p. 434)

8 The Ninth Condition of Bai’at
“That he/she shall keep himself/herself occupied in the service of God’s creatures for His sake only and shall endeavor towards the beneficence of mankind to the best of his/her God-given abilities and powers.”

9 Implementing Khidmat-e-Khalq – Various Schemes of Jamaat Ahmadiyya
Lajna should strive to implement Khidmate-e-Khalq in everyday life by participating in the following schemes: Yatama Fund: Provides for the care and sustenance of orphans. Maryam Shadi Fund: Provides assistance to deserving parents for the expenses of their daughters’ weddings. Sayyedna Bilal Fund: For the welfare of the families of martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the cause of Ahmadiyyat. Eid Fund Children’s Eid Gift: Lajna should provide an Eid Gift for one developing country. Children should contribute towards the fund. Imdad Tulaba (to help the students) Imdad Maridan (to help the needy patients)

10 Lajna National Program: January – March 2013
Arrange for snow shoveling for the elderly members in your Lajna. Help them to get groceries and arrange for their doctors visits. Volunteer at the Adopted Shelter – Donations are currently being collected for the Pathway Family Shelter. Items such as clothing, bed linens, towels, personal hygiene products, appliances, food items, and other household items can be donated for this shelter. Clean the mosque before and after meetings. Volunteer for babysitting during the meetings.

11 Ongoing Khidmat-e-Khalq Projects
BRM - Boston Rescue Mission Lajna will serve a community meal to this soup kitchen to feed over 150 homeless people. Lajna can volunteer to serve and cook meals, as well as give monetary donations. Cleaning and Organizing the Mosque – closets, bathrooms, prayer halls, dining halls, and kitchen should be well maintained and cleansed thoroughly at all times. Similarly, the outside of the Mosque should display a very high level of cleanliness and beauty. Lajna should help in this project to the best of their ability. Visitng the Sick – all Lajna members should try to stay informed about those who are suffering from any type of ailment and should regularly visit them; whether you know the person or not. Taking fruits and flowers with you is also a good habit.

12 May Allah the Almighty always enable us to serve His creation purely out of love for Him and to attain His Pleasure and Nearness. Ameen.

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