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Why choose Thomas Crapper bathroom fittings?. Support British Manufacturing All Thomas Crapper bathroom fittings are genuinely made in Great Britain.

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1 Why choose Thomas Crapper bathroom fittings?

2 Support British Manufacturing All Thomas Crapper bathroom fittings are genuinely made in Great Britain. Our chinaware is made in Staffordshire & The Potteries. Our brassware is predominantly produced in The Black Country. We support a number of small, specialist, British manufacturing firms. Our workforce are well treated, well paid, British tax payers. We support the British economy.

3 We are unique Thomas Crapper & Co. was established more than 150 years ago; our firm was at the forefront of the 19 th Century sanitary revolution. Unlike any of the remaining firms from that era, we continue to produce the timeless designs of the period, to the same exacting standards. In more recent years, a number of companies have attempted to emulate our wares, however none possess our experience, capabilities or prestige.

4 Our Products are Unique Thomas Crapper & Co. is the only company to make a complete range of exact replicas of original, antique bathroom fittings. No compromise is made for the sake of cost- cutting or ease of production. No other company provides or has a reputation for providing such authentic pieces. Our closest competitors generally produce stylised interpretations of historical fittings; period style but not necessarily authentic.

5 Being made properly, the china indices will never fall from our tap heads. No other manufacturer offers this! Our original, iconic Valveless Waste Preventer cisterns can never suffer a leaking valve. Our chinaware is finely detailed and correctly proportioned. No Compromise We refuse to compromise the historical accuracy of our designs.

6 Finely detailed, sepia transfers are smooth to the touch, as were originals. Our wastes are supplied with a proper Victorian pattern ring-catcher. Our chains are the chandelier variety, as supplied in the past. Solid oak or mahogany W.C. seats, made to generous, original proportions. Its all in the detail We do not surrender to the demands of current production methods or the desire to cut costs. Examples include:

7 Our brassware is exactly that: solid brass. No inferior metals or plastics. All woodwork is solid timber. No laminates or wood substitutes. Our chinaware is of the highest quality vitreous china. Our flushpipes are at least one and a half times thicker than others on the market. The Finest Materials We only use the finest materials available to produce our range.

8 Prestige Thomas Crapper & Co. products are featured in high profile institutions and restaurants throughout the U.K. and around the world.

9 You are in good company When choosing Thomas Crapper you will be joining amongst others: The Goring Hotel (for the eve of Kate Middletons wedding). Westminster Abbey (for the Royal Wedding). Jamie Olivers Restaurants (world-wide). Fullers The Parcel Yard (Kings Cross, London). Royal Residences (our bathrooms are fitted in a number of royal residences). Castle Leslie (for Sir Paul McCartneys wedding). The Gladstone Pottery Museum.

10 Timeless Elegance There is no other place like a Thomas Crapper bathroom.

11 Our Product Range Complete W.C. Sets. Washbasins & Fittings. Taps, Showers & Bathroom Brassware. Heated Towel Rails. Shower Curtain Rails. Solid Oak & Mahogany W.C. Seats. Bath Fittings. Everything to complete your bathroom.

12 Uncompromising craftsmanship and quality. Truly authentic replicas of period fittings. Proudly engraved with the company name. Timeless designs compliment all settings from Victorian to contemporary Bathroom Accessories Without doubt, the finest and most prestigious bathroom accessories available today.

13 Extending the Range We are constantly working to re-introduce some of our finest Victorian designs. During the course of 2013, expect to see the following: British Made Baths. Overhead Thermostatic Showers. A complete range of Reproduction Tiles. Urinal Bowl & Fittings. Rectangular Under-Counter Bowl. The original Thomas Crapper Thunderbox W.C. All products will be authentic re-creations of the originals.

14 Added Extras Thomas Crapper & Co. giftware is available through many of our retailers and further outlets nationwide. Thomas Crapper & Co. cooperate with giftware manufacturers to bring a little of our history to any bathroom.

15 Thomas Crapper the Racehorse! We really are a bathroom company like no other, we even have a racehorse named after us. Thomas is progressing very nicely, being placed at various races including: Worcester. Sandown. Cheltenham. For more information, please visit Thomass own web site:

16 Further Information Thomas Crapper products are available through selected retailers nationwide. We also export to a growing number of overseas territories. Our web site is always the first place to look when requiring retailer or product information. Alternatively, please contact us as Thomas Crapper & Co. Telephone: +44 (0) 1789 450 522. Fax: +44 (0) 1789 450 523. Email:

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